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Master and Weapon

Master or Weapon?

Naruto watched as children trickled through the academy's front gate, their parents in tow. It had been a few days since the old man had told him he would be going to "ninja school", but Naruto had already scouted out every part of the school. He had studied the playground, cafeteria, classrooms, bathrooms, everything.. except his classmates. Now as the other children began to collect around the schools front doors, he couldn't help but get excited. He could barely fathom that he would be going to school with so many people on a daily basis. It seemed the more people that came through the gate, the harder it was for him to stay put. He was used to crowds, as they often formed around his grandiose pranks he liked to pull on any unsuspecting victim he happened upon that day. To be a part of a crowd though, not the subject of its scorn, was something new entirely. Any acceptance was good acceptance.

It was with a small tinge of sadness that he noticed all the parents in attendance; the adults were proud as they stood with their offspring. Years ago he might've pitied his lack of parents, but it did very little to phase him any longer. He didn't cry at night anymore; Naruto accepted his loss and moved on in life. It was a maturity rarely seen in children his age, but Naruto was well-weathered, even at fourteen years old. Being alone most of your life gave you a lot of time to think and rationalize the world. School would be different though, he was sure of that. Old man Hokage had said that going to school would help him make friends; Naruto smiled at that thought, he could definitely use a few of those.

In anticipation he began clawing at the tree limb he was sitting on. Naruto hated the claws that sprouted from his fingers and at the same time had to admit how handy they were. The sharp nails allowed him a lot of leeway in his fights with village kids, but scared more than a few of the nicer kids away. He had effortlessly clawed a few inches into the tree, before he felt something wrong; it was the splinters. He frowned at his hand and pulled one of the offending objects out from under his fingernail. His finger bled quite a bit, but there was no pain.


Naruto nearly fell from his perch in surprise; he wasn't used to being noticed. Once he regained his wits, he looked down between his knees. Standing directly beneath him was a dark-haired boy with twin red claw tattoos on each cheek.

"Everyone has gone inside already. Aren't you coming?" the boy asked, jerking a thumb over his shoulder toward the school.

Naruto's smile dropped and he looked at the academy in horror. He was going to be late for his first day! In his reverie he hadn't noticed the crowd begin filing into the school doors. "Yeah! Uh, thanks..?" he croaked awkwardly.

The other boy just smirked and walked off as Naruto dropped out of the tree and sprinted toward the school, spiky blonde hair bouncing like a miniature sun. He found his class and took up residence at one of the empty desks. It felt good to sit among the chattering children around him, it made him feel like he was a part of something. As he sat silently and watched the other kids interact, a man with a strange scar across his nose entered the room and set his things on the desk. Naruto watched as the man wrote his name in big letters on the blackboard before turning to the class.

"Attention everyone! I am Umino Iruka, your teacher!"

The chatter died down as the other children took their seats and observed their new teacher curiously.

"Now I know this is your first day, but I would like to start things off on the right foot."

Naruto grinned to himself. He knew what that meant. "Oi, Oi! Iruka-sensei, does that mean you want introductions?" Iruka looked at him intently before going back behind his desk to flip through some papers. "That is correct... Naruto-kun. I didn't expect you to be in this class.."

Naruto smiled, then frowned, then let his features go neutral – he wasn't really sure what to do with his face after being addressed. The awkward moment worsened when most of the class eyed him, some discretely, others not so much.

"Anyways-" Iruka continued, "-let's take the roll-call. Naruto first."

Naruto gulped audibly and raised his hand. "Naruto U-uzumaki." He sunk in his chair as the students slowly followed suite, giving their names. The popular girls of course went first, followed shortly by the male half of the class. He grinned when the boy he had met outside jumped up on a desk and pronounced himself. "Yahoo! Inuzuka Kiba at your service!"

A few of the girls in the class groaned, and Kiba spun around on his desk and grinned wolfishly at them."Sup hotties?"

