Why couldn't he have what he wanted? All he wanted was his sister back. Nico knew he could never have that, and that it wasn't worth trying. Or was it?

Dear Bianca,

Bianca, I'm sure you know that it's never enough to say that you're sorry. That it will never be enough to say that you cared. But I'm caught between what I wanted from you, and knowing if you give that to me, you might just disappear.

Nobody wins when everyones losing, shouldn't we know that.

It's like taking one step forward and two steps back. No matter what I do, I always get mad, but I'm never sure who I'm mad at. I know I can't change your mind. This life, it's like trying to turn around on a one way street. I want to turn back time, but I just can't. You can't give me what I want, and it's killing me. You know, I'm starting to see that maybe we're not meant to be.

It's never enough to say you loved me. No, it's never enough to say you tried. It's almost too hard to believe that there's no way out of this for you and me. You know, it seems to be the story of our lives.

I believe nobody wins when everyones losing, why wouldn't I?

So let's take that one step forward and hold our heads up as we take the two steps back. I'm always mad at everything that happens. I can't change your mind, but I can change mine. Let's stop trying to turn around on this one way street. I can get what I want, but you keep me from it. I'm starting to really see...

Maybe we were never meant to be.

There's still time to turn this around, Bianca. I know there is. My question is whould we take this time to build it up, or tear it down? But now that I think about it...

Is it too late?

It's like one step forward and two steps back. No matter what I do, I always become mad. I can't change your mind...that one way street is made up of you and me. We can't turn around on it, we just have to keep going. I can't have what I want this time, and I've been waiting until I can. But is it time to finally see that we're not meant to be?

Nico didn't bother to write who it was from. He couldn't. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs and get mad again for no reason, but he couldn't. He had done that too many times.

As Nico sent the letter, he waited anxiously to see if he would get a response.

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