Sirius and Remus could not believe their ears. They had no idea why they were even listening to the man. Just because Albus assured them Lucius was a spy. He believed Severus was a spy as well. But they were here. They were here and now they wished they had not come. This man seriously had to be out of his mind. He could not really believe that they would ever agree to this. The man had to be crazy but watching Albus who actually seemed poised to accept it they were thinking they must have heard the man wrong. They had to.

Sirius stared at him. "And what will your little wife think about this contract you have drawn up?"

Lucius turned to him. "Your cousin is a Death Eater and will either die or be given the kiss. Dead women don't protest."

It was December and they were in the middle of the tournament. They had heard rumours from Severus and now proof from him that Voldemort was soon to return. They had not brought the order out of retirement just yet but because of the event they had them on alert. Lucius had proof that by the end of the school year the ritual he had learned about would be performed and Voldemort would be returned. All they needed was Harry and they were waiting for the perfect time.

Lucius looked at the paper work. "Is the boy worth a war? Sign these forms and I will help you defeat Voldemort once and for all. I ask one simple thing."

Remus shook his head. "How do we know if we agree to sacrifice him to you that you will keep your end of the bargain?"

Lucius pointed at a paragraph. "Says there if Voldemort returns or is destroyed with no help from me, the contact will be null and void."

The three men shared a look. As much as Sirius and Remus hated this they knew there was no choice. They knew given a chance he would agree. He was not worth an entire war. He was not worth the hundreds or possibly thousands of lives that would be lost if Voldemort returned back. But could they really sacrifice him? Could they really sign away his life in order to save the world? Surely he should be given a choice in the matter.

Lucius stood and took the forms. "I have given you the option. Don't come crying to me when he comes back. I am trying to save the world."

Albus stopped him. "His guardians will sign the forms. Including the promise of a pardon for your help."

Both Sirius and Remus were trembling when they signed the forms. They hated the pardon nearly as much as the other contract. The pardon would be granted from the ministry of course but it was a signed testimony of the spying and aid Lucius had provided in order to end the coming war.

Lucius smiled and folded up the papers. "Good choice. One year from the day that I help bring Voldemort down, the boy's life will be delivered to me."


Harry returned shaking and crying with the dead body of Cedric. And then rescued from the fake Moody. Though shaken and crying he was led to the headmaster's office where he was joined by his godfathers as well as many teachers and the headmaster. And to the surprise of most, Lucius Malfoy.

Harry looked at everyone and recounted what happened in the graveyard. "He is dead. He is gone once and for all."

Severus nodded and showed where the mark was gone from his arm. "It is only gone because he is dead. But how Potter?"

Harry looked a Lucius. "Lucius. He told me to give my blood freely with those I love in mind. The blood of he enemy had to be given against will."

Everyone turned to thank Lucius who was the spy unveiled and who had helped Harry save the wizarding world from another war. No one saw the looks of the headmaster and the two godfathers. They knew Lucius had fulfilled the terms of the contract. One year from that day they would have to tell him that they had sacrificed him for the greater good. One year and they would have to hand him over. The contract was magically binding.

Harry hugged his godfathers tight. "It is over. I can come home with you guy finally. It is over. I am finally safe."