A flurry of expertly aimed textbooks smacked into the boy, knocking him off the desk and into the girl seated at the desk next to him. The girl shrieked as the boy plowed into her and they both ended up in a heap of tangled limbs and textbooks. He watched amusedly as Iruka crossed the room and helped the two students untangle themselves and return to their respective seats. It would be impossible for anyone to miss the massive blush on the poor girl's face and the cheeky grin of the Inuzuka boy.

Naruto watched as the classroom settled down enough for the rest of the students to finish their introductions and it didn't take long until there was just one girl left to go. Everyone waited expectantly for a few minutes, until the boy seated in front of her turned around to give her a curious look and she realized she had nowhere to hide and got to her feet. "Hyuga Hinata."

Iruka smiled and nodded to her as she sat back down. "Now that we all know each other's names, let's get to the fun stuff!"

Naruto's eyebrow raised as the classroom door opened and a white-haired man stepped into the room and gave the class a small wave. "Hello class, my name is Mizuki and I am a buki."

Iruka nodded and held his hand out. To Naruto's surprise the white-haired man burst into a floating ball of energy and flew into Iruka's hand, only to extend and shape itself into a gigantic shuriken. Naruto gasped audibly.

Iruka chuckled and expertly twirled the very real shuriken. "I see a few of you are suprised, and thus I think a quick explanation is in order."

Naruto sat and poked at his lunch, he was still digesting all the information from class and couldn't touch his bento box. It was all a bit strange to him, what with some people actually being weapons. He pictured some of the ninja he had seen around the village, were the weapons they practiced with..other people?

Buki, a human with the power to become a lethal weapon.

Shokunin, a human gifted with the power to wield the buki in battle.

Naruto sighed and banged his head against the lunch table, earning a few startled gazes from the other students; he looked back at them, which of you are buki? Which of you is some kind of sword or something? As if answering his question, someone sat next to him and patted him on the shoulder. "You didn't know about it, did you? I could tell from your reaction this morning."

Naruto turned around and was greeted by the smiling visage of Mizuki. He was about to reply, but stopped when the white-haired man held a finger up to his lips to silence him. "Shhh, I won't tell anyone. Tell me this though, do you know what you are?"

Naruto frowned and pushed the buki's hand away. "Of course I do! I am shukonin obviously. I have not once woken up on a weapon rack."

"We buki are just as human as you believe yourself to be, boy. You must be truly ignorant to be blind to our existence. For all you could be one of us."

He snorted and watched the white-haired man walk off. Defiance was written on his face, but the seed of doubt was already planted deeply within him. What if he was a weapon too? Panic struck him and he bolted out of the cafeteria door, leaving his lunch behind. He ran through the hallways and out the front door into the entrance courtyard. As he exited the school, a cool wind tugged at his hair and he exhaled shakily. It felt good to be outside, the school and its revelations were choking him.

He spied the tree he was hiding in before and ran over to it. Using his claws he quickly climbed up into the foliage of the massive tree and relaxed on one of the wider limbs. If he really was a buki, wouldn't he have known it already? He looked down at his hands and frowned. In his 14 years of life, wouldn't he have transformed or something at some point? He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice someone crawl up onto the branch beside him.

"How's it hanging, Naruto?"

Naruto started at the voice and turned to see Kiba sitting a few feet away, all toothy grin and bravado. He lied. "Oh, uh nothing. Scared me a little bit there, Kiba-san."

The wolf boy smirked and clapped him on the back. "Yea it wasn't that obvious. What're you doing up here?"

Naruto groaned and blabbed his thoughts without even registering it. He was used to talking to the open air about his frustrations, but those conversations were always between himself and whatever inanimate object he chose to share with – not another boy. "I uh, I just don't know what I am."

"Well, stick your hand down your pants and that should tell ya."

"Yeah, but it's not that easy- wait, what!" Naruto's head swung around and he eyed the other boy incredulously. Kiba was giggling so hard, no sound was passing through his lips. "Hee-hee! Ahahaha!"

