Title: Show 'n Tell
Author: sinecure
Character/Pairing: Rose/Ten
Rating: Adult
Genre: Romance, PWP
Summary: It's time for some show 'n tell, folks!
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who.
Author's Note: This is a gift I wrote for Jenny. A smut gift. In fact, that was its title until tonight. But now, it's half ready to be posted--yes, you read that right, only half done *headdesk*--and she not only said I can post it, but insisted on it. So... happy smutting!
A/N2: Also, I used some French, and Italian--I think--words in there and if I used them wrong, please tell me. I want to know so I can fix them. Thanks!

Rose sighed and flopped onto her back, staring up at the unfamiliar ceiling, letting her eyes follow the wooden supports as they joined into a single piece in the middle of the room. The yellow glow that seeped from between the supports was soothing, but it was doing nothing for her mind.

She wanted to sleep.

Well, what she really wanted was to stop thinking about the Doctor so that she could fall asleep. Fall asleep again. Perhaps without erotic dreams of him involving sex against the wall. A delicious shudder went through her at the remembered sensations of him pressed up against her back, his pinstriped suit rubbing enticingly against her bum and every other bare inch of her.

All dreams. None of it had really happened, and that was perhaps where the problem lay. She was obsessing over him and all the could-bes and what-ifs.

They could have sex, if he was the slightest bit interested in it, or her. But he didn't seem to be. Never really... noticed that sort of thing. Never paid attention to her other than for a hand to hold and a body to hug. But she noticed. God, did she notice.

Every one of those hugs was driving her more and more mental.

Every time he held her hand, she had a hard time paying attention to what was going on around them. Alien landscapes came and went without her noticing. Aliens, civilizations... all of it was beginning to fade into the distance when the Doctor was there, by her side, touching her. Smiling at her.

Rubbing her legs together, Rose shifted under the unfamiliar covers on the unfamiliar bed in the unfamiliar room, considering taking care of her throbbing... problem. Back on the TARDIS, she rarely touched herself, no matter how bad it got. She always felt like he'd know. Like he'd smell it on her, or see it on her face the next day, or, god, maybe even hear her.

So she played it safe and touched herself a minimal amount of times. And her body was beginning to feel the loss. She'd been neglecting it lately and it was paying her back in spades.

She was throbbing from the dream, wet from her thoughts of the Doctor, and alone in a hotel room.

Biting her lip, feeling a bit naughty, she gave in. He'd never know.

Both hands dove under the covers, raising her vest up and over her head, tossing it to the floor. Her damp knickers went next, and then she was completely bare under the covers. Stretching languidly, her toes curled up as a naughty thrill coursed through her, thoughts drifting toward the man who'd put her in this condition in the first place.

Left hand settling on her breast, she lightly kneaded the warm skin, brushing her thumb over the nipple. Her right hand ghosted over her hip, settling into the dip between bone and thigh. The sheets were soft and warm beneath her body, which made her lower the covers, baring her body to the room.

Her nipples pebbled against the cool air as excitement began to thrum through her once more. Fingers scraping against tender flesh, she lowered her hand from her hip, slipping it between her thighs. A finger dipped into her slick folds, the sensation making her gasp and open her legs for better access.

Sliding deeper into the moisture gathered there, she moved her finger in and out before drawing it back up to her clit to rub at the tight bundle of nerves.

Pleasure rocked through her, sending her senses reeling. Pinching her nipple, she imagined the Doctor doing this for her. Imagined his warm tongue laving her nipple, circling it before finally sucking the rock hard flesh into his mouth.

Teeth nipping at her lower lip, she wondered what it'd feel like with his teeth pulling her lip, the sting of his bite soothed by his tongue as he kissed her.

Would his fingers tease her lightly, as she was doing? Or would they scrape and roughly caress, nails drawing roughly across her flesh?

Rubbing her legs across the smooth sheets, she slid her finger back into her moist folds and languidly tormented the flesh there. Like the Doctor would with his tongue. She slid her tongue out, wetting her lips, thinking he would see and mimic the movement with his own tongue, sliding it inside her swollen folds, lapping up the juices like a cat with milk.

A moan rose up in her throat, her breath slowly leaving her mouth to mingle with the cooler air. She'd kissed him back on New Earth, and she knew the taste of him, the feel of him. His lips were soft and thin. Cool to the touch.

Her own temperature would warm them. Her body would warm his.

Hand crossing over to her other breast, she pinched the nipple there, feeling a responding tug in her core. Arching her hips off the bed, she slipped another finger between her legs. The swollen flesh was warm and slick, allowing her fingers to move in and out smoothly.

She scooted down a little, trying to slide in deeper, feeling pleasure coursing through her veins as slow and unhurried as molasses. An ache started to throb around her fingers, her muscles clenching and unclenching, grasping at the friction sliding in and out.

Her other hand joined the first, legs widening to accommodate both of them. Spreading herself open with the left, she teased her clit with the fingers of her right. She could smell herself now. The musky scent of sex and arousal. Heat gathered in her body despite the cooler air, and the dichotomy sent a tremor through her sluggish veins.

The molasses was thinning.

Her heart sped up, thumping beneath her skin, pulse racing as she lifted her hips off the bed, body seeking a fullness her fingers just couldn't provide.

Would the Doctor kiss and suck his way between her legs, or thrust his cock home with a powerful rock of his hips?

