chapter 1

Ichigo Kurosaki is chasing a group of Hollow whom has been terrorizing Karakura Town since that evening. The light of the full moon shines beautifully in the night and it seemed peaceful enough however, no one would ever guessed the grim cat and mouse chase that is happening under their nose and in their very midst. Ichigo has eliminated several of them already and is going after the last 3. The job would have been far more easier if Rukia or Renji were there to help him but that would be just too presumptuous of him. He can't always depend on his friends to bail him out of a bind and besides his pride wouldn't allow needing help over a couple of low level Hollows anyway. He's not the Soul Society's substitute shinigami (soul reaper) for nothing. So he gives them a merry chase and hopefully he can wrap all this up early because he does have school tomorrow!

He caught up with one of the Hollow and they finally clashed. It sensed that it has been cornered when suddenly Ichigo appeared right in front of it. The Hollow is surprised to see that this shinigami has caught up to it so quickly and even more surprised that it has lost it's right arm and bleeding in many places. It tried get away but again Ichigo used his shunpo (flash step) technique to catch up to it easily and finally cut it in half in the waist line with his sword. The doomed creature barely whimpered a cry before it disintegrated into nothing. Barely even sweating Ichigo nonchalantly raised his sword arm and blocked downward strike to his head. With a twist of his wrist he took it's left arm as it angrily growled in pain. Sensing his advantage he disappeared and then appeared right above it cutting the hapless creature vertical wise as it too dissipated to nothing.

"One more and this is over." he thought.

The last of the Hollow sensing that it is at a disadvantage made a run for it. Ichigo sighed and chased after it and it lasted for five minutes until it seemed that he lost it. Annoyed that he somehow lost it, he closed his eyes and concentrated so that he could sense it's spiritual pressure. When he felt it he resumed the chase and finally is able to corner it. But the Hollow went into a tunnel that bored through a mountain and Ichigo had no choice but to follow it unaware into the unknown.

Yokai Academy

Tsukune Aono reluctantly got up out of bed. It is a bright and beautiful sunny day and it's cheerful rays shone into his dorm room. He got up, stretched and wiped away the sleepiness out of his eyes. Yes, it is another day at Yokai Academy, a school full of monsters but Tsukune does not care. The only thing that he cares about the most is surviving another day without his secret being found out that he's human. And of course it is another day that he could spend time with his real hot classmate Moka Akashiya. In fact, he couldn't wait to get to school as it is the highlight of the hazardous line he crosses everyday every time he goes to class. In the end though, all of the danger he faces is all worth it if he can get some more bonus points trying to impress Moka and getting a little closer to her while he's at it! Thinking about it makes him even more eager to get to school and quickly got dressed, toasted some bread for some breakfast on the go, and then off to school he went.

It is on the way to school that he finally met Moka, the girl of his dreams and the object of his affections. The long pink haired girl is perhaps the hottest student in school. Not only is she beautiful and has a really hot body, and sweet but she is also smart as well as she is ranked 13th smartest person in the whole school. No wonder all the boys in school are in love with her and tried to talk and woo her to go out with one of them. But it seemed that she only had eyes for Tsukune. When she saw him, her smile got a little bigger and she seemed a little more radiant than before. She waved and quickly went up to him.

"Hi Tsukune!" she said shyly

"Hey Moka how are you?" he asked her.

"Fine, come on let's go or we're going to be late!"

The two of them walked together while all the other boys who saw them threw a fit of jealous rage. Why is the hottest girl in school hanging with the likes of him they wonder? Moka thought nothing of it and Tsukune scratched his head sheepishly although some what nervously. They haven't been walking too long before another girl went running after them. She too looked very beautiful and she had radiant purple eyes. A purple ribbon tied he shoulder length teal blue hair into a ponytail. Her school uniform hugged her sexy figure and her long, smooth and beautiful legs ended with some long socks. She seemed to be very happy and especially excited that she encountered them on the way to school.

"Hey you guys wait up!"

"Oh hey Kurumu-chan!" Moka said smiling to her friend.

Tsukune is about to greet her but it seemed she had other ideas and had to fight standing up as Kurumu almost tackled him to the ground. He is almost thankful about that but his thoughts must always be about Moka. But that seemed to be fruitless as she relentlessly flirted with him to no end. It really didn't help things as she rubbed herself on his chest seductively and took a glance at Moka and smirked, in which the pink head girl's forehead knotted in irritation.

"Hey lover, how are you doing today?" Kurumu sighed in her most seductive voice.

