I just woke from a horrible dream, I though writing it down might be useful to me or someone who is writing a story.

this is not part of any other story, just yet.

Harry entered the house in Cambridge, a large tudor style house, authentic if he could tell anything about ancient architecture. Ginny was in the kitchen, packing up objects and books. Her face brightened to see Harry. Oh Harry, it's good to have ou back" she wiggled with what could only be interpreted as excitement. He looked around at the empty shelves, the haphazard furniture the piles of discarded items.
"Where is she?" he glared at her. Her face twitched in anger for a moment, and then lit up with glee.. "She's upstairs in the library, where else would she be?"

Harry left the kitchen and made his way up the stairs to the great room which had been converted to a library/haven.. He entered, the walls were covered with shelves from floor to ceiling, and almost all of them were empty, the massive collection if books gone. The artifacts were gone, the soul of the place was gone. A scrape and Harry turned to see Hermione shuffle into the room from the loo. she looked..ghastly, her hair was frazzly and linp, she had put on a lot of weight, and it made her look like the blimp version of Hermione.. she must have gained eighty pounds since he had seen her last.. it had been a year when he had been called out of the country on what seemed to be an important and critical mission.. it had taken the best part of a year to figure out that it was a plot to capture him and get him under control.. he had not spoken to her for almost that whole year, not had an owl, nothing.

she looked at him with red rhuemy eyes, as if she had been crying a lot..because she had. The tears started to flow again and Harry stepped forward to envelop her in his arms..

"What happened, where's Hedwig, what happened to you, your books..everything?"

Hermione sniffed and kept her face buried in his shoulder..she was muffled in her speech..

"They came to the door a week after you left..it was Ron and Ginny, so I trusted them.. they were friends, after all. they tied me to a chair and forced me to drink potions, and then claimed eveerything here as spoils of war, and that I was a criminal, stealing magic, and not entitled to any of it....." she sniffled and held him tightly. Ginny took all the artifacts and sold them at an auction.. it was horrible seeing people that I knew to be blood sympathisers here in my own house bidding on my things like they were a boot sale..I didn't even get to keep the money, she took it all.. All my books. gone, someone in the Ministry claimed them as dangerous..Ron..ron was the worst..he took my wand and snapped it right in front of my face.." she cried some more and Harry looked around trying to feel if there were any magic in or on the area.. he could feel several spells attached to Hermione, and was quietly trying to contain them.. he heard the quiet footsteps coming up the stairs and eased Hermione over to a semi-protected corner of the room, at least ouit of the direct line of fire.. Someone entered the room "Oi Potter, about time you got back" Harry turned to see Ron, dressed in fine Aurors robes, acting as if he owned the place.