"God," she whispered, wanting nothing more in that moment than to feel the Doctor's skin on hers. To feel his breath on her thighs. His fingers inside her. His tongue in her mouth, in her folds, on her breasts.

Tightening. Her body was tightening, and she was fighting it, not wanting to give in so soon. She wanted to draw out the pleasure, feel it soar inside her before releasing her from the tension she'd been feeling for weeks now.

She saw him then, imagined him above her, hovering just out of reach, not quite touching her, not quite disturbing the air around her.

She wanted his teeth on her breast. Wanted that mouth that never stopped talking to suck on her nipple scraping it before soothing it with his tongue. Wanted him to pound into her: from above her, from below her, from behind her, it didn't matter.

With his glasses on if possible.

Eyes squeezed shut, she felt her orgasm approaching, settling in her core, wrapping tighter and tighter around her, coiling like a spring about to snap.

Then she heard a noise to her left and the room brightened minimally.

Jerking her hands out from between her legs, she dove for the duvet, yanking it up and over her, feeling her erratic heartbeat thump against her chest.

Ohgodohgodohgod, kept running through her mind. Please don't let it be the Doctor. Ohgodohgodohgod. Goosebumps raised on her skin as fear poured through her.

Sitting in the middle of the bed on splayed knees, afraid of what she'd see when she looked toward the door between her and the Doctor's rooms, she swallowed thickly, and ignored the throbbing flesh between her legs. Ignored the stickiness of her hands.

Ignored the moisture beginning to slide down her thighs. Oh, god.

Despite her reluctance, she turned her head slightly, just enough so that she could see the light drifting in from the adjoining room out of the corner of her eyes. The Doctor stood there, illuminated by the yellowish glow, one hand on the door handle, the other in his trouser pockets, watching her with wide, interested eyes.

"Don't you know how to knock?" she snapped, praying like never before that he hadn't seen anything. But she knew, even as she mentally mumbled words to gods and goddesses, that he had, oh, god, he had. There was no way he could've missed her lying completely starkers on the bed, hands between her legs. "If you don't mind...?" she continued when he only stared back at her.

"What were you doing?" he asked, dark eyes never leaving her face. His voice was normal, level, even, like he hadn't just caught her wanking.

Wishing the bed would grow a mouth and swallow her whole, she licked her lips and shrugged. When the bed didn't oblige, and the Doctor didn't stop staring, she swallowed and looked away, yanking the blankets up higher, making sure her chest was still completely covered.

"Nothing," she finally replied with reluctance. Then a bit of anger shot through her. She hadn't done anything wrong here. He was the one who'd burst into her room, invaded her privacy, and then just stood there acting like... well, okay, admittedly he wasn't acting like she'd done anything wrong. In fact, he merely looked interested. Nonetheless, she didn't feel like this was share-time. "None of your business." She shoved her hair off her sweaty forehead in annoyance. "What are you doing barging into my room?"

He shifted in the light pouring in from the room behind him, sliding his other hand into his pocket. "What. Were. You. Doing?" he repeated, voice sharp and eyes sharper.

Melting into a puddle of goo probably wouldn't help the situation any, so she merely frowned at him as her inner muscles clenched tight, and answered again, "Nothing."

He drew in a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment before opening them and fixing them on her. "Rose."

Oh, and that tone of his wasn't fair. It was like he knew exactly what it did to her. How her body tingled in excitement, wanting to bare itself to his eyes and mouth. It sent shivers down her spine and it was all she could do not to wriggle under his unblinking gaze.

But then her eyes swept over him, purely of their own volition, and she saw, with surprise, that he was aroused. Ah. Well, that changed things.

Maybe it wasn't as awkward as she'd imagined. Maybe the Doctor actually wanted. Whether it was her he wanted or not, he definitely wanted.

Changing tactics, she shifted on the bed, licking her lips nervously. "Masturbating." The word echoed in her mind and she couldn't believe she'd just said it out loud. To the Doctor no less. Of course, she couldn't believe he'd just caught her doing so and was standing fully aroused before her.

Acting moody and fixated.

He shook his head, closing the door behind him, cutting off the glow from his room as he moved closer. "Too clinical. What were you doing?"

She swallowed thickly, wondering if she'd ever be able to hear him speak again without getting aroused. Lifting her eyes to his, she watched his slow approach with hungry eyes. "Touching myself," she said huskily.

He licked his own lips then, crossing to the end of the bed, hands still buried deep in his pockets. They were tight enough for her to see that his hands were fisted. And that the bulge in the middle was large. He moved even closer.

"What were you thinking about?" His voice was all curiosity as he stood there watching her. His eyes never once left her face. They didn't drift to her naked shoulders or the bit of flesh visible just above the duvet clutched to her chest. She wasn't sure if she should be impressed or insulted.

Shifting again, she squeezed her legs tight, and bit her lip. There. That time, she saw his eyes dart down to her mouth. "I wasn't--" she tried, but he cut her off, eyes on hers again.

His hands left his pockets. "Who were you thinking about?" he amended. And she was pretty sure he knew, that he didn't need to hear the answer, but wanted to.

She settled back against the pillows, watching him, daring him to do something, anything, but he remained still.

Afraid he'd done all was going to do, and afraid he hadn't, she bent her legs, flattening her feet on the mattress, and drawing her legs up. His eyes narrowed, breath coming a little faster.

