This is the SEQUEL to "The Harassment of Buchou"! There will be some references made to the previous story, especially to Chapter 7.

Also, this story will have a lot more M-rated chapters! You have been warned!

Enjoy reading! :)

The Harassment of Buchou: Second Match

Chapter 1

"Fuji, that's enough…" Tezuka breathed.

The tensai continued working with his tongue, sliding across the shaft.

"Someone's…going to come in," Tezuka struggled to say, his chest heaving at the sensation below.

"No one's going to come in," Fuji said as he kissed the tip.

"The regulars…haa…" Tezuka shivered as a tongue licked the slit teasingly.

"They all went home."

Tezuka bit his lower lip as the shorter boy took his throbbing member into his mouth, teeth lightly scraping the delicate skin. He felt like he wanted to melt to the floor. His fingers reached out and touched the hazelnut hair, caressing it as his dazed, brown eyes looked into beautiful crystalline blue ones staring up at him with a piercing gaze.

"Fuji," Tezuka whispered with half-closed lids, feeling the soft strands slip between his fingers.

Fuji paused briefly at the raspy voice and aroused look on the handsome face above him before sliding across the boy's shaft with his mouth once again, causing Tezuka to jerk and fully grasp his head.

Tezuka tried hard to focus his eyes, but found it useless as he felt his knees buckle. He was leaning with his back against the lockers while a very dangerous and hungry tensai kneeled before him sucking on his cock. The taller boy thought how beyond inappropriate this must be for a captain and his fellow teammate to be doing in their own tennis club's locker room right after practice.

Except, this fellow teammate happens to be the boy he has been dating for the last three and a half weeks.

"Fuji," Tezuka gasped again, releasing Fuji's head and reaching behind for something to hold on to as he tried desperately to remain standing. His body shook in surprise as Fuji's hand moved up to massage one of his balls.

"Aa…" Tezuka moaned.

Fuji lowered his mouth and ran his tongue around the underside skin before taking one of the sacks into his mouth.

Tezuka clenched his eyes shut, squirming helplessly as he felt his breath get shorter and shorter.

"Ne, you're really sensitive today," Fuji snickered as he began sucking on his arousal once more, purposely making loud slurping sounds.

"Shut up - Ngh!" Tezuka flung his head back as he felt himself coming close. He grasped Fuji's head and tried to pull the boy away, but the tensai refused and immediately took the throbbing flesh into his mouth.

"Fuji…haa…!" Tezuka twitched uncontrollably, the pleasure washing over him as he came in Fuji's warm mouth.

Fuji sucked on the hot liquid thirstily until the taller boy was completely dry. He smiled and kissed the tip before licking his lips as he watched Tezuka slowly slide down against the locker and onto the floor, sighing deeply.

"Was that good?" Fuji smiled coyly as he leaned in on his hands towards the flushed boy now at face level with him.

Tezuka sat on the floor and rested with the side of his face against the locker, exhausted as he opened one eye to look at the tensai grinning at him. He felt slightly annoyed but at the same time breathless at the pleasure still echoing within his body.

"Fuji, couldn't you have waited?" he panted.

"Ne, but we wouldn't be able to do it until tomorrow, and I couldn't wait that long," Fuji pouted.

Still catching his breath, Tezuka pulled up his pants and turned his head to fully face the tensai, who was leaning on his hands in-between his legs, watching intently.

"Fuji, we should not do this in the clubroom. This will look really bad if one of the regulars or members catches us."

"Ne, but you weren't complaining a while ago when I was sucking your dic-"

"That's because you suddenly attacked me and pulled down my pants before I could protest!"

"Ah, but it's not like the regulars don't already know about our relationship."

"They don't need to know that much about our relationship."

"But wouldn't it be funny to see the expression on Echizen or Eiji or, even better, Oishi when one of them walks in on us-"

"That's not funny Fuji!"

Fuji chuckled as he freely fell forward and embraced the taller boy while snuggling his face against the strong, firm chest before him. "I'm just teasing. I know you must be tired right now."

"It's not like I did anything to be tired about," Tezuka muttered, blushing as he wrapped his arms around the tensai, enjoying the warm body. "What about you? Will you be okay?"

Fuji smiled as he glanced up at Tezuka. "I'll be fine since I know you have to quickly get home to run some errands, but if you were free today," he took a finger and poked at the tip of Tezuka's nose, "I would have totally gone all the way."

Tezuka's face turned red as he looked away, embarrassed. Fuji laughed at this reaction.

"But, what I mean is…if you want me to…to you…I can…" Tezuka trailed off, still avoiding the tensai's eyes.

Fuji paused before chuckling. "Ne, it's okay. I won't force you. But tomorrow," he took the boy's face in his hand and turned it towards him, "I won't let you off so easily." He leaned in and kissed those rough lips.

Tezuka closed his eyes at the soft touch of Fuji's kiss, breathing in the tensai's aroma before Fuji left his mouth empty again.

"Of course, if you choose to cancel your errands now-"

"I need to go now, Fuji," Tezuka coughed. He quickly got up onto his feet, pulling the other boy up in the process as Fuji continued to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Tezuka narrowed his eyes, completely serious as he opened his locker and began changing.

"You're...too cute."


"Hehe," Fuji leaned his face closer to Tezuka's. "I love you."

