Threat [chapter 8]

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Itachi… You know how everyone always wants that one question? That one final 'Why?'…? I don't want that… Because I don't think you even knew why… Why you had to hurt me so much, as if trying to make me understand… When all it did was just confuse me more…


Shoving Deidara into Itachi's apartment and shutting the door after, Pein was the last to end this. Hidan and Rin figured he could handle it himself.

"Ughh.." The blonde groaned, trying to stand up, with help of the table by the doorway.

"Well, well, well…" Itachi said, helping him up more gently than Deidara had expected.

"You look like hell, Dei." Itachi said simply.

'Always appearances…' Deidara thought, hating Itachi at the moment. It was around 2 in the morning and he had just been through hell-on-earth. Was he expected to look nice doing that?

"I think you need a shower." Itachi said, pulling him into the same bathroom he traumatized him in earlier that evening. Deidara felt himself almost throw up, pain flying through every nerve in his body from the memory. 'At least Itachi wiped up the blood…'

Stripping Deidara down, easily disregarding the slight struggle he put up, Itachi turned the knob to the hot water on, and pushed the blonde into the shower a little roughly, not waiting for the water to heat up.

Deidara shrieked a little as the icy water hit his bare skin, shivers wreaking havoc on his body as his tear-filled eyes watched Itachi undress as well.

'He's going to be in here with me… Alone… Naked… He's going to hurt me again… I can't… please…'Deidara thought silently, pushing his body into a little corner of the shower, not caring how cold the tile was right now.

Feeling the water with his fingertips and deciding it to be reasonably warm now, Itachi stepped into the shower, smiling caringly and taking Deidara into his arms, pulling him under the stream of warm water.

"Now, now… Don't shy away from me… You love me…" Itachi said confidently, running his fingers through Deidara's hair and letting the other hand rest low on the blonde's back, almost on his rear.

"Ahh…"Deidara could do nothing but let out a small sob, hating his life so much right now.

"Awww, Dei-chan… Come on, Love. After all I did to make sure you got back here safely? You want to give me the silent treatment?"

Deidara felt so confused. Hatred burned in his eyes. It was as if nothing ever happened. Nothing at all. "I-ita—..chi, un…" He muttered angrily, but his voice broke on the second syllable turning the name into a pathetic murmur.

"There now… I'm right here. You're safe now, back home where you belong. No running off again, Dei. It bothers me." Itachi spoke as if he was reprimanding a little five-year-old.

Deidara felt numb again, just as before. He had nothing to say, nothing to care about here. Nothing mattered but Sasori… And Sasori wasn't there…

Now Itachi's tone was more demanding. "I hate to say it, but this is it, Deidara. This is my ultimatum… If you ever leave again without me knowing why and where you're going, I'll have Sasori killed. I think that's easy enough to understand."

Deidara felt his heart turn to ice, not even looking up to Itachi, not even caring if Itachi said anything else.

"I'll have Sasori killed…. Sasori will be killed…" The words echoed within Deidara's mind relentlessly.


After two days of not sleeping, pacing and tons of cups of coffee, Sasori had finally come up with a plan with the help of a few of his closest friends and their makeup models. He texted Deidara with an unknown number, giving him instructions within three texts.

"Okay. Grab 3 pairs of Itachi's keys. Run out to one of his cars; give the other two keys away. In locker 017 at the closest subway station will be a pair of jeans and a shirt. Be there at three."

"Change into those clothes and put your hair up in a half ponytail. Catch the 3:10 train to the Harajuku district but run down to the farthest car to the subway to get on the subway car."

"A guy named Gaara will meet you there and take you to me. I have your clothes; we're going far away. If someone chases you, RUN. We have 20 decoys around the city. Makeup artists have the best replicas."


With a groan, Deidara sat up from the bed, looking at his wrists and seeing the bruises from what Itachi had been doing to him the past few days.

Standing up, he whimpered quietly, his face contorting into a little grimace at the still lingering pain behind him.

Did he really just hear his cell phone vibrate? After all, who would be texting him?

'Sasori could be dead… Or… maybe he just gave up on me… It's understandable…' Deidara thought, his heart sinking farther still into the black abyss. No tears came to his eyes, though.. No, he'd run out of tears the first two days after being home and being treated like a slave.

