Chapter 1: The Great Earthquake

A/N: This crossover story involves two of my favorite shows, Voyagers! and Chuck. (For more info on Voyagers, pleases visit my website linked through my profile, you'll learn all you need to know!) As the fic progresses the Voyagers side of it is explained and rest assured, it's fairly simple and fun. The story begins in 2008 when I wrote it. Hope you enjoy this one and please leave reviews!)

Chuck Vs. The Omni

Chapter 1: The Great Earthquake

Burbank Mall, April 15th 2008

Chuck Bartowski experienced a very weird flash as he stopped to watch a news broadcast on the Buy More flat screen. He saw gadgets and gizmos, and contraptions and doohickeys with powerful vibrations launch at the push of a button. The antiquated technology confused him. Blueprints from mine and quarry tests flickered through his brain and then it ended. He studied the lanky, fair-haired antiquities dealer who was oddly dressed in nineteen–hundreds fashion with a modern flair.

"Boy is he steampunk." Chuck mumbled.

He took note of a pasty, wide-eyed museum curator standing next to the dealer and a painting situated in the background as they shook hands. The dealer triggered his flash. Chuck could have sworn he glimpsed him, though the image came peculiarly from an old photograph.

"We have many beautiful pieces that we received from 'The Great Earthquake' in 1906 and it is only fitting to honor the momentous event with this auction." The curator beamed. "All pieces were graciously donated by the Wilhelm Julian Collection. This is my personal collection."

"Can you describe some of these items, Mr. Julian?" The Curator pressed.

"It is very exciting to have my collection up for public sale, it's akin to a turn of the century flea market! Those were grand, I tell you! We have kitchenware, fixtures, clothing and we've recovered missing costumes from the Metropolitan Opera Company. We also have artwork…"

"Oh, can I say what my favorite piece is?"

"Of course, Mr. Hirschfield."

"Julian acquired some kind of brass pocket watch device. It displays gorgeous intricacies in its craftsmanship and was fitted with a globe and colored lights, even though electricity was fairly new at the time of its discovery in the Hotel. It's a marvel of design!"

After a little more bantering, the curator ended the interview and noted that only serious investors would be considered.

Chuck rubbed his chin. Charles Carmichael wouldn't mind having a doorknob from 1906. He thought.

Major John Casey caught Chuck's dull-eyed, vacant stare at the HD screens and grunted.

"We have a winner." He muttered, and then smiled politely at a female customer out to buy a dryer and get a date.

She giggled and flirted and twirled her bright pink nails through bleached hair. She pouted her collagen-enhanced lips, which only further revealed their unusual, guppy form. Her forty-five year old forehead was smooth as a porcelain doll. Casey sighed. Real beauty in a woman was hard to find these days.

"Are you sure, big guy? Does Buy More have a warranty? Maybe you can come over and fix it? I bet you're pretty handy."

Casey held back a laugh and ran his large hand teasingly over the top of the dryer. He moved close enough to see her arm hairs prickle and her fingers claw at her tight tee shirt. He put his mouth an inch from her ear.

"I can personally guarantee this baby gets very hot and it doesn't shrink." He whispered earnestly. "Go for it…"

The woman was about ready to jump him when Chuck ran over and dragged him away. Casey planned on this course of action. He nodded mischievously as she rushed to complete her purchase. She caught his eye and he tapped his name tag on the Buy More green shirt.

Chuck groaned and rolled his eyes. "Casey, we have an emergency, I flashed! Time for a break!"

"Relax, Chuck. I saw your mug go brain dead for a few seconds, but it's not much difference from your usual face…let's go!"

Chuck wagged his fist as Casey marched out of the store. One of these days, Casey would meet his match and they wouldn't tolerate his rudeness.

"Put the fist cuffs down, Bartowski. You know you'd never win."


April 18th 1906, San Francisco, California.

A young man and a boy landed from the sky in a wide-open square at 5:00am. A red light buzzed on the man's brass omni. The quiet streets filled with merchants beginning their workday with the sunrise. The man and boy wandered a few blocks and wondered about the source of the red light. They came to rest in front of the huge and architecturally stunning Palace Hotel.

Jeffrey Jones paced the entrance distracted, trying to figure out the error in the time zone. His partner, Phineas Bogg, yawned and rested on his side.

"Anything yet, kid?"

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking. It would help if you had your guidebook." Jeffrey said.

"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to pick a new one up at Headquarters. Don't worry, I trust your smarts."

