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"Freya, I'm completely serious. Do you honestly think this is how I wanted to spend my Thanksgiving? I'd much rather be at home watching football and drinking beer. Instead, I'm stuck out here, with nothing to eat except stale seeds from sunflowers that probably died ten years ago, Kool-Aid that's so watered down a preschooler wouldn't drink it, and this sorry excuse for a tent. Remember that disaster-filled camping trip I went on with Kunzel last year? Do you?" Brendan's voice continued to rise in volume, and his face was turning red.

"How could I forget? You came back with a broken leg and half your hair missing."

"But that tent survived the cave-in and the rock slide without incident!"

"Brendan, relax. It's not like we have to spend the night out here."

"Oh, we don't? I specifically remember Harper telling us that the hidden camera has to be inside the tent for this sting to work, which would seem to require the tent to be set up."

"Would you like some help?"

"No." I'm a man, dammit! I was a Boy Scout! This shouldn't be this hard!

"Brendan, you've already stabbed yourself in the wrist with a piece of driftwood, and I used most of the bandages in the first aid kit to stop the bleeding. Just let me help with the tent, we'll get you stitched up, and then we can go watch football."

"And steal Kunzel's pumpkin pie?" Brendan asked hopefully.

"If it will get you to let me help, then yes."

"Have at it." Brendan gestured to the tent and got to his feet. Ten minutes later, the tent was no closer to being upright. "Do you believe that I'm serious yet?"

"That you'd rather deal with Harper giving you desk duty for a month than finish setting up for this sting? Yeah, I do believe you." She dropped the supposed tent stakes on the ground and brushed the dirt off her jeans. "Let's go get some desk duty."

"Amen to that."