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Chapter 1

"Haha!" Sora screamed as he triumphantly stole The Way To The Dawn, Riku's beloved keyblade, and bolted down the beach. He held the keyblade high above his spiky-haired head like he won the Olympics or something.

"Hey!" Riku bellowed. "Give that back!" and he, too, took off.

Kairi watched as the two guys started chasing each other in large deformed circles, and she muttered, "Freaks." The redhead picked up her book and started to read again The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

"Sora! Stop and give me my blade or I will kill you! Emphasis on kill!" Riku yelled to the slowing brunette.


"You idiot!! There aren't any waves!"

"…So! Just go with it!"

Then, combined with Riku's madness and un-patientness, he tackled Sora. They both went tumbling down into the sand like bowling pins being struck down.

Kairi looked over just as Sora went down and thought, "Matrix?" She put her book down and walked over to help the two guys up.

Riku jumped to his feet, walked towards his keyblade, picked it up and brushed off the sand, and stalked off.

"He seems a little hot-headed…" Kairi muttered as she walked up to Sora. She stopped at his feet and tried not to laugh. Sora was lying there like a star, arms and legs stretched out, and his face was buried in the sand.

"Uh…Sora? You gonna get up?"

Sora slowly nodded and sat up; about a gallon of sand spilled out of his mouth and he fell back down backwards into the water.

"You know, it probably wasn't that good of an idea to get chased by Riku…"

"Ya…probably not," Kairi answered as she helped Sora up.

He shook the sand out of his hair and clothes and stood there, contemplating something.

"What?" Kairi asked. She seemed to be getting a vibe that Sora was going to say something serious.

"I was just thinking. Everything seems to be relatively quiet ever since we came back," he stated, staring towards the vast sky. The sun was setting and gave everything a forbidding yet calming look.

"Of course it has. The Organization is gone and no one is out there anymore trying to disrupt the peace," Kairi said cheerily.

"Well ya, but still," Sora argued as he walked towards and down the pier. "It would be nice to visit everyone again." He sat down on the edge of the wood and leaned back on his palms. A deep sigh escaped from his mouth as he closed his eyes, listening to the waves crash against the shore.

Kairi followed him along the pier and sat next to the boy, feet swinging back and forth above the chilled water and her hands like Sora's.

Sora sat up and rested his head in his hands, held on his arms, which were propped on his knees. "I mean, I promised everyone I would but I won't be able to. And I also don't feel right. Seriously, I went around and killed people. Everyone says they were bad and needed to be taken care of, but it didn't feel right."

Kairi closed her eyes too and tried to help Sora. "Sometimes things just happen, whether we want them to or not, and we just have to carry them out. You may not have liked it or agreed to it, but that's what the worlds needed. Someone to help them."

She turned and smiled sweetly to Sora. He looked up at her and smiled back.

"Thanks," he whispered.

Kairi leaned over and gave him a reassuring hug. "You're welcome. Just put everything you didn't care for behind you and move on. Come on, let's head back home. Riku's probably thinking we drowned or something."

"Or he's hoping we did."

Kairi laughed and they both got up and walked back towards their houses.


Later on from that fine "trip", Riku walked around the island and found Sora sitting on a papou tree.

"Hey, Sora! What did you want?"

"Nothing. I talked to Kairi instead."

"Oh thanks!"

"It's not that she's better, you left."

"Uh-huh. I'm sure that's the reason."

"Wha-oh come on, man! Besides, she's better at talking about that kind of stuff anyway."

"What kind of stuff?"

"Problems I was thinking about." Sora thought back to last night and what Kairi said. He would just forget about everything and move on.

"Right…well what do you want to do now?"



So with that said, the two were at it again, sparring with each other.

Riku took out The Way To The Dawn and assumed his stance. Sora followed suit with Ultima.

"Oh come on! That's cheating! You can't use that!" Riku complained.

"What? Afraid you'll lose?"

"No." Riku leaped forward and knocked Sora's feet out from under him.

"Ok, that was a cheap shot!" Sora exclaimed as he regained his composure.

"No it wasn't. It's just that you can use magic. I can't."

"So? You're better at fighting anyway."