"Uh, err...F-fine Kurumu...H-how are y-you?" Tsukune stuttered.

"I'm feel more than wonderful now that your here at my side." she purred.

"T-that's good to know."

Moka who's a little annoyed that Kurumu is so close to Tsukune, reluctantly smiled at them. She knows his feelings for her and she knows rather proudly that he likes her...ALOT. However, they really haven't confessed their feelings to each other so technically he's still fair game. She knows that he has only eyes for her and her alone; but she has to be careful though with Kurumu's charming feminine wiles as she might just steal her Tsukune from under her.

"That will not happen, I will not lose him to you so easily!"

With that thought both of the girls eyes met and sparks between them begin to fly. But before anything could happen; another girl sneaked beside Tsukune and put her palm on Kurumu's face to get her off him. She had short purple hair and she looked rather relaxed and care free. Her clothing also reflected their owners attitude as it is plain and some what baggy but it hid a body that as incredibly good looking as Kurumu's and Moka's. Mizore Shirayuki held him with her arms and instead of greeting him just suddenly said out of the blue a shocking statement...

"So Tsukune, when are you going to have my child, hmmm?"

"Ha, ha, ha." he laughed. "Mizore you're such a kidder!"

"Who said I was joking?" she said seriously.

"Hey Mizore, what the hell are you doing to my Tsukune!" Kurumu said hotly. "The only person who he's going to have a child with is with me!"

"In your dreams girlfriend!" she retorted back.

Quite suddenly two big pans appeared above the two arguing girls and they dropped and broke on top of their heads. As they fell down unconscious seeing stars and flying bats, Yukari Sendo suddenly appeared out of nowhere and gave Tsukune a big hug. She is unusually short for a girl who is suppose to be a freshman in highschool but that is no surprise as she is only 11 years old and skipped a couple of grades as she is the no. 1 smartest student in school and its resident genius. She has short brunette hair and a cute baby face. She is quite adorable and cute. She has gotten criticized by her student council president for wearing unconventional school attire which ironically included a cape and pointed witch's hat.

"Thanks Yukari, that was really helpful of you." Tsukune said relieved.

"Anything for you Tsukune, as long as it's for you I'll do anything!" Yukari blushed.

"Yes thank you Yukari-chan I couldn't have done it any better myself!" Moka complimented her.


Yukari almost tackled Moka as she gave her a hug. It would seem that the young witch admire her and for some unknown reason declared her love for her too! But ever since Tsukune saved her from a bunch of lizard attackers, Yukari's affection and attention has shifted towards him. That is somewhat of a relief however, her attention towards him makes Moka uneasy and somewhat threatened but what has a little girl got on her anyway! She knows that Tsukune's affection are towards her but she too must be careful of Yukari. Even though she's a little girl now but when she grows up she will someday rival Moka in terms of beauty and she will someday be a rival and threat for Tsukune's affections.

When Mizore and Kurumu gained consciousness they confronted Yukari and all three of them started arguing. Actually every time the three of them even make eye contact with each other and that's enough excuse for the hissy fits and the arguments. Moka and Tsukune scratched their heads and looked at each other and shared a laugh at the ridiculous antics of their friends.

Another mutual friend arrived and Ruby Tojo greeted all of them although the other three were too busy arguing to notice her. Ruby is tall with beautiful black hair that she decorated "antenna" on each side of her hair. The other resident witch in their group just joined them a few days ago and they have become very fast friends ever since the incident when the group went to the real world for an assignment for the Newspaper's Club. For some reason she seems to be dressed as a librarian today and is sporting a rather cute pair of reading glasses.

"Oh hey Ruby-chan, how are you?" Moka asked.

"And what's with that outfit anyway?" Tsukune added.

"Oh this,many, many things has happened..." Ruby began.

As Ruby got lost telling her story; Tsukune looked at Moka and the both of them laughed again. Ever since Rubi became a student in the school, she somehow finds herself working on a variety of jobs but never really complained about it. But she does love to tell her friends what she has experienced and is not hesitant to tell them the hardships and tribulations of what exactly happened to her. She does somewhat exaggerate the details of her stories but that's why they all love her for her honesty.

"There she goes again!" Moka said quietly to Tsukune.

"Ya, look at her go, she lying in wait just to tell us this story!"

