Chapter 42: Getting Ready for the Cruise

"So? What are we going to do for today?" Shane asked Mitchie as he went to the telephone to call the front desk and get their cart of excess food.

"I was thinking of just strolling around the city… maybe shop a little…" Mitchie sweetly said.

Shane glared at her. "No shopping…"

"Oh comon' Shane! Please? For me…" Mitchie showed him her puppy dog eyes.

Shane sighed. "No! I am so not giving in to that puppy dog eyes…" then he turned away from her to avoid her plead. Any second he wanted to give in. It's Mitchie asking for crying out loud!

Then Mitchie went up to him and wrapped her arms from his behind. "Please? Pretty please… you're going to get some tonight…" she teased seductively.

Shane faced her and eyed her. "Really?"

Mitchie nodded.

"Okay… shop a little may not hurt…" Shane said giving in.

Mitchie smiled triumphantly. "Yes! Thank you thank you thank you! You're the best boyfriend ever!"

"I aim to please…" Shane winked. "Since when are you such a shopaholic?"

"Since forever! I really haven't done much shopping before because of work. But if you ask the girls who's the best shopper in the group, they'll say it would be me…"

"Oh… I think I chose the wrong girl…"

"What?!" Mitchie screamed and jumped to him causing them to fall on the floor. Mitchie was now sitting on Shane's chest.

"I was just joking babe…"

"I know. I just want to have reason to jump on you…" Mitchie said and quickly changed position where she's now on top of Shane with her head on his chest. "I love being like this… Can we just stay like this forever?" she asked as she hears his breathing.

"I hope so…" Shane said. "But we can have more of this during our cruise…"

Mitchie's faced lit up. The cruise really excites her. Then they stood up and showered separately.


By the time they got back to the hotel after a day at the city, Mitchie can't now stop talking of things that they were going to do during the cruise. They were able to acquire a brochure of SuperStar Virgo.

"Then babe, we can always hang out at The Taverna… it's a poolside snack bar. It would feel like we're in Greece. Remember your resto? Then we can try all those entertainment that they have and skinny dip at the pool once in a while. Oh… oh! There are onboard shopping! Exciting…" Mitchie continued to blabber as Shane just watch her.

Shane was starting to dread the start of their cruise because he so feels that it would also be the countdown of their end.

"Babe? Are you okay?" Mitchie asked.

"Huh? You were saying something?" Shane asked.

Mitchie pouted and sat on his lap. "I was talking all about our cruise and you are zoning out on me?"

"Sorry… I was just thinking of something…" Shane said.

"What are you thinking?"

"Huh? Um… nothing… you know what… let's get inside and get ready okay?" Shane said changing the subject and hoping that Mitchie wouldn't notice it. Mitchie didn't notice it and happily went to their room to pack their belongings. Because of Mitchie's excess shopping, they had to add another baggage to their pile of baggage. "Babe, I know some people here maybe we can ask them to take care of our stuff while we're on cruise…" Shane suggested.

"No need babe. Besides, we'll just bother them. And I get paranoid when I don't bring all the things that I brought."

Shane smiled at her and approached her. He then wrapped his arms around her stomach and kissed her bare shoulders since she was wearing a halter top. "I love you…" Shane whispered.

Mitchie closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest. "I love you too…"


That night, Shane went to bed earlier than Mitchie. Mitchie was still waiting for Caitlyn to go online. And when she did, a panting Caitlyn greeted her. Caitlyn's webcam was fine now so they didn't bother to chat with their hands.

"Hey sister…" Mitchie greeted.

Caitlyn smiled weakly. "Hey… sorry… I had to rush… I was late… sorry…" she blabbered.

"It's okay. So how are things there?"

Caitlyn sighed. "Mitch, it's getting worse okay? Your brother can really sense that I know where you are so he keeps on calling me. Even Tristan!" Caitlyn complained. "Seriously, I think the guy thinks that you and him are going to end up married."

"Sorry for the bother Caity…"

"It's okay. So how are you?"

"We're going to start our cruise tomorrow…" Mitchie slipped. Uh-oh.

"Don't worry dear… I know where you are… I am seeing the big Bangkok Hotel whatever sign behind your bed head board."

Mitchie laughed. "You are so observant. Right. We're here at Bangkok and we're going for a two-week cruise."

"Wow! You should have told me!"

"It was Shane's idea. And besides, I only knew about this by the time we were at the airport. He did this silly thing like we don't know where were going scheme…" Mitchie chuckled

"You know what this is the happiest I have seen you since the you-know-what incident." Caitlyn said.

"You are right. I am the happiest right now. And its all because of him." Mitchie admitted honestly.

"But you know I can still see right through you Mitch."

"Yeah. I know. How's my dad?"

"He's worried about you too. He called me twice this day."


"Yeah. But since I don't know where you are until now, I don't have anything to tell him."

"Wow. I should have just runaway a long time ago if he would be this worried."

"Mitch… what are you going to do? I heard that it was already running around your office that you and Tristan are getting married."


"Yeah. I guess your dad or brother had started gossiping the board about that possibility or your co-leagues got to that gossip first…"

"Hey… let's change the subject first, I think Shane's awake…" Mitchie said checking Shane. But good thing he went back to sleep, he just cringed for a while. "So? What do you think should I do?"

"Um. Think over the fact that you are torn between your boyfriend, who is the love of your life and your father who basically loves you now for being with his favorite son-in-law-to-be…"

"Don't you think I already know that? We have talked about this before…"

"Yeah we did and I guess you already did know. But the question is, have you really thought about it? I mean Mitch, your trip with Shane is for two weeks only and after that you have to make a life changing decision!"

"I know. But… I want to be with Shane but I also…"

"You also want to have your father along the process. At this point Mitch, I don't think you'll have that. Your father is quite hard headed as I can sense and see now…"

"Yeah. I never thought it would be this hard…"

"I'm sorry…"

"You don't have to be… I'll just chat with you in a couple of days okay and maybe by that time, I have a decision… I hope so…"

"Yeah. I do too. And I hope you'll choose the side where you'll be happy."

Mitchie sighed and shut her laptop close. Then she looked at Shane who was sleeping peacefully behind her.

What she didn't know was, Shane heard the entire conversation.


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