13 Sept 2017

My name is Isabella Marie Black and I cannot express the joy I feel at this moment. I am 27 years old today and how different am I from the 17 year-old girl who stumbled in Forks after the remarriage of her mother! When I look at a photograph of the time or even when I look back, I am shocked to see the difference those years have made. I was naïve but I thought I knew everything. I was stubborn, I struggled, but now I know things I didn't know at 17. Life isn't an addition of spurs of the moment, but rather, and addition of simple things and big decisions, that when added together makes up such a beautiful journey, such an imperfect one. So human.

I did not suffer as much as other people have so I do not know if it is the same for everyone, but I know one thing: whatever I have endured in life has brought me to this moment and I do not regret a thing. Today, on my birthday, I found out I was pregnant. This was the best present that I could have had; better than the piano from Edward, the Black Jaguar from Rosalie, the unlimited ticket to shop in Alice's shop and the hundred of books Jasper and Emmett had sent, including an old version of Beauty And The Beast, a book they knew I adored. It was even better than the tickets for a trip to Paris from Jacob.

Everything happened so fast that I have barely time to catch my breath; but I am so enjoying everything that's happening, because I am living my life exactly as I decided it, exactly as it should have been.

The Cullens are living in Tutunendo, a small town situated in Chocó, Columbia; one of the rainiest places again. They still visit from time to time. Alice, being bored at home, has opened her own shop there but has hired people to manage everything includes having contact with people and clients, because she didn't want questions to be raised about how she would still look the same after 30 years. She manages everything from the inside and is very successful. There hadn't been a doubt about that, though. Alice is Alice.

Jasper is working as well. He offers his services as a psychiatrist. I laughed out loud when I heard this one. According to his certificates, he has years of experience. He looks older so that's okay. It's amazing what a little make-up can do to your age. He has been working as a psychiatric for 4 years now and he is recommended by everyone knowing him. It is true that his little gift helps him a lot in his work, but I have to admit that he had always had the patience to listen to people, so this career path was perfect for him.

Esme is working as an interior decorator and Carlisle works as a doctor. They won't be leaving Tutunendo anytime soon. Carlisle and Esme haven't changed in the least: they are still as in love as the first time I met them, and this is what has always given me hope.

Edward is sharing his gift for music with others; he is a piano teacher. He only teaches a small amount of people at the same time because he is reserved, as always. He does not like to be the centre of attention. Edward is as selfless as he had always been, patient and kind. He was here today on my birthday party and we had a great time together. We do not see each other as often as before; only on big occasion, but this is to be understood. We had a conversation today, and we were talking about the course our life had taken. He said he was happy this way and that he wouldn't change a thing, even if he were given the occasion. Neither would I.

Rosalie and Emmett are planning their 14th marriage. And no, I don't mean the amount of time they have been married to each other. I mean this will be the 14th time they will be celebrating their love. This makes me laugh. I am so happy for them. Rosalie and I are much closer now; we could be considered as sisters. I am glad she has changed her hate into love because I prefer being her ally than her enemy. I saw what happened to people who crossed her path. Last year she became furious at a guy who passed his fingertips on her car. I have a motto for her: "Look, DON'T TOUCH."

Emmett is a teddy bear, as always. He is the one I see the most after Alice because I simply cannot be away from him for too long. That's another reason I prefer being on Rosalie's side: so that she doesn't pull her wrath on me for being too close to her husband.

Angela and Ben had married a year before Jacob and I. I paid them a visit last week and proudly noticed that they are as in love as always. They have a little girl, Anna, who is seven months old. She is such a cutie.

Crystal is also married. Guess with who? Seymour, of course. Those who said that their relationship would not last had had to take back their words. They are the perfect couple, and they sometimes still remind of Rosalie and Emmett. Crystal and Seymour both like to travel and they took it as a perfect excuse to make a world tour. They have begun one year ago and they have reached a little island named Mauritius. They were supposed to leave 2 weeks ago but they found the island so attractive that they extended their visit. They had advised us to come, both Jacob and I, and we are going to do it, but after leaving Paris. I always wanted to visit France.

Jacob is still messing with cars, but this time, more professionally. He builds cars, or should I say: he creates cars. He does both. He has an idea of a car he would have liked to have and then he builds it. At first I was hesitant but I ended up being happy I trusted him. He works for himself and is very successful. Guess who bought the first car he built as a professional? Rosalie, indeed! She is having fun collectioning every car he makes as well as a car in every country.

There are no vampires in Forks, so the pack doesn't have much to do. They have stopped phasing and they are now able to age properly. Most of them have moved out of Forks but we still see each other regularly. I simply love our reunions.

How can I feel anything but safe when I have a coven full a vampires and werewolves around me? I love each of these persons deeply and they know it.

Today after a fit of laughter due to multiples anecdotes of the past, I had looked at everyone and sighed happily.

"I have a crazy family," I'd told Jacob, who was standing by my side, his arm wrapped around my waist. I was leaning into him and we were watching everyone trying to regain their composure after laughing so much. Jacob had looked at me and smiled, a smiled that made him irresistible.

"A crazy family, indeed," He'd agreed, "but also a loving one."

The kiss that had followed afterwards had been pure bliss and had left me speechless.

As for me, I am a English teacher. I don't have much to say about it, apart that teaching is great. I teach in Forks High School itself and I try very hard to understand my students. I am friends with many of them, and it is surprising how people so easily come to you as soon as you open up a bit. I really like teaching a lot.

Okay so, now we're at it, why don't I tell you about Mike Newton? Haha, stop laughing. So, Mike Newton. Ah, Mike. He could be really annoying sometimes, but what I will never forget is that he had always been a friend to me. He an Angela had been the only ones to stick up with me after my "zombie mode", even after I had been ignoring them for months.

Mike Newton is married. Yes, at last. I even went to his wedding last year; and I caught the bouquet. Too bad I was already married. He has a beautiful wife who loves him and whom he loves back. Everyone 'awed' at their wedding because they looked so cute together.

About my life altogether, I can't say that I'm not happy. It's impossible to me to say that I'm not satisfied with the life I am leading. Everything is so perfect that I can't even doubt my choice anymore, that I can't even wonder whether I am causing pain to someone I love. My only hope now is that I can one day be forgiven for the pain and misery I have caused in my life, that somehow my good deeds could erase my faults. But then, isn't that the hope of millions of other people in the world?

"Bella?" I heard Jacob call behind me. I turned around to see him approaching, a big smile on the face. I got up from my seat and threw my arms around him. He laughed and picked me up and spun me around, while I burst out laughing, the simplicity of all this making me so happy that I couldn't believe I had gotten so lucky. I felt bad, thinking of all the people that were unhappy at this moment, that hadn't gotten so much luck in all their lifetime, but then, wasn't it my duty not to brood and be happy because I did have all that? Didn't I owe it to all of them?

"What were you writing?" Jacob asked as he put me down.

"Ahh… you know," I said, not really knowing how to call it.

"Your story," He concluded, kissing me on the cheek. "It's the best story I have ever read."

"You say this just because I'm your wife," I joked. He laughed.

"Not at all. I'm saying this because I'm in there."

I burst out laughing again, never getting enough of his nature to joke. We were silent a moment before I spoke, suddenly serious.

"I don't know if it's going to work, but I just want to try," I said.

"Keep trying. That's what counts. The result can only be positive," He said, approaching his face towards mine. We kissed then, and after so much time it still surprised me how he could make me feel, how nothing was wrong, as long as we were together.

"I love you," I said, pulling back; and in his eyes reflected a promise, the promise of a lifetime.

"I love you too. So much," I could hear him say, just by looking in his eyes.

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