Harry and his husband were lying together in a hospital bed in September revelling in the beautiful little life who was nursing contently from Harry. Harry had never been so in love with anything in his life then the little innocent baby who was in his arms. When he found out about the contract he had never thought he would find happiness, he though he had been sold into slavery to end a war and that he would never have a future, never be able to pursue his dreams and be in love. And he never thought that he would find a way to forgive his dads or have them in his life again but he had been so wrong.

He and Lucius had been married for three years now and though it had not been love for a long time it had got there. He and Lucius were deeply in love, though it had taken counselling and lots of issues to get there. Harry continued with medication as he would for the rest of his life but he had not had a set back. He had a husband he loved and not only his dads but both his little sister Moira and his new baby brother born in June, Leo. And he had Severus who to this day was a third father to him, and of course Draco as well.

But now they had their beautiful little girl, the spitting image of Draco when he was a baby but for her green eyes. Harry hoped to have his own son one day but the moment his husband took their daughter into his arms for a burp and his entire face lit up like nothing else, he was happy to have a little girl for his husband. He had always thought Lucius would be one of those men who wanted sons and tons of them but their little girl had her daddy wrapped around her little finger already.

Eventually the door opened and his dads and Draco led the way but the Weasleys and Severus had come in as well. Many of them had been there for hours since he had gone into labour but they had not minded. They had wanted to be there when the world was introduced to the newest Malfoy. Besides they waned to know gender for the couple had kept it a secret all of this time.

Draco smiled when his dad reluctantly handed over his little sister. "You finally got your daughter Dad." And to Harry. "He has been wanting one for years."

Remus looked over Draco's shoulder down at his beautiful granddaughter. "She is so perfect Harry. I am so happy that we got to be here to welcome her."

As she was passed around Harry was glad as well, and not just for all three of his dads but the others as well. He had grown up not having any real family, no one he could count on. He and Dudley had remained in contact and he had promised to bring his daughter for a visit in a few weeks time, but his Aunt and Uncle had been abusive, his Uncle having raped him. But his precious little girl would have grandfathers, a big brother, an Aunt and oddly an Uncle she would be going to school with for he was only just over two months older then she was, and all the cousins and honorary aunts and Uncles she could ever want.

Their choice for godparents had bee easy for there were two people they both knew they could rely on for anything and who they knew would take care of her if anything had happened. Harry had oddly chosen his husband's best friend and Lucius had chosen Harry's brother.

Harry looked at Severus. "You have been like a third dad to me and you mean the world. I know you're already Draco's but would you be her godfather?"

Severus kissed the baby and bent and kissed Harry on the head. "I would be honoured be my little granddaughter's godfather. You know I love you both."

Lucius looked at George and asked him the same question and while George was surprised to be asked by Harry's husband he was as honoured as Severus had been. He loved Harry as much as he loved his blood brothers and he would love the little girl as a niece. Lucius knew that Harry had survived most of what he had been through when he was a kid because he had George to help him through the memories, and George had been there to help him through the marriage as well.

George finally claimed his goddaughter after signing off as her godfather. "And what name have you chosen for the newest Malfoy?"

Harry smiled down at his precious daughter. "It took a bit of time but we have decided on the name Jaclyn Iris Malfoy."

Jaclyn would be Lady Potter when her Papa died and Harry had wanted to honour his dad. Instead of going for the obvious Jaime, they had gone instead for a female variant of the name. Iris was chosen in part as a flower because of Lily but the main reason was because as a member of the Greco-Roman pantheon, a messenger goddess and goddess of the rainbow, it was a link to her big brother Draco as well as her grandfathers.

Harry took Jaclyn back into his arms and looked down on her precious little face. "You my little princess are definitely one loved little girl."

Author note: Jaclyn Iris Malfoy, future Lady Potter: Jaclyn (American) means supplanter and is a female variation of James, honour to Harry's dad as she will one day be Lady Potter since Draco will be Lord Malfoy. Iris (Greek) means colourful or rainbow. She is the Greco-Roman goddess of the rainbow which links her to both Draco and Sirius as Blacks (not only goddess but name of an asteroid and a nebula) but also to Lucius, Remus and Severus for their Roman roots. But of course is a flower to honour her grandmother Lily.