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Sesshoumaru sat back down with a loud thump. Something was making the ground tremble under my feet. I tried to look around the demon, but he must have mistaken the move as an attempt to escape. In a lightning fast move, he had me pinned to the ground.

I looked through Sesshoumaru's front legs, and realized that the loud thumping noise must have been his tail. He had wagged his tail for me? That was usually a good thing for dogs, but you never know with youkai. Sesshoumaru was standing forbiddingly over my tiny frame. He had a paw pressed against my stomach, holding me down. His claws were held carefully out of the way. His paw wasn't cutting off any of my air supply, but he kept me firmly held down.

Sesshoumaru lowered his head and began sniffing me! He spent a long time in my hair, and a grumble-y noise came out of his chest. I was too shocked to laugh at how the taiyoukai was acting. All of the sudden he swept his large tongue up the right side of my head.

"Ewww," I shrieked, remembering myself. "Sesshoumaru, what was that for?!" Sesshoumaru just gave a big doggy grin, and licked the other side of my face. "Could you get off of me now . . . Please?" I said in a pitiful voice. The bog dog's head tilted at my tone. His nose was pushed into the juncture of my neck, and made the rumble-y noise again. I assumed it was a good sign.

Sesshoumaru finally lifted his paw off of my stomach, but didn't step away. He hovered over me, eyes tracking my every movement. I stayed completely still, trying to show that I wouldn't try to run again. His paw had pushed my pajama top up to my ribs, and I tried to pull it back down without looking too frazzled. Sesshoumaru, drawn by the movement, lowered his head, again, pushing his nose into my stomach. I couldn't help but laugh. The burst of sound made him raise his head an inch from my skin. His breath still tickled me, and I kept giggling. The whooshing sound of his tail wagging reached my ears.

"Sess . . . Sesshou . . . maru. STOP IT!!! Please!" I yelped. He was relentless. Ten minutes had passed before he paused to let me get some air. He sat again, watching me. "You are one weird demon. What happened to you? Are you okay?" I said, getting serious. The concern in my voice made Sesshoumaru lie down on his stomach and rest his head against my side. What is wrong with him? It was definitely Sesshoumaru. He must be sick or something. The real Sesshoumaru would never act this way. . . ever. As I thought on that, Sesshoumaru had started nuzzling the side of my ribs.

"Sesshoumaru, what has happened? Why are you acting like this?" His eyes grew sad, and the look made my heart crack a bit. Sesshoumaru nudged my side insistently. I started to stand, and he fallowed suite. The sun was just starting to rise; the dew on the grass had soaked through my pajama pants, chilling me. I shivered once, and the taiyoukai's head snapped in my direction. He had moved away from, but now he stepped closer, and wrapped his fluffy tail around me. I was between his front paws while he scanned the tree line. My stomach grumbled embarrassingly, and I had no doubt that the demon had heard. All of the sudden, I was lifted into the air, landing on thick white fluff. Sesshoumaru had thrown me onto his back. He was bounding through the forest before I could even blink.