Bravely, she slid her hand under the covers and suddenly his were no longer idle by his sides, they were on the duvet, pulling it down. His fingers fisted in the material, drawing it down foot by foot, slowly uncovering her body to his gaze. And, oh, was his gaze hot and heavy-lidded.

She crossed her ankles together, holding her arms over her chest, trying to cover her nakedness, but without much luck. He tossed the cover to the floor and knelt quickly, holding her legs open with cool, thin fingers.

She gasped and tried to close her legs, but his grip wasn't lessening and his breath was on her in a spot it'd never been before and she found herself widening them instead.

"Who?" he asked again, licking his lips as he angled his head to get a better view of the flesh between her thighs.

Seeing no reason to hide the truth from him any longer, she finally admitted, "You."

When his fingers dug into her flesh, she relaxed her legs further and hissed in a breath, watching him, waiting for his next move. She had no idea what he was doing here, why he'd suddenly decided to accost her now, but she was more than willing to see where he was going with this.

The Doctor knelt back a bit and reached into his suit jacket, whipping out his glasses.

Rose groaned, stomach muscles clenching along with the rest of her body. Her fingers itched to resume their work, but she held them back.

He put his glasses on and then laid down between her legs, watching her body intently. "Show me."

Embarrassment swamped through her at the demand and she held both hands between her legs, blocking his view. "I don't usually do it in front of an audience, you know." His hands reached out and moved hers. "Not even Mickey--"

The Doctor was up like a shot and staring at her, a dark look in his eyes, nails digging into her thighs. "Don't ever mention Mickey or Jimmy Stone--"

"What?" she asked, sitting up on her elbows, mouth hanging open. "How do you know about Jimmy--"

"--while we're doing this," he finished, talking right over her.

Balling her hands into fists, she stared at him, narrowing her eyes. She wanted to smack him. First, he barged in here and interrupted her at the worst possible time. Then he started demanding things of her, telling her what she could and could not mention while with him? And what the bloody hell was the whole, 'while we're doing this' crap about? she thought with a snort. He was presuming.

"What are we doing?" she demanded back, snapping on the lamp by the bed. Yellow light flooded the room, bathing her in its glow, but only barely reaching him. "We're not doing anything. I was, and you interrupted. You can leave now."

He sighed and sat back on the floor, right between her legs. One arm resting on the bed, he propped his chin in his hand as if he had every right to be there. "I've been thinking about this for a long time, Rose." His eyes came to rest on her as his fingers caressed the skin just above her ankle, causing shivers to shoot through her. "A long time. But it wasn't until recently that I finally decided that this is what I want. You," he clarified, dark eyes watching her through the lenses of his glasses, a little bit of the light reflecting back at her as he solemnly observed her. "You're what I want. Sexually."

She opened her mouth to say something, but no words came to mind. Of all the-- she hadn't ever... sighing, she dropped back on the pillows and stared at him.

"But, first, apparently we need to set some ground rules." His voice was accusing, as if she'd just broken one of those rules and he was being forced to chastise her.

"Excuse me--" she began, back to being annoyed with him.

Without even acknowledging that she'd spoken, he began with, "No talking about former lovers while we're in the bedroom. Ever. At all."

Rose stared at him in disbelief. Seemed he was developing a nasty habit of speaking over her and she didn't like that at all. She sat up again, wanting to take him to task for taking charge, not just of the conversation, but of her and them, if there even was a them. "Excuse me--"

Suddenly, he turned his eyes back to hers and asked softly, "How long are you gonna stay with me?"

Caught off guard, she licked her lips and frowned at him. Where had that come from? "I--"

"You need to understand that I don't take sexual relationships lightly, Rose. I've been in relationships like... well, not in any like this exactly, but I've considered them, and--" he cut himself off, looking so vulnerable and hurt that she wanted to crawl over to him and take him in her arms. Her anger dissipated; all she wanted was to comfort him, soothe him and promise that she'd never hurt him.

He continued to watch her, waiting for an answer.

She gave him the only one she could. "Forever."

Swallowing around the lump in her throat, she hoped he didn't think her clingy or desperate. Maybe he only wanted a few years. Maybe not even that. If he didn't want her for long, what would she do? How could she possibly go back to life on Earth after all of this?

After him?

But he allayed her fears with a single ear-to-ear grin and a happy hum in the back of his throat. "That could be longer than you think," he told her, shifting his glasses.

Squinting against the glare of the lenses, she felt confusion swamp her. "What?"

He waved his hand, dismissing the subject. "Doesn't matter. There are pills. But, right now," he intoned, ducking his head to peer at her over the black rims, then returning his eyes to her legs, "we have other, more pressing things to... do."

How he could make her shiver, tingle, and melt all with the tone of his voice, she had no idea, but she really hoped he didn't stop any time soon. Startled when his palm slid along the inside of her calf, she jerked instinctively, pressing her legs together.

"Rule number two," he murmured, taking hold of her knees and separating them. "Don't hide your body from me." There was a little boy quality to him when he glanced at her again. "I want to see all of you, Rose. Every curve," he slid his hand around her thigh to her bum, making her gasp, "and every dip." Palm smoothing across her stomach, he watched her intake of breath, then lowered his eyes to her chest, suit jacket tickling her thighs and calves.

She held her breath, waiting for his next move, waiting for him to continue.

"Wanna touch you with fingertips and hands." Fingers sliding slowly along the insides of her thigh, he moved up, hovering over her as his eyes drank her in. "With every bit of my body, Rose. I wanna taste you, too. Wanna run my tongue over every inch of your body. It's just-- it's not enough just to smell you anymore."

