"EWWWW!" I nearly squealed. Yes, I, Benny Burton, nearly squealed like a stuck pig. (Don't tell Sammy and Dean, they'd never let me live it down.) "How can one zit hold so much pus?"

"Pimples kinda do that, Ben," Kat informed me through the door, reading her latest book, no doubt.

"It's disgusting!" I whined. "I wasn't even popping it. I was just washing my face and the bugger sprayed its nasty pus over the sink mirror!" I gagged as I wiped and cleaned off the marred image of myself in the mirror and then cleaned my face again, placing a white bandage on my nose where the spot was. I sighed, stopped, and laughed as it looked like a familiar scene. After placing more white bandages around my nose and slicking my hair back, I walked back out and asked in an excited mood, "Who am I?"

Kat stopped, looked at me, and didn't get it.

Dad walked in, dropped his bag and walked up to me briskly, looked at me and laughed. "You look kinda Jack Nicholson in Chinatown!"

"YES!" I giggled and hugged Dad. "That's what I was going for, but Kat totally didn't get it."

"That's because we're the film nerds of the family, Lori," he chuckled and rubbed at my hair. "Now, get ready. We're eating out tonight."

"It better not be the pizza parlor again," Kat said. "I think Benny and I have had too much of it."

"Is that so?" he smirked.

"Yeah, dairy agitates the skin," I agreed and took off the fake bandages and pointed to the one on my nose for the bleeding former boil.

"Ouch, yeah," he said, nodding. He did that a lot when he was considering his options. He's where Kat gets a LOT of her intellectual quirks… Okay, about half of her idiosyncrasies, really. "How about Brian's, then?"

"That sounds good to me, actually. Just as long as we don't sit in another corner, actually," answered Kat. "I've been craving some different things."

"Like Billy Matson?" I teased as I buttoned on my favorite black vest.

Kat blushed, "Nooooo…"

Dad thumped me as I left and chided me for teasing her.

"Hey, she'd start worrying if I didn't, padre," I contorted.

"Just be ready in a quarter of an hour," he warned us.

"Yes, sir, Mr. Telling-Time- Oddly, Sir!" Kat chimed.

How I miss those days sometimes… what am I saying. I constantly wish we were back in the days of sun.