Before realizing it, Naruto began laughing too, the sweet relief of joy soothing the clench of doubt in his stomach. Kiba clapped his shoulder and jumped down from the limb, landing nimbly before motioning for him to follow. "C'mon let's find out."

Naruto hesitated a second before jumping down and following the boy out of the school grounds. He was about to ask why, but Kiba just shook his head and led him a few blocks away into a dark alley. Once they were hidden from view, the wolf boy turned and sighed loudly. "I'm a shokunin. If I grab your arm and focus my soul power, you will either be burnt or..change into a weapon."

Instinctively Naruto stepped back a bit and waved his hands in front of him. "I don't know, man."

"Listen, you obviously don't know how to focus your soul power, otherwise, you'd have realized what you are by now. If you can't do it on your own, someone else has to pump their soul power into you for you to find out."

Naruto sighed and rubbed the back of his head nervously. So if he was burnt he was shokunin? And if he changed into..something, he was buki. Simple in theory.

"Am I wasting my time? You just want to go into class and not know while Iruka assigns teams?"

Naruto shook his head and held his arm out to the other boy, "I'm just not sure about this.."

Kiba said nothing and grabbed his wrist, focused his wavelength and there it was; just like the other boy had said, Naruto could feel Kiba's power like static that made the hair on his arm stand up. "Is that that your soul power?" he asked, curious about the foreign energy.

"It's actually called my 'soul wavelength'."

Naruto exhaled shakily, he was getting nervous and he was sweating. "Let's get this over with."

Kiba nodded and closed his eyes. Naruto could feel the foreign soul power clash with his body. The seconds turned into minutes, the minutes into hours – he thought about saying something and was beginning to doubt, but silenced his thoughts when Kiba sucked in a loud breath. "Kami-sama.."

Naruto didn't have time to reply as his world exploded in white light and he felt the alley around them vibrate and buck wildly; the ground shook and bricks started crumbling off the walls around them. He tried to push Kiba away, but he couldn't feel his arms. He panicked and tried to run, but his legs weren't there. It felt like he was being stretched by invisible hands and soon found himself looking down at the other boy. Kiba! Kiba! Let me go! he willed himself to say, but his lips wouldn't move.

Kiba had never been more shocked in his life, where there was once a blond boy, now hovered a massive sword, and not just any massive sword. He had seen plenty of swords in his lifetime, but never one so menacing. Not including the elongated hilt, Naruto's buki form must've been a good 6 feet long. The weapon was more of a cleaver than a katana, the blade being nearly 3 feet wide and 2 inches thick, curving upward at the tip like a scimitar. Kiba also noticed in horror that the entire length of the blade was serrated, like some giant saw. The metal was a dark, ominous red color from pommel to sword tip. All along the blade, strange wispy lines of yellow traced themselves across the blade in random patterns.

"Kiba! Kiba! Let me go!'' a voice boomed from within his head. He stared up at the massive sword in awe.


The weapon bucked in his hands, making him fall back against the alley wall. ''Kiba! What happened to me!''

Kiba tried to laugh, but found his breath short. " are a buki." Naruto shook again violently, and Kiba lost his grip and let go of the hilt. To his surprise, Naruto didn't fall to the ground; the sword floated in place and writhed like a wild thing.

''No! You're lying!''

"Dude, it's alright! You are the most badass weapon I have ever seen!"

The sword whimpered and threw itself against the alley wall, ripping great chunks of brick and masonry from the building. A massive pulse of soul wavelength bathed the alley, making Kiba grimace as the foul power ripped out more bricks and hurled them around. "Ch-chill bro!"

He was blown back as another wavelength pulsed from the blade, and tumbled backwards until he slammed against a dumpster. "Naruto! Curb the soul power! You are going to hurt someone!"

The blade didn't respond and continued to thrash about wildly, cleaving through the buildings like a knife through butter. Naruto was obviously not taking well to being buki, and his anguish showed through the destruction. Kiba could only hold on to the dumpster for dear life as the red sword and its massive wavelength battered the alley.