Eyes widening, she let her breath out in a rush.

Then he leaned over her, pressing a light kiss to her stomach. His tie brushed against her moist flesh, making her hips jerk up at the friction it caused.

"Oh!" He straightened up, darting his eyes from her face to her folds, then back again. "What was that? What did you-- did you start without me? Naughty, Rose." He lifted his brows and pressed the tip of his tongue to the roof of his mouth. "Very naughty."

"I didn't," she denied breathlessly, still recovering from the shock of pleasure. "Your tie--" she had to stop to swallow; the combination of the Doctor's dark look and his voice and his proximity was taking her breath away, as were all of his promises.

He glanced down at the offending tie dangling between her legs. Lifting it higher to see in the muted light, he inhaled deeply. "You smell fantastic, Rose." Closing his eyes, he inhaled again, pressing the tie to his nose. He shuddered

Kneeling down again, he peered closely at her slick skin. "Show me. Smelling you isn't enough anymore. I want to see you touch yourself. I want--" pausing briefly, he broke off and closed his eyes, and then snapped them open again. "The fantasies aren't enough anymore, not without visuals to back them up. I want more."

Rose stared at him, sure she'd heard wrong. "What?"

Licking his lips, very obviously preoccupied with her body, he glanced at her briefly over the tops of his glasses. "Fantasies, Rose. I... you do have them, don't you?" He frowned a bit. "Humans fantasize, I'm certain of it."

"Yeah," she said slowly, biting her lip, uncertain how she'd got into this conversation with him in the first place. "You fantasize a-- about me?" And then his earlier words finally clicked and she sat up further. "Smell me? Wait a minute, you can smell me?"

"Of course, I can." He tapped the side of his nose knowingly. "I have stronger senses than a human. More of them too." He scrunched his face up. "How did you think I knew you were in here touching yourself?"

She opened her mouth to answer, but no words came out.

"I smelt you, Rose." He drew his hands along her thighs again, watching her as he moved them up and down, back and forth, squeezing and loosening, lightly and with more pressure, driving her insane. "I can always smell you. Every time."

"You mean--" she began and he nodded, halting his hands and straightening his glasses to peer more closely between her legs.

"In the TARDIS, too, yes." Propping his elbow on the bed, he gazed up at her. "It's not easy trying to do repairs, or think, or read, or... well, do anything when I can hear each slide of skin on skin. Each gasp and whimper and intake of breath, each moan and--" he leaned over, pressing his lips to her inner thigh, "You have no idea how much I want you, do you?" Lifting his eyes again, he watched her intently. "I want to baise you 'til you're raw." His head jerked up and his lips twisted a bit. "Hang on, that's a bit rude, isn't it? Don't want you raw. Just want you."

Rose shook her head, shoving back the hair that had fallen over her forehead. "What? You wanna what?"

"Baise you 'til you're raw, but that... ah. The TARDIS, she's a bit of a prude." He waved away her words, his face screwed up in thought as he looked down from his examination of the ceiling. "What do you think, Rose? Do you want me to... baise you?"

He had to ask? She'd been fantasizing about him while wanking, what did he think? Lips twitching, she shifted against the pillows behind her, wondering if she might actually still be asleep and just dreaming. Surely that was the only way this was happening? In dreamland. That had to be it, because the Doctor was not kneeling between her legs, calmly asking her what she thought about him wanting to fuck her 'til she was raw.

"Just curious, but, um, why the need to... to watch me?" His eyebrows raised and she gestured to the area he'd been staring at so intently, practically since entering the room. "I mean, if you want to... scoparmi then why not just-- okay, the TARDIS is being funny now, right? Changing words around."

Her words barely seemed to register. "Why aren't you touching yourself?" His head lifted, eyes finding hers. "I want to see you do it. Want to watch. Never done that before."

"You've never..." she asked, gesturing to herself, then him. When he merely blinked at her, she rolled her eyes and leaned up on her elbows. "Had sex?"

"Of course I've had sex." He frowned at her, tilting his head to the side. "It's been a while though. A good, long while." Rubbing the back of his neck, he considered his words. "A few centuries? Oh, at least."

A few centuries, she thought. Hundreds of years since he'd last had sex? "Seriously?" she blurted out, voice in the high range of skepticism.

"Yes," he admitted, not the slightest bit embarrassed or uncomfortable as she stared at him. "Been a while." Catching her look, he gave her one of his I'm-a-Time-Lord expressions. One that clearly said she was thinking inside the box. "I don't have biological urges like humans do. No way to pass on the species through sex, so... no imperative to have it. It's more a bonus. A perk. A treat." He spread her thighs even wider and rested his hands on them. He didn't say anything more, just watched her impatiently, licking his lips, waiting.

Her muscles contracted, imagining his tongue inside her, pressing into her folds, lapping up the moisture with quick, eager strokes. A single moan escaped her and she watched him swallow hard at the sound.

"Rose," he urged, moving closer, resting his cheek against the inside of her thigh.

The feel of his rough skin against hers made her hand twitch, made her fingers clench a little. She decided to just do it. To touch herself while the Doctor watched. Just thinking about it made her wetter. Made her muscles clench and her body long for his. Sliding her hand down between her legs, she watched him watch her hungrily.

The tip of his tongue pressed against the back of his teeth as she slipped a finger inside her slick folds.