"That should be the other way around."

Bogg sat up and feigned offense. "Hey, you're the history whiz, not me."

"But you're the one who graduated Voyagers academy and I'm just 12, you're…how old are you?"

Phineas grinned. "Twenty-six. Give or take a few centuries."

"Bogg, Voyagers are not immortal."

"We should be with all the time-hopping we do."

Just as a thought about the current events came to Jeffrey, the ground rumbled and knocked him off his feet. Phineas sprang off the fountain just as the spout cracked. Water streamed up and soaked him.

"Bogg! What's going on?"

"I don't know!"

The support beams fractured, but the hotel held up valiantly under the sudden and violent quake. Phineas ran to grab Jeffrey when a man clothed all in black raced by and nearly pushed him down. Jeffrey looked up repulsed.

"Bogg! That was Drake! He's going in hotel! We have to stop him!"

Jeffrey scurried through the hordes of guests fleeing the building.

"Jeffrey! No! Get back here! Jeffrey!"

Phineas shoved past hundreds of terrified people. The ground quaked harder and he slid from his wet boots and tripped. The omni flew out of his hand and disappeared in the stampede. It was their only means to escape from the calamity that would become known as, The Great Earthquake.'

"Bat's breath!" He swore. This was no time to worry about it; he had to save his kid before the entire hotel collapsed. "Jeffrey! Where are you?"

Phineas caught up to him in the dazzling Garden Court Dining Hall. The boy rushed to apprehend Drake by the stairwell. The gilded chandeliers swayed precariously and one dropped, followed by another. Soon, all the chains snapped and they crashed to the floor and showered everyone with jagged shards of crystal. Phineas dove beneath a table and lay low until the last one fell.

"Jeffrey! Don't move! I'm coming!"

Jeffrey took cues from his partner and hid under a table. He seized the base as the rumbling slowed and waved his hand out.

"I'm right here, Bogg! Hurry!"

In the meanwhile, Drake accosted a large, swarthy man trying to make a hasty exit and pinned him against the wall. The man trembled and and clutched a photo of Theodore Roosevelt to his heart.

"What are you doing, Drake? Let him go, now!" Phineas demanded.

"No! Don't you remember our goals, Bogg? I make sure history goes wrong! You try and protect its course! Not this time!"

Phineas lunged at the rogue Voyager and shoved him into the stairs. The man escaped his clutches and Jeffrey reached for his arm.

"Quick! I'll help you out!"

"Grazie! Grazie! I will never, ever sing in this dreadful city again! Everything is destroyed! Our props! Our costumes! All gone!" The man moaned as he followed Jeffrey.

Phineas cornered Drake and punched him in the stomach. Drake doubled over and tried to grab for his omni to make an escape. The quaking started again for a twenty-second aftershock and they both tumbled. Phineas seized Drake's collar and yanked him across the dining area.

"I should push you through the fault line!" He seethed, but continued to help his nemesis to safety. "But I'm not a killer like you."

Phineas spotted Jeffrey covered in dust. He cowered under the hotel awnings; it seemed to be the safest building in the area and the only one that held up.

"Jeff, are you alright?"

"I'm okay!"

"Who was that other guy?"

"That was Enrico Caruso! He was one of the most famous Italian Opera singers in the world. He just ran off to catch a boat…" Jeffrey pointed at the panicked streets and shivered.

Phineas was disturbed that a grown man would leave a child to die, but let it go. History needed to play out the right way. He glared at Drake.

"This loser will try to ruin lives and the past anywhere he can, won't he?"

"Get off of me, Voyager Bogg!" Drake struggled under his iron like grip. "You're too late! I accomplished what I came here for, Caruso was just an afterthought!"

"Bogg! Come on! We gotta get out of here! Where's the omni?" Jeffrey demanded.

"Jeff, I lost it! I fell and dropped it! It must be trampled by now!"

The buildings crumbled to the ground around them. Women and children screamed and cries of pain and death rang in their ears but they had to ignore it. The air thickened with black smoke as the start of the devastating four-day fires began.

Drake laughed and sneered. "Figures you'd lose it, you imbecile."

"Shut up, Drake, or I'll drop you on the Titanic!" Phineas warned.

Jeffrey snatched Drake's silver omni off his belt and clutched Phineas' arm. "We'll use his! We gotta green light and we gotta go!"

He pushed the activator button on the top and they all soared through the cosmos.