There she was, just like that first day he saw her: beautiful. He could never forget that day or any of the other days the followed. She was still as beautiful, as loving, as sweet, as perfect as all the days before. Nothing had changed except that his love for her grew each day.

He sat and remembered all those girls before her. All those women he had meaningless flings with before he met her. They all blurred together, indistinguishable from the other. None of them had ever stuck out until her.

She was the one that he couldn't forget. She was the one who had captured his heart, his love. She was the one who turned him into a one-woman man. She was the one who caged the wild beast.

He adored her for her smile. He was captivated by her beauty. He was enchanted by her sense of humor. He was cherished her laugh. He treasured everything about her. He even loved how she never asked that he change himself and only be who he was: Dean Winchester.

Fifty years had gone by, and he had never hurt her, never strayed, never stopped loving her. Together for twenty two years without ever once making her unhappy in anyway he couldn't fix.

He knew he didn't deserve her. He knew that she deserved better than him. He knew that he was the luckiest man alive to have her, to be able to call her "mine".

He knew that she could leave him at any moment, and he would let her go without asking her why. He'd break completely unable to go on. He'd die if she ever left him like that. He'd be devastated if she didn't love him unconditionally like he loved her.

She was his everything: his air, his water, his words, his thoughts, his being. Without her, he'd cease to exist.

Dean understood everything about her: her moods, her habits, her likes, her dislikes, everything. The only thing that he just could not grasp was how someone so perfect could love someone so broken like him. He asked her one day after one of his horrible drinking nights.

"Izzy, how can you love someone like me? I don't deserve you. You deserve someone so much more better than me. Someone who can give you everything you ever wanted." He had cried and stared into her eyes searching for answers.

"The only thing I ever want is for someone to love me, and you, Dean Winchester, love me more than I can ever ask for. That's all I'll ever need, and I am so grateful to have you." Her gaze never faltered from his as she spoke to him letting him see that she told only the truth.

He believed her. To this day, he believed her with all his might even as she lay there before him in that hospital bed just as she did fifty years before. Only this time, she fought to survive cancer instead of a horrible attack.

He stayed by her side, day after day praying to God that she make it, that the cancer go into remission. He learned the hard way that God only grants miracles once.

He watched as the heart monitor flatlined, and he cried aloud not caring who overheard.

He stood beside Sam as her casket was lowered into the ground as "Amazing Grace" played in the distance.

He stared at pictures of them together as he swallowed the last pill and downed the rest of the liquor.

The words emblazoned on the frame encasing their wedding picture sparkled in the moonlight as the glass cracked the moment it hit the ground next to his lifeless body.

Always and Forever.

Author's Note: The End. Tell me what you thought of everything. The good, the bad, everything.