It was a sunny day that afternoon at Seishuan Academy, and the tennis team was out and about with their usual practice, preparing for the match that was coming up that weekend. The famous strict Buchou of Seigaku was monitoring his team as the club members practiced their swings and warmed up before the next training exercise. Arms crossed sternly in a serious stance, Tezuka watched as the regulars chatted excitedly amongst themselves and stretched out their muscles on the ground. Everything was back to normal on the team, and the afternoon couldn't be any more perfect.

"Ne, Fujiko, do you want to come with me to the sports shop after practice? I need more grip tape," the redhead asked his best friend as he got into a V-stance on the ground and reached for his foot.

"Gomen, Eiji, but I'm going over to Tezuka's after school to do some homework," Fuji chuckled cheerfully.

The bespectacled captain raised his head to observe the scene before him. It's been over a week since Fuji and he had made up, and the two were more than glad to be together again. Plus, much to Tezuka's surprise, the tensai had promised to control his…urges better, and thus, so far, there had not been anymore unexpected lovemaking incidents in inappropriate places.

That is, except for when Fuji somehow managed to make Tezuka slip up, grasping the opportunity to take him (usually in the locker room of the tennis clubhouse). But other than that, overall, their lovemaking was limited to the bedroom, whether at Tezuka's house or Fuji's, depending on whoever had more privacy that day. However, Tezuka did wonder occasionally if such a promise from the tensai would uphold if they were to go on another training trip up in the mountains. But, surprisingly, Tezuka thought to himself how he wouldn't mind this time.

He just won't let Fuji know that.

As for that bet they made from a few weeks ago during their training with Rokkaku, the two had agreed to a truce and decided to call it even, with Fuji apologizing for his inappropriate behavior and Tezuka apologizing for not being more open with his feelings. Both boys also expressed their regrets at fighting and punching each other that day during practice, realizing they had misunderstood each other, and thus they promised not to hurt each other like that again.

Regarding his physical health, Tezuka had already begun gaining some of his weight back in the last week. Inui had put him on a fast track full proof training menu with a list of food to eat and a proper sleeping schedule that will guarantee his original weight back within two full weeks, given that he follows the training menu exactly. However, Fuji often messed up the sleeping schedule for him due to their…nightly activities. To compensate for that, Inui had added in one of his special vitamin super power boost vegetable drink to the training menu, much to Tezuka's distaste.

Nevertheless, all was well again, and Tezuka nodded in content to himself.

"You seem to be in higher spirits."

Tezuka turned to see his vice-captain smile warmly at him.

"Aa," Tezuka coughed, quickly removing the smile from his face.

Oishi chuckled at the sudden seriousness replacing his best friend's demeanor. "Tezuka, it's all right to show that you're happy. I won't tell anyone that you smiled," he winked.

Tezuka raised his head and glanced to the side, slightly embarrassed as he softened his gaze. "Aa."

"By the way, do you think we should give them a break now before the next exercise? Inui said that it's going to be a tough one."

Tezuka thought about this carefully before nodding. "Aa." He then went ahead and barked out an order for everyone to take a 15-minute break, and to report back to the front board on time lest they want to run more laps.

"Also, Tezuka, I have something to ask you," Oishi noted. "But, it's a little more private."

Tezuka looked at his friend before nodding, and the two walked off to the side on the other side of the bushes where they can converse far away from everyone's earshot.

"What is it, Oishi?" Tezuka waited patiently.

Oishi began fidgeting and looking off to the side, as though hesitating.

"You see, I…there's something, I want to know about. Meaning, I want to know how to…um…" he slightly blushed in embarrassment. "It's just that…well…how do I put this." He furrowed his eyebrows, thinking. "I want to know…how to…do it. And…"

Tezuka only blinked back blankly, clearly lost.

"This is embarrassing and uncomfortable for me to ask, but since you're my best friend and you must have the knowledge and the experience by now, I think you're the best person to talk to." Taking a deep breath, Oishi asked, "What…do you have to do when you're on top?"

Tezuka froze as the color drained from his face.

"G-Gomen! I'm sorry to trouble you with such a question! You see, it's just that…it's regarding someone I'm with…dating…sorta'." Oishi scratched his head unsurely. "And, it's a guy. So, I don't exactly know how to…um…" Oishi took in a deep breath again. "You know, put it in."

Oishi's eyes widened as he saw the bespectacled boy nearly faint, that is, if it wasn't for the captain's well-trained, disciplined, strict manner.

"Gomen, Tezuka! But please, tell me, how do you do it exactly? I heard you have to, um, stretch down there, but for how long? And how?" Oishi became serious with determination before lowering his voice and asking, "How did you stretch Fuji?"

Now it was Tezuka's turn to blush bright red, and he looked away, completely frazzled. "Um, Oishi, I don't think I can help you with that, because…you see…I…actually, haven't done it before." Tezuka coughed.

Oishi blinked, confused. He knitted his eyebrows in a frown. "But Tezuka, I thought you and Fuji already…" Suddenly, Oishi's eyes slowly enlarged. "Tezuka! Don't tell me…you're…you're...the bottom?!"

Tezuka's face turned scarlet red as he shook and gaped in shock at Oishi.

Suddenly, Echizen, Momoshiro, Kaidoh, Inui, and Takashi fell out of the bushes a few feet away from them, with each boy landing on top of the other respectively.

"Ouch! Watch it you big oaf!" Kaidoh yelled at Inui, struggling to nudge the taller boy off.

"Did he just say Tezuka's the bottom?!" Momoshiro asked Echizen with large incredulous eyes.

