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He hit me again tonight, un.. Sometimes I don't know if he loves me or hates me, and sometimes I don't think he knows either..

I try, un. I really do. I do my best to look past all of the bad and see the good parts of my lover, Uchiha Itachi. But this question is never answered, un… Are there good parts?


Deidara had been young, happy, and curious when he met Itachi. They were so different- both in appearance and persona. Deidara was a bubbly blonde, always happy and cheerful with adorable sexual essence beaming from his will to please. Itachi on the other hand, was dark, and mysterious- sometimes stoic, but very caring. Itachi had sexual appeal practically oozing out of every one of his perfectly invisible, pale pores. Immediately when Itachi set eyes on Deidara, he knew that wasn't just any blonde- that was his blonde.

It was a Friday night party at the usual rave club the two of them usually danced at with friends- though they had never met, themselves. That evening though, on a trip to take a once-over in the bathroom mirror at his appearance, Deidara walked past Itachi who was talking to another dark haired male. The blonde's eyes didn't want to follow where his body was leading; they wanted to just stay there, staring at this absolutely beautiful example of the male race.

Coming back from the restroom, Deidara practically set radar in his mind of where this guy was, and which way he was looking from the dance floor. A new song with a strong beat and techno treble started up, so the blonde began to dance. Of course a few dance partners would join in, practically linking their hips together from behind, but none of them could drag Deidara's attention away from 'the guy over at the bar' for more than a few seconds.

Deidara shot coy glances at Itachi from the dance floor, catching his eye and capturing his undivided attention. He watched Deidara dance for a while, but finally decided he could stand no one else dancing with the blonde.

Slinking his way over to the crowd of dancing people, he pushed through them, keeping his eyes on the shimmering light-colored hair taking on different hues with the bright rave lights.

He came up behind him, placing a hand on his hip, moving along with the group and beat of the song like second skin; he didn't miss a step- didn't miss a chance to grind up against the blonde sensually, who had placed his hand over the one now on his hip, pressing his body back into the other's. He had no idea who was dancing with him at the moment, but was inwardly panicking because he had lost sight of 'that guy he had seen'. He had a thought though: 'Could that be who I'm dancing with now, un??'

The crown had formed a close circle around these two, fueling the song until the very end with swaying of hips, vibrations traveling up every person through the floor from the bass.

As the melody trailed off, Deidara turned to face this mysterious dance partner, wanting to see if it was really whom he had seen silhouetted from the tower lights of the party. Their eyes met, piercing aqua with deep scarlet- almost black. They couldn't take their eyes away from one another until Itachi leaned in and said in Deidara's ear, "Come with me."

They exited the dance floor, Deidara's hand linked in Itachi's and letting him lead him anywhere he pleased. They came back to the bar where Deidara had found him before. His friends' eyes seemed to wander over Deidara as if judging him and analyzing his value, measuring it up to Itachi's.

"Itachi!" They called out. "Going for blonde tonight?" One of his friends teased. Itachi shot him a knowing glance and smirked, sitting down in one of the two open seats his friends seemed to have saved.

The bartender slid over to them, taking their drink order.

"Vodka lemon-lime." Itachi said, then looked to Deidara.

"Um.. What's good, un?" Deidara didn't really ever drink unless someone bought him one for some reasons which had happened a few seldom occasions, like tonight. He usually only danced.

"Yellow parakeet." Itachi told the bartender, who then swept off, busy making the mixtures. He turned all of his attention to Deidara now.

"As you know now from my friends," He said, quickly leering over at the talkative group, "I'm Itachi. Uchiha Itachi."

'Uchiha? Shit! Oh my god… does my hair look okay? Oh my god!' Deidara panicked in his mind. The Uchihas were one of the wealthiest and most prestigious families in the whole town- and he had just danced with one of them!

He smiled and introduced himself. "I'm Deidara, un." He felt his surname wasn't important.

Itachi smiled back, then their drinks arrived. Deidara picked his up, taking a small sip. It tasted like fruit, with a little hint of alcohol in it. Itachi guessed really well. This tasted great!

"How is it?" he asked, hoping Deidara liked sugar like he did. He had tried probably every sweet drink they had here and Yellow Parakeet was by far, the best to him.

"Its really good, un. What's in it?"

"Melon, Orange, Pineapple, Rum, and some sweet and sour mix. Mine's pretty much Sprite with vodka."

"That sounds good, too." The blonde said, taking another sip of his drink. "So what's an Uchiha doing around here on a Friday night, un?" He asked coyly, with a smirk.

Itachi laughed and rolled his eyes a little. "One would think I would be at a private party, I'm guessing?"

Deidara nodded.

"I like it here. Friends, drinks, attractive people to party with," He said, hinting he was talking about Deidara when he said that, causing Deidara to blush slightly, "Believe me. It's a lot better here than private raves. They're a joke."