The both of them were enjoying their friends' antics when suddenly one of the students screamed. Ruby stopped telling her story and the other three stopped arguing with each other long enough to see an unusual creature with a mask appear out of no where from the tear in the fabric of space and time. The beast is huge, it looked to be 10 feet tall. It had a mask of what seemed to be a skull and what seemed to be a hole where its heart should have been. It growled menacingly as reoriented itself in this reality and took a look around of its surroundings. It then let out an ear splitting roar and started attacking the students.

"W-what is that disgusting thing?" Moka said shakily

Ruby and Yukari looked at each other and nodded as if they agreed on something. Its seemed that they knew what that thing is. How they would know is quite a mystery.

"Everyone, be prepared to fight that thing, for if we don't. Everyone and everything in this academy might be in danger!" Yukari said seriously.

"So what are we up against," Tsukune asked. " what is that thing anyway?"

It's a Hollow!" Ruby answered grimly.

Ichigo followed the Hollow into the tunnel. It seemed to him that he's been chasing after it forever but he is eventually catching up to it. He sees the end of the tunnel and prepared himself to finish the job quickly so he can get back home at a decent time. When he emerged from the tunnel, nothing prepared him for the surprise waiting for him. He stopped for a moment and looked at what seemed to be a crimson sea. The atmosphere is somewhat ominous as he looked at the semi dead forest to his left. A dead tree grew at the edge of a deep cliff and there is a scare crow with a sign saying Yokai. The only sign of life in a place that seemed desolate is a building ahead of him a couple of miles to the North. It's as if he's in another world all together.

"What is this place?" Ichigo said to himself. "It's doesn't seem to be Karakura Town anymore and it sure as hell doesn't look like the Soul Society either!"

He didn't have time to think nor debate about where in the world he is. He obviously knows that he is not anywhere near Karakura Town is probably in some kind of other dimension. But he did not have time to contemplate on his situation right now as he had a job to do. He needs to get rid of that Hollow before he can think of a way to get back home. He saw some movement to his left and the Hollow he is hunting went into the dead forest. He promptly followed. As he finally oriented on his target, he couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive as he sees no life in it whatsoever. The only lifeforms he did encounter were the bugs, the bats, and whatever creepy crawlies that one could imagine. Their population isn't hurting in this world that's for sure!

"Where are you, you little pest!" Ichigo said exasperatedly. "Ah there you are!"

He took a huge swipe of nothing but air. The Hollow jump up high in the air to safety while Ichigo's sword cut a huge swat of the dead trees and they all began to fall to the ground. He shunpoed right behind it and swing his sword for the kill but it blocked his blow and counter attacked and Ichigo finds himself flying through several trees, breaking each one like twigs. When he finally stopped and tried to stand, the Hollow with unusual speed tried to finish him off but he was able to deflect the blow to the side enough that minimized the damage the resulting gash on his chest. It tried to run again but it's effort to escape is futile.

"Oh no you don't, you're not going to get away this time!"

He dialed his speed a notch and the Hollow took a deadly swipe at him but it got nothing but air as the image of Ichigo disappeared. Instead he suddenly reappeared again right in front of it and swung Zangetsu upward. As the Hollow melted into nothingness, he blew a sigh of relief and looked around and wondered how the hell is he going to get out of this weird place. But he suddenly stopped as he felt the spiritual pressure of another Hollow in the area. He could have sworn that there was only one and he wondered how a Hollow could have escaped his notice. When he realized that the spiritual pressure is coming from the building he saw earlier, he flashed stepped there as fast as he could knowing full well that there will be more trouble...

Meanwhile back at the Academy...

Kurumu transformed to her true self, which is a succubus with bat like wings and a tail and flew through the air. The others also prepared for battle. Mizore sprouted a couple of ice blades through her hands, her true form being an ice maiden. Ruby and Yukari readied their wands as they are witches. Tsukune and Moka stood transfixed like a statues watching what's going to happen next. When the Hollow sees them, it attacked their little group head on.

Mizore started things off using her power to generate blocks of ice into the ground that raced towards the Hollow. Sensing that it was in danger, the Hollow jumped and the ice hit some trees, exploded and cause a large swat of trees encased in solid ice. However, it forgotten that Kurumu is in the air and as soon as it jumped to her level, she gave it a powerful kick that sent it back towards the earth and crashing through trees and finally making a shallow crater. The creature quickly but groggily got up and dodged Kurumu as she tried to cut it in half with her foot long razor sharp nails that grow in each hand but she ended up making a clean cut out of more trees instead. As she readied another run, she realized too late that it somehow sneaked up on her and hit her from behind and so she finds herself flying towards the earth. Yukari though saved her from a very painful landing as she conjured a bed to lessen the impact.