Sarutobi had been filling out paperwork when he felt the massive burst of soul wavelength rock the village. He promptly turned in his chair and looked out over the village through his office window; the old ninja had felt that foul, demonic wavelength many, many years ago. Naruto! Without hesitation the Third Hokage of Konoha burst through the window and soared over the village, flying a few blocks before impacting on the street like a meteor. The street where he landed buckled and imploded, carving a wide crater from the brick road.

He kicked off again before the dust settled and flew another block before landing on a tall building, the roof caved in when he landed and he reminded himself to write out some repair bills for the owners. That wasn't important at the moment however, he had to find Naruto.

It didn't take long for another pulse of red wavelength to light up the blonde's position like a firework explosion. Sarutobi frowned and kicked off the building towards the source of the massive pulse. He landed in yet another crater and rounded the corner, only to be faced with a massive, blood red zanbatou. The blade bucked and ripped a sizeable chunk from one of the buildings, and he had to step back as the chunk of wall flew past him. His ancient brow furled as he watched the demonic blade roar and turn the alley to rubble, it was almost like having a flashback of the incident 14 years ago.

Kyuubi cleaving through buildings and ninja alike..

Blood, shadow and flame painting their colors across Konoha..

The Fourth and his beautiful young bride telling him of their plan..

The sadness he felt while cradling the newborn as he surveyed the destruction done to his village..

He was shook from his thoughts as he felt more and more soul wavelengths headed towards their position. The village had recognized the massive pulse and was on its way. "Naruto, you must stop this." he ordered calmly, folding his hands into the sleeves of his robe.

The blade halted and spun around, serrated edge pointed his way. "Oji-san! Why! Why didn't you tell me?"

Sarutobi sighed and hung his head; Naruto had always been very blunt, and the only way to talk to the boy was to be just as blunt. The subtle nuances of wordplay would only anger the blond. "Your mother was buki, your father a shokunin. You took after her, but never showed signs of transforming so I didn't bother you with it."

The zanbatou pulsed and slashed the air between them. Sarutobi could feel a sickly heat emanating from the blade - unearthly.

"You never bothered to explain anything to me!". Naruto countered.

Sarutobi sighed and nodded his wizened head."I apologize, Naruto, but it is something you will have to accept."

"And what if I don't want to be a weapon? I want to be normal!"

Naruto wasn't reacting to his transformation into a demon weapon, the poor fool was reacting to the possibility that this turn of events would further alienate him from the village. Sarutobi was partly to blame for that, and he still hated himself for it. "You can! It isn't abnormal to be a buki, Naruto. Your mother was loving, mother, wife, and woman. Just because she was a weapon, did not make her any less human than your father was. Buki live very normal lives just like anyone else."

Naruto seemed to consider this for a while. "S-so I can still go to school and get married and all that stuff? Even when I am..this?"

Sarutobi exhaled in relief and smiled at the massive sword. Teenagers were easily upset and easily placated; he'd come expecting the worst."Of course, Naruto. There are many buki children at your school! Just because you are a zanbatou doesn't change that you are Uzumaki Naruto, the boy."

The sword seemed to calm down and the red pulse receded considerably."Iruka-sensei explained this all to us in class today, is really different when I changed. It scared me, Oji-san."

Sarutobi nodded in understanding and watched out of the corner of his eye as ninja began gathering around."I know it did, Naruto. Most children find out when they are toddlers and grow into it. I'm sorry you had to find out on your first day at the academy. Now, would you like to change back for me?"

The red weapon quivered a little bit. "I uh.. don't know how.."

The older man raised an eyebrow and was about to say something, when a dirt-covered boy came out of the alley. The walking mound of dirt coughed and started to pat itself off. "Yea that fault. I changed him, Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi watched in amusement as the boy finally shook off most of the dirt and gravel and smiled up at him with sharp teeth. "You used your soul wavelength to transform him, Kiba-kun?"

The wolf boy nodded and cracked his knuckles. "Yep it was easy for a guy like me."

