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Hunny stared at his cousin as he calmly took notes down and sighed as he found himself scribbling his name all over his notes. Again. He studied his face for a moment; his eyes were blank but focused, until he frowned. He stared for a second, his mouth twitching, then continued to write.

Mori closed his textbook, making Hunny look back at his notes. He wasn't even halfway done, but he closed his notebook in a panic as Mori glanced at him. He didn't say anything, just watched Hunny's face for a moment. Hunny stared straight ahead, shaking his head in an attempt to let his hair cover his flushed face. Mori's hand was against his forehead a second later.

"Mitsukuni," he said quietly, and Hunny blushed harder.


"Are you feeling all right?"

Hunny swallowed, feeling more than a little sick. He quickly paged through excuses—not enough sleep, hunger, lack of iron, lack of cake—he could use; the last thing he needed was his over-protective cousin whisking him off to the infirmary when there was nothing wrong with him. "I'm hot," he said finally.

Mori stared at him, but he nodded, going back to what he had been doing. Hunny took a deep breath, relieved that he had avoided that easily enough. He began to put his things away, his face returning to the normal pink complexion, his ocher eyes holding a newfound sleepiness.

They were dismissed, and Hunny felt the urge to dash out of the classroom ahead of everyone in 3-A, but of course, Mori would find that suspicious and most likely cart him off to the nurse, assuming that he was delirious with fever. So as he stood up to wait for him, he was surprised when Mori spoke. "Go on," he said. "I'll meet you at lunch."

Mitsukuni, grateful for the moment alone, nodded and picked up his briefcase. He walked out of the room. He continued down the long hallway, his imagination beginning to carry him away, but he jumped at the sound of a loud thud. He turned around to see Mori sprawled on the floor.

His heart rate sped up, and he dashed over to him, kneeling next to him. A crowd of people had already accumulated, and a girl—a first-year, Hunny assumed angrily—stood, crying, it seemed. "What happened?" demanded Hunny in a voice all but calm to no one in particular; he just wanted an answer, and he wanted it immediately.

"I-I'm sorry, Hunny-senpai," sobbed the girl.

"Stop crying!" he flared. "You're not the one who got hurt!"

"I…I was in his way, and he tripped trying not to run into me."


Mori clenched Hunny's arm, and he was silenced. His rage subsided as he stared at the man on the floor. "Mitsukuni," he grunted, still as calm as ever, and Hunny noted his ripped pant leg and compound fracture, his small hands wandering to that area in his leg. "It was… an accident." His words were choked and came out harshly, like someone was strangling him.

"Hold still, Takashi…"

"Has someone…"

Mori was steadily losing consciousness, and by now, the hallway was a high-traffic area, crammed wall-to-wall with curious and concerned students. The crowd standing around Hunny and Mori was now backing away as Mori's broken leg was bleeding heavily, and Ohtori Kyoya, had managed to push his way through, uttering perfunctory "excuse me's"

and what not, kneeling beside Hunny.

He straightened Mori out, who was out cold by now. "Hunny-senpai," he began, taking Mori's pulse. "Tamaki's gone to get the nurse…"

As Kyoya continued with analyzing Mori's leg, Hunny crowded over to his head, setting it in his lap. He smoothed his hair, feeling helpless and on the verge of tears. How could such tragedy occur on a totally normal day, with such a low-risk environment, to the most undeserving person in the school? He wanted to scream at all the bystanders doing nothing, but he wasn't in the right mindset, and so the thought was immediately vague and forgotten.

He watched as Mori's leg gushed blood, feeling more distressed than sickened, and by the time Tamaki had led two paramedics to the scene, tears were already brimming on the wide, brown eyes. Kyoya backed off, and Hunny was forced to do the same. As the paramedics—evidently someone had sent for an ambulance, which meant it was bad, on the count of Ouran Academy's infirmary and health care were second to none—tore the rest of his pant leg off and assembled a splint around his lower leg.

Fortunately, Tamaki's hand found Hunny's shoulder, soothing by kind gesture, and he walked him away from the scene. "Hunny-senpai," he began softly as Hunny took a glance back at Mori. He was being lifted onto a stretcher, which made Hunny cry a little more. "He'll be just fine."

Hunny nodded sadly, wiping his eyes. Of course Mori would be okay. He always had been. It just figures that he would get hurt trying not to let someone else get hurt. He was too careful to have been so badly injured otherwise. The professors standing around began to usher the students down the hall; the crowd was slowly dispersing by then anyway, and Hunny walked to lunch with Tamaki.

Like he could eat.