'Dirty whore…' The blonde replayed what Itachi's new nickname for him in bed was.

Picking up his jeans that Itachi had thrown to the far corner of the room after forcefully removing them last night, Deidara's phone fell out of his pocket. The little light on the edge blinking rapidly, signaling several texts instead of just one.

'What..?' The blonde grabbed the phone and slid the screen open, the LCD hurting his eyes a little in the darkened room. Itachi hadn't opened the blinds that morning and Deidara wasn't allowed out of the bedroom unless it was to spend time with his 'lover'.

Three texts… All from Sasori…

Deidara felt his heart skip a few beats as he read these over and over, feeling his tired, sleep deprived eyes struggle to believe the words he kept reading.

Looking at his watch, he saw that it was 2:43. He had fifteen minutes…

Remembering what Itachi had said to him in the shower, he felt the fear build up within him, hating this so much. If they got caught, Sasori was dead…

Not willing to ignore this chance, Deidara raced to the front door, grabbing the keys to three of Itachi's many cars and rushed down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, running out of the lobby and around to the parking garage.

Two people that looked exactly like him held their hands out and he tossed the keys at them, watching them set the alarms to the cars off to find them quickly.

All three of the Deidaras—only two look-a-likes, took off one after another, one heading to the same subway Deidara was, and the other trailing off to what the blonde guessed as a subway farther away.

Getting out of the car, off-handedly noticing that it was parked illegally but not caring, Deidara raced down the stairs of the subway looking at his watch.


Rushing to the locker, he paused in panic, not having a key. The look-a-like ran past him, jumping and knocking the key off of the top for him.

Tearing open the locker, he grabbed the outfit and sprinted to the bathroom, his heart beating quickly, adrenaline rushing through his veins.


"Shit." Itachi said, hearing the door slam. Getting his shoes on and grabbing a pair of keys and his cell phone, he caught the elevator, getting agitated because it was taking longer than usual.

Finally in the elevator, he dialed Pein's number for help catching Deidara and then Hidan's number for another matter.

"Yo?" Hidan answered in his usual tone.

"Kill him." Itachi said simply.

"Love to." Click.

Rushing down to his Ferrari, he saw the glimpse of one of his cars taking off from the parking lot.

"Got him.." He muttered to himself, getting in the car and revving the engine, racing out of the parking garage and out onto the streets recklessly. No one pulls over a Ferrari—let alone one with the Uchiha signature plates.

Catching up with this car, he pulled up right beside it, giving it no room to go straight and making it make a right turn at the next intersection, straight into a parking lot.

Swerving right in front of the car, Itachi made Deidara slam the breaks and open the door, turning to run.

Smirking, Itachi ran after him, grabbing his wrist and jerking him toward him.

"Get off me!" The blonde exclaimed and Itachi's blood boiled as he heard the voice was that of a woman's, and although the girl looked a great deal like Deidara from far away, up close there was no match at all.

Shoving her away and grabbing his cell, he called Pein and nearly yelled into the phone, "They've got decoys! I don't know how many, But they have jeans and a green tee-shirt. Half-pony too. Damnit."


Pein's raised an eyebrow as he pulled into the subway station, tucking his gun into his waist band as he spotted a green shirted blonde jogging down the steps.

"Got him." He said, shutting the phone and racing after Deidara.

Tearing through the crowd and grabbing the blonde's bicep, Pein jerked him around to face him, looking at who he thought was Deidara and then shoved him away with an angered curse. "Fake.."

Eyeing the crowds and seeing several blondes with green tee-shirts, Pein started running after them, beginning to get pissed. This felt like a child's game, only with firearms and death wishes.


Deidara ducked out of the bathroom, rushing to the train. It was 3:09. Time to go.

Doing as Sasori's message said, he ran straight to the end of the platform and then hid by the wall, feeling an approaching train rumble the underground bricks. It was the train that would give him freedom.

Hearing the screeching breaks and the tell-tale automated voice inside the train as it slowed to a stop made his heart race. Here it was! His escape!

Quickly getting on the last car of the train as soon as he could fit himself between the rush of people getting out, he stood in the farthest corner, trying to conceal himself behind another rush of people that got on after him.

Just as the doors were closing, his eyes met the angry black and white ringed eyes of Itachi's best friend Pein who was mere feet away from the subway door as it closed.