The red zanbatou chuckled at that and bounced up and down a little. "He nearly pissed himself, Oji-san. Anyone have a mirror?"

"No, I don't usually carry one with me. I must admit Naruto, you are quite the intimidating sword. I hope you get paired with someone that doesn't frighten easily."

If anything calmed a young man, it was flattery. Sarutobi's compliment about Naruto's sword form sealed the deal and the old man almost felt the boy's tension melt away in an instant, replaced with something akin to newfound pride. The sword laughed and swung through the air a couple times. "Yeah? I guess this isn't so bad.."

Kiba chose that moment to speak up."H-hokage-sama! Would it be alright if Naruto and I paired up! Can you imagine how badass of a pair we would be!"

Sarutobi smiled and patted the wolf boy on the head. "Kiba-kun that is not my decision. Iruka will be the one to suggest pairings based upon the skill of both shokunin and buki." He watched as both weapon and wolf boy deflated visibly; it was a strange sight to see a blade slump over.

Crisis averted.

"Now let's see what we can do about changing Naruto back.."

Naruto ran his hands over his body and exhaled in relief, he was finally back to normal thanks to the Hokage. It had been an odd sensation, sealing his power back up after he had felt the wellspring of soul power flood from his sword form. The whole experience had been terrifying, but exciting at the same time. He decided it might not be so bad being a 9 foot long sword in battle, at least he wouldn't have to worry about practicing or working out.

Yea, this won't be so bad. I just get myself a partner, transform and go to work, easy as cake.

This line of thought brought about a question however, a question that only an adolescent boy would worry about after a potential life-changing and serious discovery. "Hey, Kiba, did I look cool as a weapon?"

The wolf boy turned at being addressed and gave him a cheesy thumbs-up. "Yahoo! You looked badass, man!"

"As cool as I do now?"

Kiba started laughing hysterically and pointed at him. "You serious? The way you look right now? I wouldn't be able to even guess what you looked like as a sword."

Naruto frowned and looked at his orange jumpsuit and blue sandals; he liked the color orange and didn't see what was so wrong with it. "What? I like these clothes."

"Just saying.. You look like a road sign in human form. Your sword form looks like a serial killer's worst nightmare in comparison."

The two boys were scolded for being late for class, but were soon allowed to go to their desks and sit down. Naruto slid into his seat and exhaled in relief, the last thing he wanted was to be singled out in front of the entire room of kids. He glanced around the room and was happy to note that no one was passing him suspicious glances, well.. no one except the quiet girl in the front.

Naruto saw her watching him out of the corner of his eyes, so he turned and looked right at her. Their eyes met and he was surprised to see that she had no pupils! The girl's solid white orbs widened in surprise when he caught her looking and she quickly turned her head. He smirked and sent her one more glance before sinking in his seat to listen to Iruka's lecture.

"Ok class, now that everyone is here, let's start assigning pairs."

A murmur went up from the class, especially from the excited young girls. One of them, a pretty girl with blond hair raised her hand. "I thought shokunin were supposed to pick their buki."

Iruka smiled and shook his head. "Sorry, Ino, that isn't how things work at the academy."

Naruto watched the girl pout before lowering her hand. He noticed she was occasionally sending glances across the room, so he turned to see who she was spying on, and immediately sighted the most probable candidate for the girl's glances. A handsome, dark-haired boy sat in the corner, an annoyed frown frozen on his face and he looked like he would rather be killing some small creature than sitting in a class room. The boy wore a dark blue shirt and white shorts, with plain blue sandals. From what Naruto could tell, he really didn't care for the girls that were sending him longing glances.


His attention was brought back to the front of the room when Iruka cleared his throat. "Now, I would like to start by having all the shokunin come to the front of the class."