The first year tipped his hat down, not responding.

"Um, um, this looks bad..." Takashi rubbed the back of his head and smiled embarrassingly as he got onto his feet.

"So our dear buchou is an uke," Momoshiro grinned, half snickering.

"Ii data," Inui wrote in his data book, pretending he didn't know this to begin with.

"Inui, I said get off of me!" Kaidoh cried out irritably.

"Um, guys?"

All turned to look at Takashi who was now pointing ahead of them, and they all turned to look at their captain and vice-captain gaping at them in shock.

"Ne, I was wondering where everyone disappeared to," Kikumaru walked over, his racket hanging over his shoulder, before stopping at the scene before him. "Ne, what's going on?" He blinked, watching a group of his teammates scrambling onto their feet.

"E-Eiji!" Oishi blushed, quickly rushing over. "Let's go now, we should get back to practice." The vice-captain proceeded to gently push his doubles partner further away from the group when he suddenly heard Echizen say calmly,

"Momo-senpai, it's time to pay up."

"Eh?! What are you talking about??" Momoshiro stammered with a forced chuckle, pulling on his shirt collar uneasily.

Echizen glared, not amused. "Momo-senpai, I won the bet. I knew Buchou is definitely the bottom."

Tezuka smacked his head with his hand in complete exasperation and frustration as Kikumaru suddenly whirled around.

"What? What do you mean bottom?" he blinked innocently. "What is he the bottom of? Certainly not tennis."

"Eiji, they're not talking about tennis," Takashi said uncomfortably.

"E-Eiji! Let's go!" Oishi stammered as he quickly attempted to push his doubles partner away again.

"But wait, who is Oishi talking about when he said he was dating someone?" Momoshiro asked as he looked up in thought, completely curious.

Echizen sighed and shook his head at his senpai. "Mada mada dane."

"Eiji, we really should get back to practice," Oishi quickly stated, starting to panic as he tried to push the redhead away.

"Ne, Oishi, what are they talking about? Who are you dating?" The redhead glanced over his shoulder curiously as his friend pushed him from the back.

"Nothing! C'mon, Eiji!"

"But Oishi!" Kikumaru whined. "What are you asking Tezuka about then if you're-"

"Oishi was asking Tezuka how to have sex."

Everyone turned to look at the hazelnut-haired tensai who had just appeared on the scene. "Apparently, he thinks that Tezuka is pretty…experienced."

Tezuka glared at Fuji warningly with intense brown eyes as Fuji only smiled back innocently.

"S-Sex?!" Kikumaru's ears perked up and turned bright red. He confronted his doubles partner. "Oishi!"

Oishi gaped and looked away, completely flushed.

"But," Fuji continued, "Too bad for him, Tezuka couldn't answer his question because Tezuka is…" Fuji opened his piercing blue eyes, "…the bottom."

"EH?!" Kikumaru gasped in shock as he stared wide-eyed at Tezuka, who was now groaning into his hand and shaking his head in complete and utter embarrassment.

"But, Oishi? I didn't know there was someone you like! You never keep secrets from me! Who do you want to do it with? Tell me! Tell me!" Kikumaru demanded insistently.

Oishi gulped, eyes shaking as he sweated nervously in front of the redhead's interrogative eyes.

"There is an 85 percent chance that Oishi has not confessed his feelings to that person," Inui said as he wrote in his data book. "There is a 95 percent chance that the person Oishi wants to do it with is-"

"STOP INUI!" Oishi cried out frantically, hands held out to motion for Inui to halt.

Kikumaru blinked, frowning. "Ne, Oishi, I wanted to hear Inui's conclu-"

"Let's go, Eiji!" Oishi swiftly grabbed Eiji by the wrist and pulled him away from everyone else as he headed back towards the courts.

"Aw, they're such a cute couple," Fuji sang warmly. "They kinda' remind me of us-"

"Fuji!" Tezuka scolded, furious.

Fuji only smiled back innocently with beautiful, crystalline, blue eyes that left Tezuka's heart pounding uncontrollably.

"What are you all doing you bunch of lazy bums? This isn't the time to dawdle around. We have a match coming up in two days! Get back to practice!" Ryuzaki growled with a flaring temper.

Momoshiro, Echizen, Kaidoh, and Inui quickly ran away from the angry coach and back onto the courts as Ryuzaki walked up to Tezuka and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Tezuka-kun, don't be so embarrassed. I'm proud of you for breaking stereotypes."

Tezuka blinked questioningly at his coach, completely puzzled.

"Ah, don't be shy." Ryuzaki grinned before giggling like a little school girl. "It's nice to know that even a tall, serious guy like you can be an…uke."

Tezuka felt like he wanted the ground to swallow him up in a black hole.

"Aw, it is true." Fuji added, coy blue eyes smiling sweetly at the taller boy. "Tezuka…is actually really cute as an uke."

Tezuka glared at Fuji again, ready to chew him out with a lecture.

"Usagi! Usagi! Did you hear?" A girl suddenly ran out quickly from the sidewalk on the other side of the gate besides them, heading towards the school walls. "I heard that Tezuka-senpai is an uke!"

"Eh?! Are you sure?" Another girl asked excitedly, eyes lighting up with delight. "Who's the lucky girl?!"

"Ne, did you just say Tezuka is an uke?!"

"Hm, that won't be good for you tomorrow," Fuji noted as he watched the girls run to another group of girls and continue gossiping.

Tezuka dropped his head and groaned into his hands.

Perhaps now would be a good time to transfer schools.


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