A deep growl sounded in this throat when she stroked her clit.

His eyes, dark and glaring in the reflection of his lenses, narrowed when she shifted under him, thrusting two fingers deep within her folds.

"Rose," he grunted. "Tell me... tell me what it feels like." His eyes darted back and forth from her fingers to her face. "How does it--"

"Good," she gasped, moving her fingers faster as he moved even closer. Close enough that his warm breath ghosted over her wetness, sending a shiver through her. "So good."

But it wasn't just her fingers that felt fantastic; it was his warm skin and rough jaw against her thigh. His scent--oranges and vanilla tonight--drifted to her in the chill air, wrapping her up in him the way his arms weren't. His voice, deep and husky, full of impatience and need as he breathed each word, each syllable pushing a gust of air onto her hot, wet flesh, sent shivers through her.

He inhaled deeply, eyes sliding from her fingers to her face then back again, not looking unaffected. Then he moved forward and she felt him, there, between her legs.

"Doctor," she cried out, hips jerking forcefully off the bed as his tongue slid into her moist center, lingering inside her for a second before swirling about-- he was licking her! Actually licking her the way she'd imagined him doing since first seeing that tongue of his in action.

Oh, god.

And then he was gone, leaving her feeling empty and bereft of his touch. He sat back on his heels, licking his lips thoughtfully and moving his tongue around his mouth, considering her flavor. She was sure she heard him groan. "You taste much better than I do," he told her, eyes lifting to hers. "You taste fantastic."

A heavy weight settled in her stomach at his words, and her eyes slid to his mouth, wishing he'd kiss her now. She was pretty sure she'd lost all ability to speak, to form any actual words. She wanted to tell him to do that some more, wanted to continue the job her fingers were doing, wanted him to keep looking at her like she was a birthday cake he was about to devour. But, she didn't do any of that; she just stared stupidly back, unable to say anything.

Seconds later, his fingers were joining hers in sliding between her folds once before he was crawling up her body, pressing his sticky fingers to her lips. He watched as she pulled back to stare at him and when she reached up and took hold of his wrist to hold it still. "What are you doing?" she squeaked, staring at his fingers, now moist and glistening in the golden glow of the bedside lamp.

"I want you to taste yourself, Rose." He slid his fingers along her lips, lightly pushing on them, begging entrance.

Not sure she actually wanted to do this, she opened her mouth and hesitantly allowed him to slip them inside. Touching her tongue lightly to the pads of his fingers, she tasted a hint of the flavor he seemed so enamored of. It was a little salty, a little bitter. She slid his fingers deeper, sucking on them, pressing her tongue between them, moving them in and out a little, eyes heavy on his.

A thrill went through her at the way his breath caught in his throat, stayed hanging for a moment, and then left his lips in a shudder. "Tease," he whispered, dark eyes penetrating hers.

Lips curling up in delight, loving that she'd caught him off guard, she sucked his fingers a little harder. She'd never done this before, and she couldn't say she'd missed out on anything with the taste, but touching him like this... it was making her wetter, making her squirm under his heated gaze.

And the Doctor seemed to like it too, seemed to like having his fingers in her mouth. His gaze studied her face, moving from her lips to her eyes then back again.

Then, once again, he was on the move. His fingers popped out of her mouth, causing a loud sucking sound as they slipped free. Throwing himself to the side of the bed, he stood and faced her, hands on his trousers. Nimble fingers worked the button and zip free.

Leaning on her side, propping her head in her hand, she eagerly watched as he lowered his trousers and pants, freeing his cock.

It was just like a human's. Same basic size, same basic shape, and she felt a bit disappointed that there wasn't something different about it.

He was an alien.

Shouldn't it move on its own or something? Or be blue? TARDIS-blue, she thought, snickering.

But it wasn't special, it was just the Doctor, and, well, that made it special to her. It was the only one she wanted to see right now. To feel. And taste.

The Doctor kicked off his trousers and pants and shoes and socks and took his bobbing erection in hand, sliding his palm up it once, heading toward the tip.

Before his thumb could swipe at the moisture there, Rose reached out and halted his hand. His eyes flew to hers.


The bed was high up on a dais that put the Doctor's cock just at the right height for certain things. Certain things she'd been wanting to do to him for a long time. And wanted him to do to her. But first, he was there, just in front of her.

She crawled forward and lay before him, taking him in her mouth. Her hand held him still as she swirled her tongue around the tip, swiping at the per-cum, tasting him.

She wanted to lap him up. Every last inch of him, just like he wanted to do with her.

Taken aback by her sudden assault on his body and his senses, the Doctor stared down at her, slamming his palm against the wall over the nightstand. His hand hit the table lamp, knocking it to the floor where it landed with a thunk before rocking back and forth on its rounded base, coming to a stop aiming away from them. He looked eerie in the near dark with only an orange-ish yellow glow to light him from beneath.

"Rose," he gasped, hips jerking forward, eyes on her face. His other hand settled firmly in her hair, threading through the strands as she moved on him.

Seeing how aroused he was, feeling it in her mouth, knowing it was because of her, she felt something powerful go through her.

Holding him still, sliding him free of her lips with a wet pop, she released him and watched hungrily as his cock twitched and came to rest against his stomach. It was irresistible to her, there was no way that she could stop herself from leaning forward and licking the underside with the tip of her tongue, from base to tip. His hips moved a little, and, encouraged, she flattened her tongue and pushed it back down his cock to his balls. Taking them into her mouth for a second, she sucked and licked the flesh as her hand settled on the back of his thigh, nails digging into his skin.