"Thanks squirt, you're actually useful when you put your mind to it."

"You welcome, I wouldn't have to save a certain somebody if she was paying attention..." Yukari countered.

"Why you little..."

"Ladies please, can you two can it for a minute as you'll know we're in a middle of something right now!" Ruby said exasperatedly.

"So Ruby-chan you said that that thing is a Hollow. What is it and what is it doing in the academy?" Moka asked her.

"It a departed human soul that has not gone to Soul Society and in time it has been corrupted."

"Another question, what exactly is Soul Society?" Moka asked her confused.

"Well for a lack of a better term, let's just call it "heaven" where all departed souls end up in their journey..."

"Oh I see..."

"So that means that this thing was once human?" Tsukune asked her.

"Yes, that is correct." she answered him.

"So what the hell is it doing here?" Kurumu asked.

"I would imagine that it is searching for souls to consume..." Ruby grimly answered.

"WHAT!" Kurumu exclaimed.

"That is why we have to destroy it as soon as possible or it will consume every living soul here!" Yukari added.

"Then why didn't you say so, let's get rid of this Hollow so Tsukune can have my child already!" Mizore said nonchalantly.

"So does anybody have a plan?" Moka asked her friends

"Oh I have one, what do you think of this one?" Yukari told them.

She whispered to her friends what she had on her mind. After a few minutes of deliberations they all agreed what each of their role would be and then execute their part.

"So everyone agreed?" Yukari said. "Moka when the plan is in motion get as far away here as possible and protect Tsukune."

"Yes I will protect him with my life!"

"Good now let's end this, we'll teach this Hollow thing or whatever that you can't consume souls here in the Yokai Academy without a fight!" Kurumu said with conviction.

Moka and Tsukune left the battle scene. The other four set the plan in motion. First, Ruby summoned lightning to keep it on it's toes. As the air filled with ozone and bolts of lightning danced and scorched the ground. Yukari recited a binding spell and released it towards the creature. The spell held it still and Mizore used her power to freeze the creature and imprison it in a block of ice. Then Kurumu finished it off when she went up in the air and took a couple of swipes with her razor sharp claws that cut the ice block into several pieces. As the Hollow disappeared to nothingness, they didn't really had time to celebrate their victory when several rips in space time suddenly appeared and more Hollows emerged from the tears and surrounded them.

"We have a problem!" Mizore said.

Moka and Tsukune ran deep into the forest. Moka's heart is heavy that she has leave her friends to fight that monster. Tsukune on the other hand felt twice as bad. Because he is human, his friends has once again are sacrificing themselves so that he can be safe. He is thankful that they all care for him so much but what can he do to help them in return? Sometimes he is disgusted that he is so weak but he knows he can't do anything about it. He can only do what he is able and that is all.

They were running for several minutes blindly when the both of them bumped into someone. The both of them fell down as if running into a wall. When they looked up a boy with shock of spiked orange hair is standing over them. He is wearing a black kimono and he had a huge sword as tall as he is strapped to his back. He looked like an ordinary human but Moka can feel that this one is very powerful indeed. He looked a little concerned and held his hand to assist them up.

"Sorry about that, I guess I wasn't looking where I was going"

"Umm it's ok. We were sort of in a hurry so we should apologize for bumping into you also." Moka said.

"Moka who are you talking to?" Tsukune asked her confused.

"Tsukune he's right in front of us!"

"Are you serious, I don't see anybody at all." Tsukune said squinting.

"Can you see me?" Ichigo asked Moka

"Yes, but it seemed that my friend can't see you."

"I see, I guess your friend doesn't have any spiritual power at all."

"Yes it would seem so."

"Wait if he can't see me then why can you?" Ichigo asked confused.

"I guess I'm a little more talented in that area than he is..." Moka said in an evading manner.

"So where are you guys going in such a hurry anyway?" Ichigo asked.

"My friend and I were fleeing this monster my friend Ruby called a Hollow..."

"Really show me where it is and I'll get rid of it for you." Ichigo said

"Um ok, if you say so...Come on Tsukune this nice man said that he can help our friends get rid of the Hollows!" Moka said

"Moka where are you going?" Tsukune asked her.

"Back to where the other are, come on!"

When they arrived, they were surprised at what they saw as dozens of Hollow surrounded the four girls. They were holding on their own but they wouldn't last long if this keeps up.

"Thanks for leading the way, stay back and I'll handle this!"

