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The woman stared at the both of them, her smile gone from her face. She had no idea what was going on, and she didn't want to think the worse. Cloud's a good man. He wouldn't do that to me . . . She gulped, smiling again.

"Hi there!" she said, the gleefulness in her voice as it usually was.

Cloud laughed. He let go of Tifa's hand, walking over to the new woman. "Hey hun." He kissed her cheek, then looked at Tifa. "Tifa, I would like for you to meet Aerith. She's a . . . good friend of mine."

Both Tifa and Aerith laughed, the former out of spite, the latter in playfulness. "Oh yeah. I bet she's a good friend alright." Smiling, she walked up to the woman wearing the pink dress and held out her hand. "Hi. I'm Tifa. Pleasure to meet you."

It almost seemed like Aerith was hesitant to take Tifa's hand. For about two long seconds she just stared at her hand, not really knowing what exactly to do with it. "Oh, yes. Pleasure to meet you too." She cautiously took the brunette's hand and shook he briefly before letting go. She giggled nervously, her arm around Cloud's waist. "Well, dear," she said to him, "aren't you going to tell me exactly who this is?"

Tifa gave her a confused look. "I think he already did that."

Cloud laughed. "Aerith, Tifa's my patient. The one and only."

She nodded. "I thought that's who she was. Anyway, I need to talk to you?"

He sighed. "I know. You called earlier." Walking over to Tifa, he smiled. "I'll be right back alright? Don't hurt yourself."

Tifa stuck her tongue out at him. "What ever are you talking about?" He shook her head, then left the room with her, closing the door quietly after them. Tifa could see their figures outside the door; he had one of those doors with the glass window that gave distorted images so you couldn't tell if the person outside was a man or a woman, unless you heard what shoes they were wearing. Sighing, she sat down on the couch, her elbows on her knees, her head in her hands. She wondered what there was to do in this office, and at first glance, there was nothing. She looked around, trying to find something that would interest her, but to no avail. She did see a baseball on his desk, and picked that up before laying back down on the couch. Tossing it gently into the air, she caught it, then repeated the process. "So doc, this is how it happened . . ." She thought that maybe she should practice getting used to speaking to him, seeing as he was now her new doctor.

It hadn't even been five minutes before the door opened again, and she saw the both of them. He was trying to get her off of him, but she refused. I don't think she notices the door's open. Or maybe she did. Tifa locked eyes with the woman for one second, and then Aerith stole a kiss from Cloud before leaving down the hall. He stood there, stunned, not really knowing what to do other than to watch her retreating back.

"What is it, your first time being kissed or something?"

Cloud shook his head, glaring at her, before walking back into the room and sitting down behind the desk. He saw her with the baseball, but didn't say anything. Tifa shrugged, laying back down and resuming her activity with the ball as before, like nothing just happened. In the corner of her eye she saw Cloud staring at her, or maybe past her, and instantly stopped what she was doing. She had this strange feeling that he might've been watching her, and that made her slightly paranoid. "What?" He shook his head, looking back down at some files he'd just taken out of his drawer. For a moment, he just stared at them, not seeming to do much of anything. Then he got one in particular, pulled it from the rest, and read over it several times. As he looked at that one, he cross-examined, pulling several others from the stack and looking them over in accordance with the first. After a few minutes of reading and re-reading, he put them down and looked at Tifa. She was still staring at him, and from the sudden onset of his gaze, she yelped, toppling over and off of the couch. She heard his laughter, and began wondering just what was so funny.

When Tifa stood, he was still laughing, his head back, sitting in the chair. She huffed, sitting on the couch and throwing the baseball at him. It landed on his forehead solidly, and he gasped, falling back in his own chair from the surprise and impact. His hands swiped across the desk, the papers rising and flying all over his area. At that, it was her turn to laugh. She leaned back on the couch, laughing, wondering just how angry he was going to be with her, but she found that she didn't really care. It was funny, downright hilarious. Now she understood just what was so funny.

Standing, she walked over to the desk as he was getting back up. "Are you alright doc?" she asked, trying her hardest to not laugh. He groaned, holding his head and looking at her with some new interest. She thought he wanted to strangle her, but instead he just shook his head, gathering his files and putting them back into the folder he'd found them in. Those files were then put into a bag, and he sighed. "Look, I'm sorry. It was just pure instinct. I won't hit you in the head with anymore baseballs, I promise." She smiled.

Cloud shook his head. "That's an empty promise. You could always find something else to hit me in the head with."

Tifa sighed. "I'm not going to hit you with anything else. I mean, you're supposed to be helping me right? I don't want you to be incapable of doing that because you've suffered from brain damage or something." She smiled at him. "I need you, remember?"

