Written by Sileny


It was Thursday, and there was a big exam at school that counted for a massively significant portion of you grade. This meant that if you were sane, then you would be currently sitting in the classroom taking it.

She believed she was quite sane, yet she was not taking this exam, opting instead for a visit to the hospital (her third trip that week). Her little journey took her to the all-too-familiar wooden stool, with a worn-out looking leather cushion placed on it to make it more comfortable. How many times had she sat on that stool? It was too many to count.

"Aa-chan." The soft voice of her doctor reached her ears and she looked up from where her dusty blue eyes were following the creases in the cushion. A pair of kind brown eyes regarded her. She remembered vaguely that when she first came here those eyes were filled with regret and pity. The regret she could understand, the pity she detested. Over the years they had faded to simply soft kindness, a kindness she just seemed to absorb into herself, holding onto it like a lifeline.

Basically speaking, she had grown rather close to her doctor. That was the one person, excluding her father, which knew all of her secrets.

"Hai?" When she was littler she used to fidget uncomfortably, her eyes constantly going towards the window where she could see the sunbeams dancing on the grass outside. Sometimes she swore the sun would be dancing so freely just to spite her.

"The transactions for the surgery have been completed. You do remember the hospital in Tokyo that I was telling you about?" A faint nod indicated that she knew what was being discussed. "They have accepted and it is scheduled sometime in the summer of next year." The doctor handed her a manila envelope bulging with papers which she placed in her lap. She would go over its contents later. "I've talked with your father already, and he says your mother and two sisters are currently living in Tokyo. He has decided that you are going to transfer to a school in Tokyo. You shouldn't be missing much because the school year has just started."

Her face was an unreadable mask. "Do I have to take the entrance exam?" she asked. Rumor was that the entrance exams into private schools in the capitol were twice as hard as those given in Osaka. Of course, she didn't believe them.

"No. Your grades from the exam you've already taken have been sent to the school already. You will be attending Seishen Gakuen, a private school." Another manila folder, nearly as thick as the previous one, was handed to her and it joined the other on her lap.

The doctor pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. "Asa-chan," she said seriously, using her given name and not her pet name like she usually did, "do you want this?"

A moment's pause, then, in a quiet voice, "Yes."

The doctor smiled, folding one of her hands over the girl's. "Saa… there should be no problem, then, Aa-chan." Said girl smiled weakly, getting up and thanking the doctor before exiting the doorway. When she had gone, the older woman let out a sigh. If only there truly would be no problems.

If only…