There was a scraping of chairs as a good amount of the students stood and made their way to stand in front of the class. Naruto tried to remember their names from earlier, but could only pick out a few. He recognized Kiba immediately, who had jumped up on Iruka's desk and was babbling about finding a buki worthy of conquering the world with. The blonde girl he recognized as Ino, who wasn't at all happy when the dark-haired boy joined the shokunin at the front of the room. Naruto didn't have to think of the other ones names, because Iruka chose that moment to talk. "Ok, this is our shokunin class. Everyone if you would please state your names again I would appreciate it."

The dark-haired boy grunted and looked out at the class."Uchiha Sasuke."

The blonde girl next to him frowned. "Yamanaka Ino."

Kiba was next of course, and did a back flip on the desk. "Yahoo! Inuzuka Kiba!"

Another boy wearing a trench coat and dark sunglasses was next. "Aburame Shino."

Finally, the quiet girl bowed and looked at her feet. "Hyuga Hinata."

Iruka smiled and motioned for the students to go back to their seats. Naruto watched as they all filed back to their seats and felt his stomach twist. He knew what was coming next but couldn't do anything about it. As if on cue, Iruka cleared his throat. "Ok, will our buki now come forward and tell us your names."

Naruto and the rest of the class trudged to the front of the room and lined up. A girl to his left was bouncing with excitement and went first. "Haruno Sakura."

Another girl on the other side of him smiled politely and waved. "Higoya Tsubaki."

A pineapple-haired boy wearing fishnet grumbled. "Nara Shikamaru."

Following Shikamaru's lead, the large red-headed boy that sat in the back spoke up. "Akimichi Choji."

It was finally Naruto's turn and he sighed. From here on he was a buki, and would have to learn to deal with it. He looked up and saw Kiba grinning like a mad man at him. "Uzumaki Naruto."

Iruka came and patted him on the back then leaned down and whispered in his ear. "I hope you understand that I can't pair you with any of my students, Naruto. Your little display earlier today has put doubt into a lot of parents' minds."

Naruto was about to reply, but was pushed forward as the rest of the kids went to their seats. He felt embarrassed and singled out once again. He knew instinctually that he wasn't any normal buki, the reactions of the village and the old man had told him that. He had scared the most powerful man in the village and it worried him. Why would the Hokage rush to stop him after his first transformation?

Once again, his chain of thought was broken when Iruka spoke up. He needed a spot to piece together the day, somewhere quiet. When is this day ending? He pondered, looking around the room for a clock.

"Ok class, the pairings have been decided already, and we at the academy hope you can synchronize with your chosen partners.."

All the students focused their attention on Iruka, all except Naruto that is. He wouldn't have a partner.

"First team is: Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke."

The dark-haired boy barely had time to groan before a pink blur flew across the room and tackled him in a hug.

"Second team is: Yamanaki Ino and Nara Shikamaru."

The platinum blond yowled like a dying cat and dropped her head on her desk. The fishnet-wearing boy sighed and went to sit beside her in the seat Sakura had vacated.

"Third team is: Aburame Shino and Akimichi Choji."

The two boys shot each other curious glances. Two boys on a team obviously wasn't what they had pictured but Iruka assured them that it was perfectly normal.

Before Iruka had time to get back to his list, Kiba jumped up on his desk and struck a pose. "Fourth team is: Inuzuka Kiba and Uzumaki Naruto! Also known as Team Badass, A.K.A Team God! Yahoo!"

The whole class looked up at the wolf boy and then to Naruto who groaned and covered his face. Iruka growled and pushed a protesting Kiba back into his seat. "Sorry about that, kids. The fourth team is: Inuzuka Kiba and Higoya Tsubaki."

Kiba pushed Iruka away and jumped up onto another desk. The wolf boy shielded his eyes and peered around the room like a captain at sea. "Oi! Tsubaki!"

The pretty, dark-haired girl giggled and walked over to sit on the desk Kiba was standing on. He grinned like a fool and gave her a thumbs-up, Tsubaki returned the thumbs-up and winked. It was almost as if they'd been friends for a lifetime. The rest of the class looked on in wonder at the patience of the girl. Usually people didn't put up with Kiba's flamboyant attitude, but Tsubaki didn't seem to mind at all.

