The snow had melted, causing the rivers and creeks to swell with melted snow and ice as they ran from the mountain peaks, to the far away oceans. Although the snow was gone, the weather was, however, still bitterly cold, and the man found himself shivering. He gazed longingly back, over his shoulder, at the large Biosphere he was guarding. It looked incredibly out of place where it stood, in the middle of a heavily wooded forest, beside a large, two story, log cabin. The man knew that inside the Biosphere, it was a constant 25 degrees Celsius, much warmer than the 12 degrees it was outside. The man ran his hand along the cold, metal surface of the shotgun he wore at his waist, drawing it from its holster, and fingering the trigger. He glanced back at the Biosphere. He had a gun, while the monster that lived within that Biosphere, the same one that had lived there for the past five years, was unarmed. The guard even doubted he's see the monster, and even if they did, by chance, meet, he doubted anything would happen. She was quite polite, and enjoyed chatting casually to the few people that entered the domain, however, the guard had been told by his boss, that the creature was not to be trusted, and, well, who was the guard to argue. His boss knew the monster better than anyone, he was her father.

The guard took a few halting steps toward the Biosphere, before looking back at the main house. His boss would be furious f he knew what he was doing. Content in the knowledge that no one was watching, the guard hurried to the heavy, metal door of the biosphere, fumbling the keys in his hand, he slid them into the lock, turning them until he heard the door click. Pushing heavily, he opened the door. He entered a tiny room with reinforced glass walls. He closed the door behind him, selecting another key from the ring, and sliding into the next door, which was much lighter than the first. The guard opened the door, and hurriedly closed it behind him, sighing in relief as he felt the warmth of the interior of the Biosphere.

He glanced around his surroundings. Great trees grew from the earth, and many other plants grew around the trees, in a decent replication of the forest outside. Straight ahead was a narrow path, which the guard knew led to a tiny wooden log cabin, the home of the 'monster' that dwelt there in the biosphere. A distant tricking told the guard that the little creek was still flowing through the Biosphere, supplying its sole occupant with water. He leaned against the door, breathing in the warm air. A slight rustling noise sounded from the trees, and the guard jumped, drawing his gun and aiming it at the tree, his finger poised on the trigger. He waited for a few seconds, before concluding that it must have been the wind, and put away his gun, relaxing. It wasn't until a few minutes later that the guard realized with a pang that he was in a Biosphere, and that there was no wind.

By then, however, it was too late. The guard felt a sudden pain in his arm, and looked down, only to see a spider hurriedly crawling back into the undergrowth. He felt darkness begin to close around him, and let his eyes slide close sleepily, muttering under his breath.

"Damned Mutant."


The spider watched from behind a leaf as the guard eyes slid closed, clicking its fangs together in a satisfied sort of way. It used a web and quickly lowered itself to the ground, before scurrying back out from underneath a bush. Several changes occurred, as the spider's body grew and changed shape, until it formed the shape of a young woman, aged in her mid to late teens, with long, dark hair, grey eyes, that softened to various shades of blue depending on her mood. She was dressed in a loose fitting jacket, and light pants. Biting her lip, she walked over to the guard, crouching beside him and gently touching his neck, relieved to feel a strong pulse beneath her fingers. She was sure that the bite of the species of spider she had transformed into was not fatal, but only lead to unconsciousness, but she felt netter knowing that the guard had not experienced an allergic reaction to the small dose she had injected into him.

Uncurling the guard's hand, she pulled the keys from his grasp, and walked away from his inert form, fetching a duffel bag and a suitcase from the undergrowth. She walked back to the glass door, and, choosing the right key, opened the first door, propping it open with a large rock. Changing keys, she opened the exterior door, and propped it open as she checked her bag and suitcase, until she was satisfied that she had all that she wanted form the biosphere. She stepped trough the door, throwing the keys over her shoulder back at the guard so when he woke up, he'd be able to get out, before closing the heavy metal door behind her. Smiling, the mutant breathed in the first fresh air she had encountered in five years. She picked up her bag and suitcase, and ran to the trees that surrounded the biosphere and house, hiding the objects, before turning around and running towards the large house, and transforming once more, this time into a bird, flew up to an open window on the second floor. She assumed her human form again, finding herself in the spare bedroom, and walked out into the corridor, before stepping into another bedroom. She glanced around, before opening a wardrobe, inhaling deeply as a familiar scent wafted from the belongings with the wardrobe. Grabbing some items from the wardrobe, the mutant girl crossed back over to the window, slid it open, changed from, and flew out of the house.


From the shadows of the trees, the girl had one final glance of the place she once called home, before picking up her belongings, and turning her back on the buildings, running into the forest, a wide smile spread across her thin face.