"Deidara!" Pein yelled as if it was a curse and he hurled himself through the crowd, trying to make it onto the train.

Panic arose within Deidara even though he knew Pein was too late to get on the train, but still he pressed himself against the wall farther, feeling his breath become short with fear.

As the cars of the train coasted through the dark subway tunnels, Pein called Kakuzu, who had agreed to help if it was really needed.


"Get over to the Shinjuku district. Blonde, green tee-shirt, jeans. May be a decoy, but I'm betting it's the real thing. Get him."

"Ugh.. Fine. Got it. Bye."


Hidan raided the apartment in the Square Watermelon building, searching everywhere for Sasori but with no luck.

He kicked over the handmade coffee table, letting out a yell of rage.

As Kakuzu's partner searched for the redhead, he got up to the Shinjuku district and immediately saw two blondes in green tee-shirts, but only one with a redheaded man on his arm.

"Got him…" Kakuzu thought, grabbing his gun and yanking the blonde away from the redhead, cranking back the safety on the gun. "Sorry, art boy. Time to go."

"Kindly let go of me, please?" The blonde said in a voice that sounded like wind chimes—feminine wind chimes. Looking back at the blonde, Kakuzu saw the faint shape of breasts under the shirt and her feminine lips parted slightly in offense when he glanced down at her chest.

"Ugh." He let go over her, walking away. "Fuck.."


Getting off at the Harajuku district, Deidara only let his eyes wander along the streets filled with dressed up and made up girls, holding parasols and small ice cream treats.

A redhead caught his eye and he rushed over. "Sasori, un???" He exclaimed. The redhead was turned away from him.

Turning around quickly, the man was indeed not Sasori. Dark rimmed eyes stared into Deidara's. "Gaara. You're Deidara. Come with me."

Gasping a little, feeling his heart flip-flop from making it this far, Deidara nodded, taking longer strides to keep up with Gaara's quick pace.

"How did you know I wasn't one of the decoys, un???" Deidara questioned.

"They knew to stay away from me. And none of the decoys say 'un' at the end of every sentence." He explained shortly.

"I don't do it at the end of every sentence… but okay then, un." Deidara said as Gaara unlocked a car, smirking at the last 'un' and motioning for Deidara to get in the passenger seat. It was that same black sports car Sasori had borrowed twice to rescue Deidara.

"You're Sasori's neighbor??" Deidara questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah. And he seems awfully fond of you, so I offered to help. Though when you see him, tell him to get his own car soon." Gaara smirked, joking.

"Will do, un.." Deidara said, his mind drifting off to wonder where Sasori had planned for them to go. He had said 'far' away… Where's 'far' away?

They quickly drove out of the parking lot by the subway and made their way onto the freeway.

Looking aimlessly in the side mirror, Deidara felt his blood run cold.

A black Ferrari with a little Uchiha symbol on the front of the car sped up behind them.

"Gaara… Itachi's behind you.. Go! Faster, now, un! He's in his Ferrari. It's faster than this car!"

Gaara snorted, insulted. "Not with my custom car work, it isn't. Dude, this car can go 170 easy."

"Well then go, un!" Deidara exclaimed, his voice a little shaky as he saw the way Itachi was driving. Nothing would stop him now.

Slamming on the gas pedal, Gaara raced the car up the highway, swerving in between several other vehicles, picking up speed with each lane change, but watching Itachi take the exact same path, determined to go faster, enough to where he could get in front and cut Gaara off, making him stop.

The redheaded driver thought fast, quickly—and dangerously— grabbing an exit ramp at the last second, seeing Itachi fly right by, not being able to catch it without mangling the side of his car and possibly crashing fatally if it hit just right.

"Now that's how you drive a sports car, bitch." Gaara said as an insult to Itachi who now was nowhere near them.

Driving all the way to the airport the especially long way since they caught the exit, Gaara finally slowed right in front of the terminal entrance.

"Alright, Blondie.. Sasori's waiting inside. Uh, have a good life together." He said with a polite smile, not exactly knowing what else to say.

"Thanks, un…" Deidara said, getting out of the car and swallowing the lump in his throat from happiness. He finally made it.

Sasori rushed out of the automatic doors, embracing him in a hug and then quickly dragging him inside, handing him a plane ticket.

"How does France sound?" The redhead said with an endearing smile.


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