The Doctor's hips continued to jerk forward and he began breathing harder. Looking down at her, he held his shirts out of the way so that he could watch as she played with his cock. "Do it again," he breathed. "Do it-- god, Rose, do it again."

She smiled at his reaction and ran her tongue along the underside again, swirling around the tip as she squeezed her legs together, finding an unsatisfactory amount of friction.

Sliding her legs restlessly against the silky sheets, she curled her toes, sucking very lightly on the tip of his erection.

Shaking his head, he shoved the tail ends of his shirt aside. "Your mouth, Rose. Use your mouth. I want your mouth on me. It's so warm and-- wet." He pressed more firmly on the back of her head, moving her closer to his cock.

Taking hold of him again, she slid his cock into her mouth, lips sucking gently.

His hands tore at his shirt, ripping the buttons, sending them flying. Shoving it from his shoulders, he fought with the cuffs at his wrists, popping those buttons off as well in his haste. Shedding the button-up shirt, then his t-shirt, he stood before her completely naked.

With just his glasses on.

Rose whimpered at the sight. Lifting her eyes to his face, she hollowed her cheeks and twisted her hand on him before sliding him deeper into the warm recesses of her mouth. If his reaction was anything to go by, he liked that. She did it again, this time flattening her tongue along the underside and then playing it along the tip before once again taking him in her mouth as deeply as she could.

He jerked his hips forward, and she felt a moment of panic as he touched the back of her throat. She didn't usually do this, not as often as Mickey had wanted anyway, so she wasn't the most skilled. She was just doing what felt good, what she wanted to do.

Tightening her hand around the base, she drew him out of her mouth, gasping for breath.

"Don't stop," he grunted. His hand was no longer on the wall; it was in her hair, both hands cradling her head. The fingers of his right hand moved lower to lightly caress her cheek and jaw. His thumb smoothed over her lower lip and she nipped at it, drawing it into her mouth briefly, sucking on it as her eyes found his. "Take me deep. I want... your lips and that wonderfully naughty tongue of yours."

She smiled as he withdrew his thumb. Licking her lips, she slid her hand back down to his balls, caressing and playing with them while licking a path along the side of his length. He was breathing out moans and words that sounded like encouragement now, pressing harder on the back of her head, but halting the movement of his hips.

She hummed around him, licking and tasting him and sucking hard, hollowing her cheeks as she withdrew, then swallowing him down again, squeezing and twisting her hand on the base of his erection. Her other hand settled on his hips, trying to still the slight movements as he began to buck into her mouth once again. Pulling him free, she licked the tip, slid her tongue along the underside and played with his balls with the fingers of the hand still wrapped partially around him.

Lying on her stomach with the Doctor in her mouth was an exhausting position. And the fact that she hadn't got much sleep wasn't helping any. She was beginning to tire. Squeezing his balls tight, she attempted to rest her head on his thigh, but it didn't work out too well.

Seeing her quandary, he lifted his leg and rested his knee on the mattress beside her head, becoming her pillow.

She laid her cheek against his hair-roughened thigh. It was warm and soft, but still not the most comfortable.

Didn't matter though. Almost as soon as she squeezed his balls again, she felt his cock spasm, felt his hips buck forward. His fingers tightened in her hair and his lips pulled back, baring his teeth as he came in her mouth, rocking forward again and again as she moved back a bit to keep from choking. His warm seed spurted into her mouth and she tried to drink it all down without spilling any, but a small bit leaked out as she continued to suck on him.

The salty taste startled her; she'd been expecting something... different. Something alien. But he tasted just like Mickey. Just like Jimmy.

She lifted her hand to wipe her chin, but he grabbed her wrist just as she had his. "Turn," he told her, gesturing to the bed.

Pushing herself up, she turned and settled more fully on the bed, resting up on her elbows as best she could with one of her arms still in his grip.

He leaned down, lithely crawling onto the bed, forcing her to lie back as he hovered over her with eyes so deep and dark brown that they looked like shadows. His glasses didn't help, they just hid them more. He lifted her wrist above her head as he tilted his own. Grabbing her other wrist, he placed it with the first, holding both in one hand.

With slow, deliberate movements, he leaned down and licked her chin, his rough tongue laving her, tasting his own fluids.

Rose froze in place, wondering if he could possibly surprise her any more. "Doctor," she began, but the rest of her words were cut off by his mouth pressing to hers, moving quickly, and hungrily, tasting her and him and their shared flavors. His tongue was demanding, his lips eager.

She tilted her chin up, moving easily into the kiss, arching her body for friction and the feel of him and his skin, but he didn't allow it. Holding himself above her, legs on either side of hers, he wouldn't even let her move to wrap them around him. She was powerless beneath him, and she didn't mind it a bit.

In fact, she rather liked it.

She wanted him now, no more waiting, but that wasn't possible. He'd come already. And she still desperately needed to. Whimpering in disappointment, she wriggled under him, squeezing her legs together, shifting to get a little friction, but it didn't work. It wasn't enough. Maybe her fingers would be but she couldn't free them from his tight grip.

Seeing her struggle, feeling her move so wantonly, he pulled back and looked down at her, eyes drifting from her face to her shoulders, then lower to her chest. His free hand reached down to cup her left breast, hefting the weight in his hand. A second later, he leaned forward to draw her nipple into his mouth, biting the flesh once, then again, a little harder, sending a shot of electricity through her, straight to her core, forcing her hips to buck up in response.

