So. There is a home for my throwaway stuff and maybe this should have ended up there too but something made me want to post it. And then I thought there may be other stuff in the future that tips over into the posting bracket. And so I started this thread.

This is experimental and probably pretentious. It's what I woke up with so I'm sharing. What you make of it, I have no idea. :)

"What do you do?" by InSilva

How things change.

The longest hour evaporates

Like a beginner's winning streak.

Walking back to despond

To find the thrill ride in its place.

There's shockful joy and not a little anger;

(Just because it doesn't show

Doesn't mean he doesn't know).

He's here: life quickens.

There'll be rarefied air

And invisible angles;

The (im)possible.

Cards fall.

Conversation resumes: apology sought, forgiveness granted.

The stars fade away.

There is just him and him.

The universe is their playground.