Tezuka blushed furiously as he quickly glanced away from the tensai. "D-Don't say such embarrassing things!"

Fuji frowned before putting on his smile again. " Ne, you're so shy, Buchou."

Tezuka and Fuji checked themselves one last time before stepping out of the clubroom in their school uniforms, their tennis bags swung over their shoulders.

"Ready?" Fuji smiled.

"Aa," Tezuka nodded.

As the two walked together away from the tennis courts, they failed to notice a pair of steady, dark green eyes following them from a distance until they disappeared towards the sunset.

"Nyaaaaa! I hate early morning practice," Kikumaru whined sleepily as he fell head first into Oishi's back.

"Eiji, you should be used to this by now," Oishi chuckled amusingly as he turned around to shake the red-haired boy awake.

"I agree with Eiji," Momoshiro yawned. "Even Echizen has trouble getting up. Look, he's not even here yet."

"And that brat is going to be running laps when he arrives, fsssshhh!" Kaidoh grumbled as he stretched on the ground.

"Speaking of which," Kikumaru caught a glimpse of a short first year sneaking around a bush and inching towards the clubroom door with tennis bag swung over his left shoulder. "Ochibi! Oi, Ochibi!" Kikumaru called out loudly as he waved his hand furiously, noticing the other boy gape at him in shock and quickly struggle with the doorknob.

"Echizen! 30 laps!"

The first year jumped in surprise at Tezuka glaring at him from the bulletin board.

"Oi, why didn't Ochibi wave back at me?" Kikumaru frowned, puzzled.

Everyone around him sighed.

"Eiji, let's just finish stretching," Oishi smiled uneasily.

"But…Oi, Fujiko, why are you laughing?"

Fuji chuckled. "Eiji, you don't know the act of subtlety."

"Eh?" Kikumaru blinked blankly. And then, his lips curved into a sly grin. "Ne, Fuji, how are you and Buchou doing?" He nudged the tensai at the waist, winking.

Fuji chuckled some more. "I'll tell you later," he whispered.

"Yeah! I'm Fuji's special friend!" Kikumaru jumped up excitedly in the air.

"He really doesn't know the act of subtlety," Oishi sighed to himself.

The black-haired boy hit the ball towards the acrobatic boy on the tennis court as he ran towards the net.


The acrobatic boy side-stepped and hit it to the corner. The other player immediately ran and caught up to the ball just in time.


The redhead swung his racket and hit the ball to the left corner. His partner nearly slid across the court as his racket reached the ball at the last second.


The redhead hit the ball to the same corner, surprising the other player.

"So easy," the tall boy watching smiled to himself. His dark green eyes focused in on the acrobatic boy playing on the other side of the gated fence as he stayed hidden within the shadows beneath the trees. "Right."

The redhead ran to the right again, doing a cartwheel as he smacked the ball before the other player could make a run for it.

"I win!" the acrobatic boy jumped up happily into the air.


The boy watching the two Seigaku players practice on the tennis court before him glanced down to his side at a girl with pigtails shyly looking up at him.

"You're…not from this school," she stammered.

"No, I'm not," he smiled friendly. The girl before him immediately blushed.

"Then, you are here for…"

"I'm here visiting an old friend," he winked at her.

The first year immediately felt her cheeks rise in temperature. "P-please let me know who, and I can get her for you!" She nearly squeaked.

He raked his hand through his silvery white hair. "Actually, it's a boy." His eyes traveled to the tennis court next to the acrobatic boy.

"Oi, Fuji, enough playing around! I'm serious!" the second year complained.

"Heh, but Momo, I am playing serious," the hazelnut-haired boy smiled innocently.

"No, you're not! I recognize that smile of yours!" Momoshiro pointed his finger accusingly at the tensai.

"Do you by chance mean Fuji-senpai?" The pigtailed girl glanced at the third year on the court before turning her attention back to the tall boy in front of her.

"Bingo," the boy winked.

The girl blushed furiously again. "I-I'll go get him-"

"That is unnecessary."

"Eh?" she blinked.

He leaned forward towards the girl's face, watching in satisfaction the girl nearly swoon at the close proximity. "I want to watch them play for now. So, let's not mention I'm here until I announce myself to them later," he smiled charmingly.

"Hai…" she mouthed, dazed.

He diverted his attention back to the courts when his eyes flickered to a tall brown-haired boy with glasses standing on the sidelines, arms cross and eyes serious and stern. He watched as the boy barked orders and begin walking around with a confident and authoritative air.

He raised an eyebrow. "So prideful and haughty," he commented to himself.


"Oh, I didn't mean to be rude. What's your name?" he smiled, returning to the girl at hand.

"Ryuzaki Sa…Sa…Sakuno!" she voiced with determination.

"Ah, Sakuno-chan, let's talk again soon."

"H-hai!" Sakuno nodded.

As the first-year scurried away, he returned his attention back to the courts, still hidden within the shadows beneath the trees.

"Fuji, take that!" Momoshiro smacked the ball hard as the ball flew past Fuji's arm. He landed on the ground and pointed his finger at him. "Dun."

"Heh, you got me there." Fuji opened his eyes to reveal piercing blue orbs. "But now, let's play for real."

"It's been a while since I last saw that look on your face," the tall boy with dark green eyes smiled to himself from behind the gated fence. "Fuji."