The Doctor lifted his head, popping her nipple free with a wet sound, watching her wriggle beneath him, watching her try to get more from him. He licked his lips, dark eyes taking in every bare inch of her.

She tried to rise up, to kiss him, but he shook his head.

"Wanna touch you," she complained, shifting her hips and lifting from the bed to press her teeth to the side of his neck. He didn't release her, nor did he help her by leaning closer. She dropped back to the bed with a frustrated groan. "Doctor!"

His brows raised as his lips twisted up at one corner. "Yes, Rose?"

Now that was just mean. He knew what she wanted. Knew he was teasing her and he was enjoying it. Bastard.

"Need you," she bit out. She bit her lip, hoping he'd see to her now, hoping he'd touch her and stroke her and, god; she just wanted him to fuck her. But he couldn't. Frustration fluttered through her, then turned quickly into pleasure as, watching her steadily, closely, he circled his tongue around the bud of her nipple, scraping the top with his teeth.

Her muscles clenched in response and she shifted her legs.

Seeing her reaction, he slid one hand down, roughly drawing a path from her hip to her thigh. Slipping it between her legs, he pressed lightly, encouraging her to open them, then adjusted his position so that one of his legs was between hers. Without pause, he thrust two fingers into her wet folds, stroking inside her, watching her face with an intensity that unnerved her.

"This what you want?" he asked smoothly, huskily. His hair was wild and his glasses a little askew. She'd never seen him looking sexier.

"Yes," she hissed out, arching her hips up to meet his hand. Clenching her hands into fists, tightening and loosening them, she planted her feet on the bed, sliding her free leg up for better purchase. He was so close, so tantalizingly close, but still out of reach, holding himself there on purpose, teasing her, taunting her with his cooler body.

Still, she thought with a smirk, there was a light sheen of sweat on him.

His forehead was wrinkled as he continued to touch her so intimately, brow furrowing, not in confusion, but in concentration, and she wanted nothing more in that moment than to give him something else to study. Lifting her hips up rhythmically, she grunted out her pleasure and satisfaction at the motion of his fingers. When he shifted positions slightly, bending to reach her better, to stroke inside of her better, she rose up and licked his nipple, scraping her teeth against it as he had on hers.

He practically jumped in response, startled by the assault, then his eyes found hers and he halted his fingers. "Tit for tat?" he mumbled.

She snickered at his pun, then shrugged as innocently as she could with her arms still bound above her head, a wicked smile playing at her lips. "Maybe."

"Tease," he accused. His eyes were dark and glassy, full of arousal and anticipation. "I had no idea you were such a-- well, maybe I did. You've always been a bit of a tease... well, not so much a tease as a flirt. But, I had no idea this was what was waiting for me. If I had..." he resumed thrusting his fingers and leaned down to kiss her, freeing her wrists to run his hand along her side and up to her breast, "I'd have shagged you months ago." Pinching the nipple, he grinned against her mouth and licked her lower lip.

Arms aching from their imprisonment, she winced as blood rushed through them. Lowering them to her sides, she gritted her teeth at the tingling that pierced through them. After a few moments, it faded and she took thorough advantage, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him in for a deep kiss before drawing back and resting her forehead against his, panting hard against his mouth, centimeters from her own. "Want you, Doctor. Want you to scoparmi--"

He pressed a finger to her lips, a finger, she noticed, that tasted like her and him together. "Language," he teased.

She licked his finger from base to the tip, then sucked it into her mouth, moving against him, trying to get him to settle over her more firmly. Freeing his finger from her lips, she nipped the pad and looked into his eyes. "Make me come."

The Doctor's eyes darkened even further and she saw a flare of something shine in them for a moment before he slipped his fingers free of her dripping center. "Your wish," he muttered, eyes on her face, and teeth on her nipple, "is my command."

She squirmed as he pressed open-mouthed kisses to her breast, sucking on her nipple for a moment before moving on to lick the underside in a long, slow stroke.

Moving her hips a little, she felt his hand, sticky and wet, press to her belly, smoothing over the flesh, kneading it.

Another kiss landed by his fingers, tongue licking a path back up along her ribs, where he halted and pressed his lips to her, nipping at her with his teeth. She panted harder, anticipation making her muscles clench. Her flesh was begging for his mouth or his fingers, at this point, she didn't care which.

She just wanted to come.

Down and down he went, wet kisses, lips and mouth trailing a path to her thighs. Teeth nipped at her hip as he slid a finger into her, making her jerk up again. His other hand slid down to join the first and she settled back on the bed, waiting, spreading her legs wider in invitation. His hands hooked around her thighs, fingers opening her to the cool air.

Finally, there was a single flutter against her moist flesh, a kiss that caused her to arch up with a moan of pleasure.

And then-- and then! His tongue was there, inside her, and there was an explosion of feeling that burst in her. Warm and wet, his tongue slid just inside her, tasting her slowly, as his hands slid around to the insides of her thighs, fingers and thumbs digging in, in delicious ways.