Ichigo took Zangetsu from his back and disappeared. Moka is surprised to see a human moving that fast. He already arrived at the battle scene in an instant and he is helping the others to fight. What she is confused about though is why can't Tsukune see him but is able to see the Hollows? Is it because his power is not fully awakened perhaps? Moka has been drinking his blood a lot lately. If she pushed it she would be able to "turn" him to a vampire if she so wanted. Perhaps that explains for seeing one entity but not the other. So turning him to a vampire might in theory get Tsukune to see this man...and that's a big if. But she didn't want to think about that for now. Besides she likes Tsukune as he is now, that and because she's sure that turning him into a vampire would complicate things and she's sure his blood wouldn't be as intoxicating if he were "turned." Right now Moka is fixated on the stranger that is fighting valiantly on their behalf...

Kurumu staggered as the Hollow she is facing hit her from out of no where. She crashed into a couple of trees and staggered to get up. She looks at her friends and they too were not faring too well. Suddenly it appeared in front of her and she didn't have time to react. She closed her eyes as she knew it is the end. The only regret she has is that she will never see Tsukune again and waited for her impending doom. However, after a couple of minutes passed and she's wondering why the hell it didn't get her yet. She opened her eyes and right in front of her is a man with red hair, wearing a black kimono wielding a huge sword that blocked the killing blow meant for her.

"It's ok, you rest while I take care of this one for you, alright." the man said.

"Umm, okay..."

Kurumu is even more surprised at the fact that this human is that strong as he pushed the Hollow's arm away and strike it with a killing blow in one motion. She has been fighting these things for awhile and it took all four of them to take one down. For a human to be able strike these creatures down with one blow is quite surprising and she finds that her pride as a monster a little bruised. But she can't be picky about such things as he is nice enough to save her life. She wishes that Tsukune is as strong as this man is. When he finished it off, he gave his hand to help her up and then asked her...

"Oi, are you alright?" the stranger asked her. "Can you stand?"

"Yes I'm ok thanks to you." she said demurely.

"Good to know"

Suddenly he grabbed her by the waist and suddenly disappeared. She blushed a little bit because she never expected that he would do so and as she held on to him, she could feel the strong power within him. The move evaded the Hollow who attacked them and they appeared from right behind it. She is surprised again that he is able to kill it in one motion while carrying her as well. She wonders when did he used his sword to strike the killing blow because she barely saw him do it

"He moves so fast!" she thought.

"Sorry about that I didn't have any warning and I assure you that grabbing you without permission was not my intention." he said blushing.

"It's alright good sir!" Kurumu giggled. "Thanks for saving my life...again."

"You welcome. If you would excuse me, it seems that your friends needs helping hand."

Ichigo disappeared and systematically destroyed every Hollow in succession without pausing. The other girls were quite shocked and thankful for their red haired savior and offered him their help. He refused, saying that although they have fought valiantly at this point, he didn't want to risk their lives helping him and thank them for the offer. He then suggested that they escape to safety and to let him handle the Hollow from now on. It is his job after all.

"I see...It would seem that a shinigami has found his way into the academy." Ruby said.

"Shini-who..." Mizore asked confused.

"Shinigami, or death god. Their purpose is to lead all the departed souls into the afterlife and to purify the Hollows." Ruby sagely answered her.

Quite suddenly the last of the Hollows had quite had enough and made a run for it. It barreled towards the other girls and ran into the forest again. Ichigo cursed for his carelessness and gave chase to them. Actually he's had about had it because he's been chasing the damn things all day today. However, it didn't bode pretty well because it seemed to be heading for Moka and Tsukune's position.


Moka and Tsukune is standing on a hill not far off from the battle field. The silence that permeated through the air was stifling. They were worried about their friends and is wondering if the stranger is true to his word and was able to save them. However, they heard heavy footfalls and a Hollow quite suddenly appeared and is running towards them. Without thinking Tsukune shoved Moka away and Hollow's hand when through his body. Moka cried out in agony.


In an instant she is by his side. His hands feebly tried to stop the bleeding but there was so much blood. As tears rolled down her cheeks, he took his hand and ran his palm on her cheek.

"Thank goodness, your safe..." he said weakly.

"Tsukune you have to hold on until help arrives!" she said desperately.

"It's too late for that now...but before I go Moka I wanted to tell you that I lo..."

But before he could complete those words he fell unconscious and the hand on her cheek fell down but not before it undid the cross that Moka is wearing on her necklace. Soon changes began to manifest itself on her. Her normally pink hair turned to silver, her kind green eyes turned to crimson. Her body also changed as she grew a little taller and her bosom became fuller. The cross sealed her true nature and now her true self has surfaced for she is a vampire the strongest of all monsters. Gently she put him down on the ground and glared at the Hollow.