"Ok, let's not get too cocky-!" Sora hinted as he shoved his blade toward Riku's chest. The silver haired teen easily dodged and thumped his blade hilt to the back of Sora's head.

"Ouch! Ok I get it…you win…AGAIN."

"It's ok. I'm sure you'll win sometime soon."

Riku smirked and withdrew his blade. Sora did too.

"Well, I guess we can watch the sunset…" Riku said as he climbed onto the tree overlooking the water. Sora climbed on after.

"Ya. There's nothing else to do except-"

"Hey," Sora interrupted, "Where's Kairi?"

"Brilliant observation skills. She's been gone the whole time we've been here."

"I know, but I thought she was just late."

"No. She just said she wasn't gonna come today. Said something about hanging out with Selphie."


"But I'm sure she'll love a box of chocolates and a rose on her front doorstep," Riku said in a lover's voice.

"Shut up," Sora laughed as he nudged Riku.

Riku 'nudged' Sora back and Sora returned the hit, only to have it returned back full force and he fell off the tree into the water.

As Sora stormed out of the water, he walked up to Riku and stopped directly in his face and spat out a mouthful of water.

"Ugh! Gross!" Riku yelled in disgust as he tried to clear away the nasty spit-infested seawater.

"That's what you get for knocking me off that tree!"

"Ok. Let's stop with this before someone gets hurt," Riku said, directing the hurt part towards Sora.

"Ya, good idea. Wouldn't want any 'accidents'!"

"Ya…I'm sure that'll happen!"

"Ok, let's just go back home. It's already dark out."


So the two guys began their quest home. They crossed from the island to the mainland and parted.

"See ya tomorrow?" Riku asked.

"Sure. I'll meet you by the tree, and tell Kairi to meet us there," Sora answered.

Riku waved as a sign of understanding and walked towards his house. Sora turned his back to his friend and made his way home.


Sora awoke in a cold sweat.

"Oh god…Kairi…"

Sora lay there, terrified to return to sleep in fear of the reoccurring nightmare, and tried not to think about it, but to no avail.

"Sora!" Kairi yelled as she reached for him

"Kairi!" Sora threw out his hand in a last attempt to save his life-long friend, but couldn't.

Xemnas, the Superior of the infamous Organization XIII, plunged his swords through Kairi's torso, inflicting instant death. The lifeless form of the girl fell and Sora ran to her, catching her just as she was about to hit the ground.

"Kairi!! No! Stay with me! You can't die, not now! KAIRI!!"

The blood-curdling screams of the boy ricocheted throughout the castle.

"NOO!!!" Tears were pouring out of Sora's eyes and he clutched the girl's body against him, soaking her bloodstained form with tears.

A menacing laugh silenced the grieving boy's yells. Sora looked up, cheeks drenched in tears, and thought ' How can anyone do this and be laughing?'

"No…no…NOO!!" Sora screamed and jolted out of that thought. He slowly rose out of the bed and walked out of his bedroom into the bathroom. He stopped in front of the mirror and peered at himself. There were gray bags under his eyelids from lack of sleep and he had a dead look in his eyes.

Sora turned his gaze from the mirror and returned to his room. He shuffled through the mountains of clothes on his floor and chose the casual black attire, which he changed into.

Walking from his room, he stalked through the pitch-black hallways and down the stairs. He went through the main hall and out the front door, headed towards the island.

A memory flashed through Sora's mind. He and Riku were on the beach as a darkening cloud of black and blood-red smoke unfurled from the sky and became a portal. Riku was saying it was time to go to different worlds…

Sora walked across the sandy beach and stopped, looking out across the ocean, which seemed to be calling to him. The moon, which was a bright off-white color, cast on eerie glow on the sea.

Sora resumed walking, as if he were a zombie, and stopped at the end of the pier. He closed his eyes and tilted his head up towards the moon. A light sea breeze swept through his hair and he relaxed from the nightmare lurking in the back of his mind.

Then the wind stopped. Everything stopped. Sora immediately became tense. He started to back up and return home, but he bumped into something…someone.

A gloved hand came up from behind the boy and clasped itself around Sora's mouth. Sora defensively shot his hands up to try and pry the hand off, but another came up and took both of his arms into a tight bind behind his back.

"Now, do you think that's polite?"

"Oh god…not him again."