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Chapter 7: Limits of fright

6: 30, on chalet's 24 roof: Two teens sat there kissing. Their lips haven't separated for the last 5 minutes. The girls face was flushed, her hands were resting on his skin- one on his cheek, the other on a side of his neck. The boy attacked her mouth aggressively, his arms sneaked around her waist. A hand came to play with her short, strangely colored hair and got lost in a mass of pastel pink. The girl pulled away unwillingly in need for air.

"Supper ends at 6: 40. Considering the food they serve here they will probably come back earlier. We should go back down.", Sakura said as she started her journey back to earth. Sasuke followed dissapointed.

"Just when I was starting to have fun.", he mumbled.

"I didn't say we can't continue inside."

That was all he needed. He rushed in front of Sakura and opened the door for her with an evil smirk.

They have skipped supper earlier, not really wanting to stop kissing:


"Oi! Where are you guys?! We're leaving without you!!", Naruto shouted.

"Geez, just leave already!", Sakura and Sasuke whispered angerly. They were still on the roof, still kissing when Naruto and Sai came out and started looking for them.

"Maybe they're on the roof.", Sai suggested. The two lovebirds froze. Crap.

"Nah, I don't think so. Let's just leave 'tebbayo.", Naruto decided and left. After he was finished staring suspiciously at the rooftop, Sai followed his suit. Their other two friends sighed in relief.

*End of Flashback*

In the canteen: Today's supper menu consisted in tuna paste, buns and some suspicious looking egg rolls, which no one touched after seeing a guy from chalet 6 throwing up right he finished eating one. Our oh-so-happy group was looking with worried faces at the two free spaces at chalet's nom. 25 table.

"I wo-wonder where they are.", Hinata broke the silence, her hands forming two gentle fists in front of her mouth, one of her fingers gently touching her lower lip.

"Yeah, I mean, I don't like'em, or their clothes, but they are like, soooo cute together! It totally upsets me to see them act like that and if I get upset, my face will get wrinkles at a young age.", everyone was looking at her with weird faces at this point…except for Sai, "What? I do not want to have wrinkles!"

Shikamaru shook his head and decided it was time to change the subject.

"So, what are Sasuke and Sakura up to?", a loud gasp was heard.

"Like, omg, where are they? Gosh, she ain't playing fair! We had a rule, when we like the same boy, we can't flirt with him as long as the other one isn't there to have a chance to counter attack!", Ino yelled.

"You like, like Sasuke-teme? Too bad, 'cause I totally caught him staring at Sakura for like a billion times already!", Naruto answered, mimicking her talking 'style' as she called it.

"*gasp* No way!", Ino was waving her hands from left to right in a frenetic manner in front of her face.

"Way!", Naruto mirrored her actions, causing everyone to laugh. The only one who kept a stunned expression was Sai. Ino liked Sasuke? How come?

Somewhere else, at the shore of the lake in the camp: A soft gasp escaped Katana's lips. She was upset. Why did she react like that earlier? She felt like an idiot, she was an idiot! How could she make such a scene? She said she'd be strong, but all she did was upset Kiba and draw attention. That's it, she had to apologize. She was about to stand up when she heard a voice from behind her.

"Hey~! Now would you look who we found! Told ya' I feel an attraction between us."

She slowly turned around to face a boy she remembered from her drama class. He was in the third year of high school, but he was 20. He was very stupid, he was a student from North High, and only got to such a good school because he was related to some important sponsor. He's hair was died magna red and looked as though a cat liked it. He wore a big, outstanding gold necklace around his thick neck, giving him a 'gangsta' look. He sat in the same desk in the back of the class, and all class his hand stayed glued to her thigh no matter how many times she tried to slap it away. Not to mention he tried to touch her breast. If Kiba found out about that he'd go berserk. She was right deciding not to tell him.

The guy neared her and she backed away, but she soon reached the edge of the shore, almost stepping into the water. The redhead grabbed her shoulders and tried pulling her near him and his lips. She turned her head away, fists connecting forcefully with his chest as his lips found their way to her slender, pale neck, biting slightly.

"LET GO!!", she yelled.

He was a head and a half taller that her, he was stronger, everyone else was having supper and she was smart enough to figure out what would happen next.

"Hey!", she heard from her right, but she couldn't see who it was, her head was turned to the opposite direction." What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Let her go asshole!! SHANNARO!!!", the next thing she knew, she was sinking in the cold water of the lake. Sakura? No way, what was she doing here?

Earlier with Sasuke and Sakura: After they were done with their heated make-out session, they decided to go for a walk. It was still early and the sun was up, a walk around the lake until bed time sounded perfect.

"So, do you have any brothers or sister?", Sakura tried starting a conversation.

"Yeah, an older brother, but we don't get along. Sometimes, my house turns into a battlefield, in which my dad agrees with Itachi and my mom agrees with me."

"I get it that you get along with your mom rather than your dad."

"Yeah, pretty much. What about you? Any siblings?"

"An older brother that acts like something between you and Kiba, and a little brother who acts like Naruto's clone.", she said with a cheerful smile. She couldn't believe they were holding hands. Sasuke smirked and leaned his head in for a kiss. Sakura smiled and closed her eyes.

"LET GO!!"

"That sounded like mousy.", Sasuke stated.

They turned their attention towards a large tree. In its shadow you could clearly distinguish two figures. One of them, the silhouette of a boy, was hovering over the other, which was most certainly a girl considering that the male was kissing her neck. Hurrying towards them, they could clearly recognize Katana's short, ebony locks. At this point they both lost it. Sakura however was quicker to react.

"Hey!", the guy stopped and looked at her, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Let her go asshole!! ", she was now running full speed towards them," SHANNARO!!", she aimed a powerful kick at the guy's face, sending his head in the tree, causing him to let go of her friend. Katana fell in the lake but came back to surface in seconds with a little help from Sasuke who jumped in right after her. Helping her back to the ground, they let her sit on the half-wet sand and calm down. Her breath was uneven and fast. Her hand was placed on top of her right breast, against her heart.

"Damn, you guys have some guts. Do ya' know who I am? I'm the nephew of the most important sponsor of Konoha University! When he hears about this, you'll get-", he sat up trying to look tough and intimidating, but Sasuke cut him off.

"And what are you gonna tell him? That a pink-haired girl kicked your sorry ass? You should scam and stay away from our friends.", he mentioned towards Sakura with his head, "The girl's got black belt in judo and knows kick-boxing, I've got black belt in judo and taekwondo. What about you?", he finished with a trade mark smirk and raised eyebrow. The guy looked from Sasuke to Sakura( who looked ready for round 2) a few times, than ran away. They both turned around to find Katana sitting up.

"How do you always get yourself in this situations?", Sasuke asked.

"Don't tell Kiba.", was all she said.

"Why? And is this the first time you meet this guy? Did you meet him in classes today? Why didn't you tell us, why didn't you tell Kiba?", Sakura stood behind her, massaging her shoulders in an attempt to calm her down.

"I had the third period with him. He kept touching me during class. I can't tell Kiba and you neither can you. He'll just get in troubles because I can't take care of myself. Please, don't tell him.", she looked at them with tear filled eyes and they promised not to say.

"C'mon, let's go back, the others have probably finished supper and went back in our chalets. But you have to talk to Kiba and clear the misunderstandings. He was really worried about you earlier.", Sakura said as she placed her arm over her friend's shoulder, leading her sobbing form back to their chalets.

Kiba won't like seeing her like this: tear-stained face, puffy, red eyes and red bite-mark on her neck. He'll go berserk and the thought that they would have to calm him down or at least hold him in place has terrifying.

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