" did this to Tsukune! You will not be forgiven. You will soon KNOW YOUR PLACE!" Moka said angrily.

In a blink of an eye Moka crossed the distance to where the Hollow is located. She gave it a kick so powerful that it flew up in the air. But before it could fly any higher. She reached out with one hand grabbing a leg and slammed it back to the ground. The impact is so strong that the ground buckled and spidery cracks raced outward, the Hollow buried in rock and dirt. But Moka is not done, she grabbed it by the throat lifted it up high and squeezed. It struggled and tried to get free but her iron grip on its throat would not loosen. She then squeezed even harder and lifted her left hand and thrust it through its chest. She watches silently as it died and disappeared to nothingness. When she turned around the man in the red hair has arrived and so did the rest of the gang.

Desperately, Ruby and Yukari tried to heal him with magic but although they were successful closing the wound, he would not revive. Moka calmly walked to towards them and asked with deceptive calm.

"How is he doing?" she asked.

"Not good he has lost a lot of blood, the wound might be closed but he's really unstable and we might still lose him." Ruby reported.

"I see..."

"Moka do you have a plan, do you know how to save him?" Kurumu asked.

"Yes, if I "turn" him I might be able to save him. But if he survives he might not be the same person ever again, do you accept this?" Moka asked her. "Do all of you accept that?

"As long it will save him, then I don't care if he's a vampire or not." Kurumu said bravely

Moka looked at all of her friends and she saw that they all agreed.

"Then you all agree, so be it."

Moka went up to Tsukune and gently opened his mouth. She then made a cut on her wrist and let blood drop. He then swallowed every drop and actually reached up to get some more. She can already feel the change in him as every fiber of his being converted and transformed itself into a vampire. She gently took her hand away and to seal the deal she turned his head aside and sank her fangs into his neck. Tsukune it seemed writhed with pleasure and his shallow breathing has stopped. He seemed calm and peaceful and looked like he is sleeping.

"It is done..." Moka said.

But suddenly a huge gash in reality appeared and the biggest Hollow that the group has ever seen began to emerge from the hole. It stood several stories high and it looked like it is wearing a hood with a skull mask with a pointed nose.

"Are you serious, what the hell is a Menos Grande doing here?" Ichigo said exasperatedly. "Don't even bother girls, I'll handle this thing."

The Menos however had other plans and began to gather energy. As it opened it's mouth energy began to crackle and a black ball of power began to appear.

"Watch out it's going to fire a Cero!" Ichigo warned.

Too late as the Menos fired a black beam at them. Before Ichigo could do anything, Moka stepped in front and held her hand to block it. She held on for quite a bit before the power of the beam pushed her back. She then deflected it to the right and the beam harmlessly went to the sea and exploded into a brilliant fire ball. While she was busy stopping the Cero, he encouraged everyone to move away from Moka and carry the injured Tsukune out of harm's way. When he know that they are safe, he then gathered all his energy.


A huge blue beam of power raced it's way towards the Menos and exploded upon impact. But it seemed that it survived the attack however it is critically wounded. Ichigo readied himself to fire his technique again but suddenly a figure closes its way towards the monster with great speed jumped and gave it a kick powerful enough that it got pushed unceremoniously back into it's hole and the tear in reality disappeared.

Everyone assumed that the attacker is Moka but they were surprised that she is walking towards them. When the mysterious man came they were even more doubly surprised when they see Tsukune up and walking towards them. He looked alright but he is different somehow. He seemed a little taller and a little stronger. When he walked he had a spring to it's step as if he had a purpose. He is not slouching like he usually does but he is walking strait and proud. The only physical change that they could all see is that his eyes were like Moka's. When he got back to the group, he fell unconscious but not before he look at Ichigo and said.

"Thank you for saving them."

"Ok that's weird now he sees me...I swear this has been the weirdest day of my life!"

The group of girls thanked him and looked to see how Tsukune is faring. They had not realized that he got up when he did that amazing feat. It would be something that they all have to get used to eventually. Another pressing matter is why have the Hollows suddenly invaded the academy. It is a mystery that they have no answer to.

Moka came up to Ichigo and said.

"Thank you for your help." Moka said to him "Shinigami, what is your name?"

"The name Ichigo Kurosaki...Nice to meet you!"

to be continued...

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