I had told them all millions of times that I would never go, but you know Alice. It was more likely for hell to freeze over and the devil to give sleigh rides

before she would change her mind. She Emmett, and I were going to be forced to go to Germany the whole year. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't heard the

horrible rumors.

They speak of Jews being tortured and murdered for no reason. Though we would all be perfectly safe, we are all descended from German nobility. Mom says this

will make us safe, and papa said that Hitler himself could not hurt me while he was around. But that is not what makes my blood run cold-

"Bella where are you?!" The only to recognizable pixie voice called.

"In the Garden, I'll be back soon" I called back. I waited until I heard her shoes clicking away before moving on, I love Alice, but I just like to be alone sometimes. To

think. Ever since we came here I have had that horrible feeling, the one you get when some one has a pistol aimed at your face and you don't know it.

The garden really is beautiful; it had huge oak trees and flowers everywhere. Every type of flowers you can imagine, Lavender, freesia, roses, daffodils, and my

favorite, northern stars. They are a deep throated lilies that look as though they are made of snow, with blue streaking along the petals. They were the most easy to


I had chosen a light blue satin dress today, much simpler than Alice would've liked, but it was elegant. It went down to my toes. My hair was loose and fell

almost down to the small of my back.

I didn't want to come here, but my father was a merchant, and Germany had apparently been going through an economic revolution. Forcing me my brother

and my twin sister to leave New York and come to Germany. And into this horrible mansion, it even has Gargoyles!

A twig snapped behind me, jerking me from my sulking. I whirled around to see a barbed wire fence, just the look of it made me shiver.

But the first thing I noticed were the haunted green eyes staring back at me.