Deidara smiled and laughed a little. "Well this is usually my Friday night thing, un." He shrugged. "Helps me unwind stress from the week."

Itachi smiled and agreed.

The music buzzed around them, as they flirted for a little while longer then they went to dance. It was getting to be around two o'clock AM.

"Lets go to my apartment, hm?" Itachi suggested in Deidara's ear as another song ended.

"Y-your place, un?" Deidara thought about this, overwhelmed by the thought of actually seeing where the Uchiha lived.

"Yeah." Itachi said with a suggestive smirk.

"Um.. okay." Deidara said with a little smile and a shrug. Itachi grabbed his hand, leading him back off of the dance floor, but this time waved and walked past his friends.

"Oo! Itaaaachi!" Some of his slightly intoxicated friends called, having an idea of where he was going. "Have fun, Blondie!" Others teased, causing Deidara to blush for the second time that night.

They came out to sidewalk, and suddenly it was really quiet because of the walls in between them and the music. Itachi dug his phone out of his jeans, flipped it open pressing a number or two, then waited for the answer.

"Yeah. We're ready." Then he hung up. This all had Deidara a bit confused.

"My car." Itachi explained, seeing the slightly contemplative look gracing Deidara's brow.

"Oh, un." Deidara always took the subway. Streets were pointless to him except for walking on.

A sport limo pulled up a few seconds later. Deidara was floored, to say the least. 'A limo??' He asked himself. Deidara had money- you could tell by his wardrobe and hair products- but not this much money.

Itachi looked back at him, linking their fingers together and pulling him toward the door that just opened up. They got in, sitting on practically a full couch in the back. Itachi scooted over, sitting very close to Deidara.

"My place isn't too far from here." Itachi said as the limo pulled away.

"Okay, un." Deidara said with a smile.

Itachi smirked at him again, just letting his gaze rest on the blonde, thinking how cute and innocent Deidara acted, contrasting the way he danced.

"W-what, un?" Deidara said shyly, letting his blue eyes dart around a little nervously, feeling as if Itachi was staring him down for some reason. Wait, he was.

"Nothing, un." Itachi said leaning in, mocking the blonde's cute little speech impediment then connected their lips in a kiss. Deidara was shocked, just feeling Itachi's lips on his own. Finally he recovered from the surprise, kissing back timidly at first. They kissed for a while longer- nothing too heated, but it wasn't completely innocent either. Finally, Itachi pulled back, just letting their noses barely touch.

"…un." Deidara said, still totally bewildered by the thought that he had just made out with Uchiha Itachi.

Itachi let out a light laugh then leaned in, licking Deidara's lips and then pulling back.

"We're here." He said just as the car slowed.

The door opened, and they both exited the car. Itachi gave the driver a nod, as Deidara looked up… and up… and… up. 'Hoooooly hell.' The words never left his mind, but as his gaze made its way up to the top of one of the nicest and tallest apartment complexes in the whole city, he was speechless.

"C'mon." Itachi said smiling and lacing one of their hands together, pulling the blonde gently to the entrance of the magnificent building. He typed in the code as the doors swung open, then they walked to the elevator. Its door whooshed open and they entered the lower lights of the elevator car. Itachi absentmindedly pressed the button for his floor number and then turned his attention back to Deidara.

"Scared of heights?" He asked.

"Not at all, un. I love them."

"Good. I do too."

The elevator stopped after what seemed like traveling miles into the air, to a dimly blue-lit hallway.

They walked to the end of the hallways as Itachi typed in another code for the dark-wooded door. It opened, and Deidara practically passed out. Itachi had the apartment on the side of the building: high ceilings, the outer wall purely glass with deep blue-violet drapes hanging at the sides for privacy when needed. The place was huge to say the least, and all of the furniture and appliances were of course designer and state of the art.

"This is insane, un." Deidara said, smiling at the amazing view of the nightlights in Tokyo.

"I'm glad you like it." Itachi answered, shutting the door after Deidara walked in. Slipping off their shoes, they walked down into the living room area. Itachi placed his hands on Deidara's hips, then picked up a remote on the table, pressing a button and causing down beat trance to whisper throughout the apartment from hidden speakers. His hands returned to their place on Deidara's hips and he leaned in again.

"Now…" He said quietly then connected their lips again. This time, Deidara put one of his hands on top Itachi's, and the other rested around his waist. The dark-haired male swept his tongue across the blonde's lips asking for entrance, which he granted easily. Their tongues swirled around each other's, running over the new surfaces of one another's mouths. Itachi sucked on Deidara's tongue lightly, which caused the blonde to let out a small moan. Their hips got closer and Deidara pulled lightly on Itachi's shirt, wanting it off.

Itachi unbuttoned the material, shedding it as he initiated their blind walk to his bedroom. The kiss was never broken as Itachi stripped Deidara of his shirt as well, walking backwards past the living room, pulling his blonde along with him.

