Takes place at the very beginning of Tabula Rasa. "We don't know what we've got till it's gone."


Buffy spun around, raising her stake. She lowered it when she saw who was there, and glared. She really didn't want this right now. She began to walk away.

"Buffy?" She kept moving.

"Buffy, we need to talk."

She turned to face the bleach-blond vampire. He stood there, leather duster on, staring at her intently. She sighed. "What about?"

He seemed astonished. "We kissed," he said.

"Yeah, so?" She started to walk again. This time he followed.

She could feel his presence come up beside her. She didn't look over.

Spike growled. He took her shoulder, twisting her toward him. She flung him off.

He gestured to both of them. "We kissed, Buffy. You and me."

Her eyes met his. Their hazel depths were cold. "It's over. And rest assured, it will never happen again. I will never touch you again."

A choked laugh escaped Spike. "Fine, Slayer. You can pretend it meant nothing. But, I know the truth. You were damn well into me, tongue and all," he burst out. Then he stormed off.

Buffy made a face. She didn't want to be reminded of how intimate their kiss had been. And what was worse was it had been her fault. She'd grabbed him and smashed her lips on his. He had been the one to pull away.

She moved across the cemetery at a quickened pace. She needed to get home.

The sound of fighting filled her ears. There, in front of her, was Spike. He was being attacked by some kind of demon. It was red, with long glowing fingernails, and flashing yellow eyes. She'd never seen one of those before.

Spike was knocked down. He got to his feet again. His game-face emerged on his face. He kicked the demon in the stomach.

Buffy smiled. This was entertaining. She was just going to watch for a while. He was a big and tough vamp, he could take care of himself. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she knew that if he couldn't, she would intervene. She shook her head at her realization. She would never actually let Spike die.

The demon took a hand and scratched across Spike's chest. Blood appeared on his black t-shirt. Maybe now was the time for her to save him. She took a step forward.

Spike staggered backwards. His eyes widened at what he saw. The demon held up a stake. Where had that come from? Before he could act upon it, the wood met his flesh.

A loud scream came from Buffy. She stared in horror as the demon staked Spike. The vampire's gaze fell on hers. There was so much sadness and longing in it. Then Spike was no more, only a pile of ashes on the ground.

The demon smiled over at her. She rushed at him with rage. But before she could meet him, he vanished.

Buffy collapsed to the ground. She tried to stop the tears, but it was no use. They streaked down her cheeks.

She had been right. She would never touch him again.


Two beings had seen what had happened. They watched the girl cry over it.

"This wasn't supposed to happen," the female stated.

Her companion nodded. "Yes, I know."

"What about the prophesy? It will never occur now," she declared.

"Rest your worries, Sister. We will fix this. We always do," the male informed.

The female looked over at him, wondering, what he had in mind.