Iruka smiled and walked back to his desk; everyone watched as he began to gather his things. Ino decided to speak what was on everyone's mind. "Iruka-sensei? What about Naruto and Hinata? Are they the fifth team?"

Iruka finished packing his things before turning to the class and shaking his head. "Uh sorry, no, Hinata will have to wait for another graduate partner to be paired with, or find her own."

The class began to murmur, and Naruto watched as the lavender-eyed girl looked between him and Iruka in confusion. Sasuke scowled and voiced his own opinion, much to the surprise of everyone present. "That doesn't make any sense. Why not just pair them up?"

Iruka sighed and set his bag down. "It isn't that simple, kids. I'm sure Hinata is an outstanding shokunin, I could expect no less from the Hyuga. The problem is Naruto, he is not a buki fit for anyone here."

Naruto felt his throat tighten as everyone looked his way. He cursed Iruka for putting him on the spot, he cursed himself too for leaving the poor girl without a partner, and finally he cursed his luck for being a weapon that both Iruka and the Hokage deemed dangerous. The old man had promised that things for him would be normal, but things weren't turning out that way. He wouldn't have a partner or a normal school year. He would end up an outcast again.

The students around him murmured and frowned at Iruka. He was grateful for that at least, the class wasn't against him. He didn't want to cause trouble for the older man though and decided to chip in. "It's alright. I kind of saw this coming." His classmates turned and looked at him, he could see their confused eyes but couldn't bring himself to explain, instead he got up and turned to Hinata. "I'm sorry, Hinata-san."

The girl looked at him sadly. It was obvious she was just as confused as everyone else. "Don't be Naruto-kun. I-I didn't expect to be paired with a buki anyways."

The class turned their attention over to Hinata. This caught the attention of the Uchiha's buki and Sakura took her attention from her partner long enough to look over at the Hyuga girl curiously. "But aren't the Hyuga clan some of the best shokunin in the world? Why wouldn't a buki want to be paired with you?"

The rest of the class nodded and agreed. Even Naruto had heard of the combat prowess of the fabled clan of warriors. They supposedly had the power to see into one's soul, if you believed the rumors. Hinata however, seemed far from a warrior and shook her head embarrassedly. "Ah, yes, well my clan is known for that. Me however, I'm nothing special."

More murmurs sprung up from the children and more than a few questions were hurled her way. Iruka was quick to intervene, and soon had the class packing up their things to leave school. The bell rang and the students began heading for the doors.

Naruto noticed that the students had already split into their teams and were walking together. He was surprised at how fast the different children had split from their friends to be with their new partners. It made him grimace when he saw Hinata slip out of the room quietly before anyone could question her further. He watched the teams leave together and slowly slung his bag over his shoulder and plodded out of the school's front entrance. He sighed and walked slowly, enjoying the cool evening breeze that brushed his face.

Someone whistled and his head popped up to see Kiba and Tsubaki sitting on the swing under 'his' tree. "Yo! Naruto come join us!"

He smiled weakly and walked over to them. The two complete strangers seemed completely in sync as they swung lazily. Tsubaki looked up at him and smiled sadly. "Kiba told me why they won't let you be paired up. I'm sorry, Naruto."

"It's cool. Hinata will probably find a buki that is better for her anyways." He sighed and went to lean against the tree while the two swung beside him.

The three ninja were silent for a moment before Kiba got up and walked over to lean against the tree too. "Sorry about that man. It was my fault that everyone saw you know, destroying stuff."

Naruto chuckled and shook his head. "Nah, it's alright. I found out what I am, so I should really be thanking you. I just wish I knew how to turn it off and on."

The two boys pondered that for a moment. Tsubaki broke their concentration however, as she began to giggle. "Kiba is not the person to be pondering that with!"

The wolf boy turned and scowled at his partner."Oh? And I suppose you could teach him how to control that kind of power?"

Tsubaki nodded and winked at the two boys. "You bet. Give me a couple weeks, and I'll bet even a toddler could sync with him."