Rose whimpered, gripping the sheets beside her. His heavy breathing rivaled hers and she could see him watching her down the length of her body, eyes taking in every whimper, every moan, every reaction to his touch. She also saw male pride when he curled his tongue in her and she jerked at the sensation of his wet flesh inside hers. Feeling it swirl a little before licking from bottom to top and pulling out again, she tried to keep a rein on her vocal responses, knowing, just from this little bit, that it wasn't going to be easy. The pleasure was too much, the shock of it rocketing through her in intense waves.

She cried out, hips bucking up involuntarily, twisting the sheets in her fingers.

Sweat was beginning to gather on her, and she knew--she knew!--she was going to come hard. This was the Doctor teasing and touching her flesh, humming against her moist center before blowing on it, creating a cool torture that she wanted more of. Eyes locking with his, she rocked her hips up in rhythmic motions, urging him on.

He blew once more, then licked his lips, gazing at her intimate flesh, before nuzzling her again, flicking the tip of his tongue over her clit, then sucking it into his mouth.

Her hips flew up off the bed, thighs clamping around his head, as sensation after sensation roared through her. Her pulse pounded loudly in her ears, her warm body slick now with sweat.

The Doctor hummed against her, sliding his tongue deep inside. Holding her thighs open further, he flicked in and out rapidly, then licked her, slow and languorous, curling his tongue around her clit once more.

She released the damp, crumpled sheet and slipped her hands over her breasts, pinching the nipples and caressing the mounds. Her orgasm was fast approaching. Her body was coiled and ready to burst. When he turned his head a little sideways and flattened his tongue before sliding it into her again, a sensation like nothing before it exploded in her, sending her blood racing. Squeezing her eyes shut, she pinched a nipple, scraping her fingernails down the other breast. Pain blossomed in her, and forced her hips up again, bumping the Doctor's glasses.

He raised a hand to adjust them and stared at her. "Come for me, Rose." The glow of the lamp on the floor caught his face and she could see her own moisture coating his chin and mouth.

Groaning at the sight, she nodded and licked her lips, wishing his cock was in her right now instead of cool air. "Need... tongue, fingers," she grunted, sliding her own hand toward her legs, but he took hold of her palm with the fingers of his left hand and held tight.

His head disappeared between her legs again and the feel of his hair brushing her thighs was almost too much to bear.

"Doctor, please," she moaned, long and low in her throat, tightening her hand around his. Warmth and wetness slid inside her again and her hips shot off the bed in surprise. "Scopata." Yes, that was more like it, that was what she needed. Coiling tighter and tighter, her arousal climbed, washing over her in small bursts of pleasure, preparing her for orgasm.

"Rose," he hummed against her flesh, one finger sliding inside as he licked and sucked at her clit. His free hand was hooked around her thigh, holding it to keep her from closing on his head again. She could feel his cheek and jaw against her sensitive flesh, all so very different, so unusual. Would she ever be able to look at him again without picturing him between her thighs?

Did she want to?

Grinning, she decided that, no, she didn't. And she hoped he had a hard time seeing her without remembering her with his cock in her mouth.

Flattening his tongue, he swiped at her flesh again. Her stomach clenched, inner muscles clenching and grasping for something that wasn't going to be ready for a while. She tried to imagine the feel of his cock in her, moving in short, quick strokes. Imagined him losing control and fucking her hard.

That coil was nearing the breaking point.

"Yeah," she whimpered, pinching her nipple again as she squeezed his hand. "Doct... oh, god."

He was establishing a rhythm now, one that forced a grunt from her with each slide of his finger and tongue, alternating inside of her. Tongue in, swirling around her clit. Finger in, then out again. Tongue and lips and teeth pressing against her, nuzzling her and teasing her flesh with little kisses and movements.

He slipped in another finger, pumping them in and out quickly, thumb playing with her clit. Eyes on hers, he licked his lips. "Come for me," he demanded. His teeth scraped against her clit, then sucked hard on the flesh.

She was tensing more and more, hips thrusting higher, searching for something to fill her. He pressed down on her stomach gently with their clasped hands, sliding his tongue into her folds once more. Then flicked her clit.

And she came, hard, with a scream of pleasure that echoed throughout the room.

The hot wave of release rocked through her, forcing her hips off the bed. Her body arched, seeking, searching, finding only the Doctor's fingers, and her muscles clamped down on them. He twisted them inside her, thumb flicking her sensitive clit as spasm after spasm of pleasure washed over her.

Dropping boneless back to the bed, she closed her eyes, concentrating on breathing in and out, enjoying the small shocks of pleasure still occasionally pulsing through her. "Ta," she mumbled, smiling distantly as her body began to relax.

"Anytime, Rose," he said thickly. His fingers slid carefully free of her, but it still made her hips buck involuntarily. He kissed her thigh, releasing her hand, which was boneless in his. "In fact, I insist on it."

She smiled tiredly as the bed dipped down and the Doctor crawled up her body to lie beside her. She felt him there, lying on his side, bare stomach pressed against her arm. He was sucking on something and she felt an answering tug in her core when she peeled her eyes open for a brief moment to see him licking his wet fingers.

Closing her eyes again, she pulled at the duvet underneath her, trying to free it. The room was chilly and as the sweat on her body began to dry, she shivered. Seconds later, the Doctor's warm, wet lips settled over hers, tasting of her. Though he kissed her rather long and deeply, her response was slow and languid. She was sleepy.

"You definitely taste better than me," he told her huskily. His body shifted and she heard something click against something else. When she opened her eyes, she saw that his glasses were gone.

A small sliver of disappointment went through her, though it didn't really matter since she was already half-asleep.