His eyes softened, and he grinned back at her. "Right. But you're not needy." She nodded at that. "Alright then . . ." Looking around the office, he wondered just what the two of them should do now. How to start her off with this whole "rehabilitation" thing. Well, he couldn't really call it that. She just had to get back on track with stuff, her medication most importantly. That was the main reason why she couldn't function properly-- she'd stopped taking her medicine. And that led to drastic changes in her mood, behavior, and personality. I guess I can understand. Not through experience, but the monthly with Aerith. She totally changes. The thought made him chuckle lowly, and Tifa gave him an odd look. Cloud shook his head, picking up the bag and putting the strap on his shoulder. She only stared, watching his every move. Cloud walked over to her, his hand wrapped around the strap, a smile on his face. "So, shall we be going now?"

Tifa blinked. Her motions with the ball stopped, and she turned her head slightly, her eyes still on Cloud's frame. "Go . . . where?"

She found herself in her concrete cell, packing what little amount of items she had here. Cloud was acting strange, only smiling, and not telling her a damned thing. Tifa didn't like it when people kept things from her. It made her slightly more paranoid than usual. But, no matter how much she hounded him on the subject, he just wouldn't budge. Cloud had no mind to tell her what he was planning for her. When they left his office he just said,

"Pack your things and get ready to leave."

She began wondering about that sentence as they walked down the halls of the institution toward her room. What was he doing? For one, he couldn't obviously think they were going to release her into his care. He was new here right? They didn't trust him yet, he didn't have a reputation here. What was his deal? Or, maybe, they're letting her go because they just want to find some excuse to say they let Tifa Lockhart go. She knew she caused them a lot of trouble, and, most of the time, she didn't mean to. It really wasn't her fault . . . Okay, well most of the time it was. Since she stopped taking her medicine, which was a voluntary choice, it became her fault if she caused disturbances. But, she just couldn't function right with the meds. Sure, it helped her stay sane, but at what cost? She felt terrible. She always had a headache, throwing up was a bit too frequent for her. And, she couldn't think straight with it. I mean, I think straight, but that kind of thinking isn't what I'm used to. I like my jumbled thoughts and mixed-up words. I cannot see things any other way. Tifa wanted, so desperately, to get better. More for her kids than for herself. But, there was that really strong, selfish side of her, which wasn't so prominent while she took her medicine. Ugh. This is just so confusing sometimes . . .

She turned to Cloud when she was done packing, who had his head tilted back, his eyes closed. His hands were in his pockets. He stood very still, and the lighting reflected harshly off of his hair. Nevertheless, Tifa continued to stare at him. There was something about his current position that just fascinated her to no end. Of course, she had no idea why it did, but it did. Then, she found she had no words to say when he caught her off guard by straightening, his head coming down, his eyes meeting her own. For a long moment, they stayed this way, trapped in each other's gaze, before Cloud coughed into his hand. Tifa giggled, putting the strap of the duffel bag on her shoulder. It began to dig into her bra strap immediately, and she could already tell she wasn't going to like this bag very much.

"Are you ready to go?" Cloud asked her.

Tifa shrugged. "I guess. I have nothing else to pack . . . wherever we're going, is there a phone there?"

He tilted his head minutely to one side. "Yes. Why?"

"Well, I've got to call Yuffie and tell her where my new location is! She's supposed to be bringing to kids to see me next week . . ." Her voice grew quiet, her eyes shifting to the floor. "And, it's been a while since I've seen them . . ." Tifa sighed, beginning to feel that hopeless feeling creep over her. She really hated that feeling, when she was starting to feel sorry for herself, and like there was nothing she could do about it. But there is! I just gotta take that stupid medicine, and I'll be fine! No relapses! Shaking her head, Tifa looked back up at Cloud, a weak smile on her lips. "So, are we leaving now?" Cloud nodded, but said nothing else as he walked over to her. Smiling, his put his arm around her shoulders, and they walked out of the room.

To Tifa's utter surprise, they did let her go, waving with cheery smiles and wishing her well. Well in what? That I die soon? She only smiled and waved back, not saying anything, even though there were several people to whom she would like to give a piece of her mind.

As she walked out of the door, the man from the other day ran up to her. He grabbed her hand, keeping her from walking outside. Tifa gasped, turning around, immediately defensive, before she realized who it was. He wasn't much of a threat now that he didn't have a gun. Lord, what does this guy want? she thought to herself. Her stance straightened, but she remained tense and ready to act at any given moment.

"Thank you."

She blinked. Thank you? That was something she wasn't expecting. Only people every told her thank you were the kids.

"You . . . let me know that there's more to life than what you've lost. And, I thank you for that."

Her brow furrowed, but Tifa nodded nonetheless. "You're . . . welcome." She didn't remember the last time she'd helped someone, especially on this grand a scale as having preventing a life from being lost. And, now that she looked at him, his face looked eroded by stress and pain. Now that he wasn't flushed with anger, she could really see the wrinkles that were deep-set in his forehead and his cheeks. Her eyes softened, and she smiled. "You're welcome," she said again, this time with more finality.

As she left, he said after her, "I wish you well."

She knew it was the only farewell that was genuine.

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