They found their way into the bedroom, finally breaking the kiss to breath. Itachi pushed Deidara onto the black platform bed, kissing him again, still panting lightly. Deidara kissed back as he felt satin covers make contact with his skin.

"Mmm.." Deidara moaned softly, pulling Itachi on top of him. They let their hands wander over each other's upper bodies, quiet sounds of pleasure slipping from both mouths every once in a while. Itachi trailed his kisses down the blonde's neck, making a little path of licks and nips until he reached the junction where his neck and shoulder connected. Biting down a little harder and sucking, he worked on the lovely purple mark Deidara was going to have a few days later as a memory. The blonde let his head fall back and a breathy moan fall from his lips. His fingernails dug lightly into Itachi's shoulder blades, causing the dark-haired male to let out a growl of pleasure. Their lips connected once again, tongues rolling over and heating the kiss. Itachi's hands wound themselves into blonde locks, pulling lightly.

"Nngh.." Deidara moaned, biting Itachi's lip lightly and kissing more fervently. Passion made the bedroom heat up a few degrees, as they continued their touches.

After having a night of their lips being inseparable and successfully mapping out every part of each other's upper bodies, Itachi pulled back, running a hand down the blonde's back.

"Stay with me.." Itachi whispered in Deidara's ear.

"T-tonight, un?"

"Mhmm…" He kissed the blonde's lips lightly, connecting their gazes.

"Okay.. un."

They got up, still flirting around with touches and caresses. Itachi had discovered that Deidara was slightly ticklish on his back and was taking full liberty of hearing the adorable giggles the touches caused. He opened the closet, pulling out two pairs of sleep pants, throwing one to Deidara and then unbuttoning his jeans. The blonde got the idea and did the same, pulling the soft pajama pants on.

They crawled into bed and snuggled up against each other- Deidara lying gently at the side of Itachi, letting new fingers stroke the blonde locks gently. Someone playing with his hair always caused him to become sleepy.

"I think I'm becoming fond of you, Deidara…"

Said blonde looked up at Itachi with a gentle smile. "I like you too, Itachi."

"Night, Dei."

'I like that name, un…' "Mmm.. Night, un.."


The next morning, they woke up cuddled together.

"Good morning." Itachi had been awake for a little while, just looking over Deidara, realizing how truly beautiful he was.

"Mornin', un.." Deidara smiled sweetly, snuggling into Itachi's neck a little more.

This caused Itachi to giggle slightly at the sweet gesture, happy that Deidara had decided to stay the night.

They woke up a bit more, with Itachi getting up and using the restroom as Deidara slipped his jeans back on and folded the pants up, setting them on the bed gently.

'Now where's my shirt, un…' He exited the bedroom, looking for said piece of clothing. He blushed and smiled, seeing it lying haphazardly on the floor with Itachi's. He picked both of them up, putting Itachi's on the arm of the couch and putting his on.

'Good thing I don't have to work until three today, un.' He thought as he looked at the clock, seeing that it was almost 11 AM.

Itachi walked into the kitchen, still lounging in his sleep clothes.

"Do you drink coffee in the morning?"

"Not usually, but every once in a while. This morning, it sounds really good, un." Deidara laughed a little, feeling the veil of sleep still covering his mind in a light fog.

"Same here." Itachi said, returning the small laugh while he fixed the coffee.

Placing two cups of the black liquid on the counter, he said, "I put a bunch of sugar in mine. I don't know what you like but I have pretty much anything.

"I usually have cream and sugar." Deidara answered. "I think we're both addicts, un."

"Hmm?" Itachi said, getting creamer for Deidara's coffee.

"Sugar, un. I can tell you like it."

Itachi smiled. "I do."

"Same here, un." Deidara returned the smile, pouring the cream into his coffee that Itachi had gotten out of the refrigerator.

They sat at the bar in the kitchen, just chatting about every day life: work, people, each other, and such. Finishing the coffee, Deidara hated to go but needed to get home to shower to get ready for the day.

"Do you have paper and a pen, un?"

"Sure." Itachi handed him the note pad and a sharpie.

He sketched down his name and number, putting a little heart beside it.

"I'd love to see you again, un." He said, smiling and giving Itachi a small kiss on the lips.

"It won't be long. This isn't a one time thing, now." Itachi said, returning the kiss, but deeper. This made Deidara giggle as he pulled away and then went to slip his shoes on by the door.

"See you soon, Dei." Itachi said, walking to the door with Deidara.

"By, 'Tachi, un." The blonde said playfully, opening the door and giving Itachi a coy glance as he left.

'Today is a good day, un.' Deidara couldn't get the smile off of his face the whole trip back to his apartment.


That was then, this is now.

Now, is so different, un… I miss when Itachi loved me unconditionally.

Today is not a good day, un.

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