In England, Rupert Giles sat down to have his daily cup of tea. He browsed the mail set on the table. He smiled when he noticed an envelope from Sunnydale, California.

Giles tore the letter open, revealing a card. He red over it, his eyes widening.

You are invited to attend the wedding of William

Collens and Buffy Summers. Please RSVP

A slip of paper fell out. The letter was in Buffy's handwriting.

Hello Giles. You probably think I'm crazy, marrying my loathed enemy. Well, a lot has happened since you left. Spike's not so evil anymore. He likes to call himself mischievous . I guess you could say that.

He asked me to write these words: I got a job now, so I'm not a disappointment anymore. I want you to come up for the celebration in your shiny car shaped like a penis. Oh, and see you soon, Dad.

Just to let you know, I'm rolling my eyes at him. Anyways, you have to come. Especially to meet Will.



PS- Do you think Wind Beneath Your Wings is really a good song for the first dance?

Of course he'd go. Giles grabbed his jacket. Without hesitating, he went to the door.

Willow was in for a big lecture on magic. She had done it this time! This was worse than before. Buffy and Spike were actually going through with it.

As an afterthought, while on the way to the airport, he wondered who Will could be.

The End


Hope you enjoyed it!