Here come the interns! That's right, I've made my decision on the four interns who are going to be in Total Sibling Rivalry.

Holly, created by BloodyAphrodite

Mia, created by Snowstarwriter

Marina, created by eeniemeeny

And Tamyra, created by Techgirl10

I'll eventually send you guys a note, asking you a few extra questions to make sure I keep your character… you know… in character.

The interns belong to their respective owners.

Chris McClain and TDI belong to Teletoon and Fresh TV.

Total Sibling Rivalry belongs to me! :D

Walking down the Dock of Shame for the first time in a while, Chris McClain smiled his trademark smile. After almost a year of hosting lame award shows and looking at himself in the mirror, the sadist was extremely glad to be back at Camp Wawanakwa. Not only was he going to get to torture 12 of last season's campers, he was going to do it to 16 of their siblings, as well! And best of all, there were going to be 4 new interns. They were all chicks.

And they were all hot.

And they were all at or over the legal age so he could date one of them without getting sued.

What could be better?

That day was the day the new interns were supposed to show up, but none of it was going to be on camera. Nobody wants to watch them.

Chris pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it. He had written down all of the intern's information so he wouldn't slip up and call one of them by the wrong name. They probably wouldn't want to go out with him if he did

He continued to look over the list until he heard a loud bullhorn. Chris looked up at the sudden noise and grinned again when he saw an upcoming yacht. Wadding the paper up and tossing it over his shoulder, he walked closer to the end of the dock, squinting to see who was on the oversized boat.

A girl was leaning on the edge of the railing, holding a book in one hand, twirling a red-highlighted strand of her hair in the other. Her rest of her brown hair was flowing in the wind, but her emo bangs somehow remained in place over her left eye. The yacht stopped on a dime, making her jerk slightly, but she was still able to keep her balance. She noticed that she was finally at the island, grabbed a duffel bag, and jumped off the railing right next to Chris. The yacht pulled away with another loud blow of the horn.

Once Chris got a closer look at the cover of the new intern's book, he knew who she was immediately. "Ah, you must be Holly, the Twilight fan."

Holding up the book, revealing that it was a copy of Breaking Dawn, she proudly said, "Heck yeah!" She tucked the book into a pocket in her bag and looked back up at her new boss. "So what do I do first?"

"For now, just head toward our secret campground. The path's right over there." He pointed toward a path almost hidden by the shadow of a tall oak tree. "You can wait in the lounge until the others get here."

Smoothing out a wrinkle on her 'Team Edward' shirt, she grinned and said, "Lounge? I like this internship already!" Holly started walking toward the path and Chris looked back at her, smiling. It said in her bio that one of her phobias would be kissing me. I like a challenge…

Soon after, another ship started coming toward the shore.

This time, there was a girl wearing a black halter dress, diamond earrings flopping in the breeze. The wind wasn't getting her brown hair in her face, thanks to her black hair band, but Chris kinda wished that it was. Her green eyes looked like slits, glaring at him angrily. The boat stopped at the dock and her black high heel boots clicked on the wooden planks as she stepped off the yacht.

Chris nervously laughed and said, "Hey there, Mia. I'm guessing you've been getting glaring lessons from your step-sister, huh?"

Rolling her eyes, she snappily replied, "Don't you even dare mention that girl to me right now. The only reason I applied for this stupid internship was so I could get her back to the way she was before she came to this crappy island."

Chris was honestly confused by that statement. "What do you mean? Didn't Heather's hair grow back?"

"Of course it did, moron. I meant that she started-"

"Whatever, I'll find out for myself when she gets here. Just follow that path over there and wait in the lounge for me and the other interns."

Pulling the luggage that was tossed down by the person driving the ship, she walked away and muttered, "There'd better be a masseuse here…"

In the next boat, there was a girl with curly hair looking at some fuzzy thing inside a plastic ball. She adjusted her navy blue square-framed glasses and looked up, smiling once she saw the island approaching.

Chris held out a helping hand, she gratefully took it with the hand not occupied by the ball, and he helped her step off the boat. "Thanks, Chris. I'm so happy to be here! I've always wanted to come to an island like this!"

Chris showed off his pearly whites once more and said, "Well, that's the first time I've ever heard that… Welcome to Total Drama Island, Marina." Looking down at the ball she was holding, he was finally able to see what the fuzzy thing was. "I see you brought your hamster."

Looking back down at the ball, she grinned and said, "Yeah, I just love animals. And kids. That's why I signed up for this internship. This show has both of those things!"

Shocked by her love for the two things he dislikes most, he replied, "Um… okay then. Just walk along that path and wait in the lounge. I'll be right back with the last intern."

Grabbing her bag and dropping the ball next to her feet, she and her furry companion started to wander toward the path, looking at their natural surroundings.

The horn blew again and the final boat approached the host. The last intern waved at Chris, part of her red hair blowing in her face. When the yacht finally arrived, she grabbed her personal items, hopped off and shook Chris' hand. "Hi," she angelically said, "It's great to be here."

Once again smiling, Chris said, "Great to have you here, Tamyra. It said in your résumé that you've gone scuba-diving, been sky-diving, and even wrestled a shark! You'll make a great addition to our intern team!"

"Thanks a lot, Chris!" She hoisted the bag of her strap back on her shoulder and grinned at him. Chris motioned toward the path the other three interns had walked on, and the two walked together toward it. The host thought about all of the girls that he had met that day.

They're all so hot… It's gonna be hard choosing which one will be lucky enough to be my beau. Oh well. I've got a whole summer and four girls. Something's gotta happen…

Le gasp! :O What will happen when the contestants arrive? Will Chris score with one of the interns or get turned down by them all? Find out all this and more in the next chapter of Total Sibling Rivalry!