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What's In A Name?

Chapter 5: Captive

To say Vince McMahon was stressed would be the understatement of the century. His son was hospitalized. His wife and oldest daughter were hysterical. And his pride and joy, his youngest child, was missing.

The police had tried to get information on any potential suspects, but Vince couldn't narrow the list down enough; he'd made so many enemies over the years. And now he was going to pay for it. Authorities would find his beautiful young daughter's beaten and raped body in the gutter somewhere in two weeks, and it was all his fault.

His large fists clenched as these thoughts crossed his mind, and he squeezed his eyes shut, willing his tears away. He had to be strong. He couldn't show any mercy. Whoever these monsters were, they weren't going to get away with it.

Randy walked out of the questioning room, shaken and worried. His girlfriend was missing. She was missing?! He felt like such a bastard for thinking she'd blown him off. No. She hadn't, not at all.

Randy felt sick to his stomach. But he wasn't the only one...

Shannon, Matt and Jeff stepped into the dark room, the only light being that coming from the door. The McMahon girl was on her hands and knees, heaving onto the floor.

She'd gotten herself so worked up and upset she'd felt sick and started to vomit up bile. "Jesus," Shannon muttered, going over to Summer's side and trying to get her hair out of her face. But she rejected his assistance, pushing him away and coughing as she backed herself up into the wall, her ankle still throbbing from the impact it had against the windowsill.

"Get the fuck away from m-me!" she rasped, curling herself into a ball.

"Aw, ain't she sweet Shan?" Jeff mocked in a bitter tone.

"Jeff!" Matt hissed warningly. He was fed up with Jeff's recent behavior and he also hadn't anticipated this girl's violent tantrum. They couldn't very well leave her in here now that she'd puked. And Shan had been right; it was far too cold.

But he couldn't let her wander around the place. She'd escape, no doubt. Of course, in this part of the city, she was safer here than anywhere else. Who knows what the streets would do to her.

Eat her alive, of course.

Matt began thinking that this whole situation was taking a turn for the worst. What had he been thinking? This girl is going to need to be monitored all the time!

"Lemme watch her. I'll keep a good eye on her," Jeff grinned wickedly.

Shannon snorted and rolled his eyes. "Yeah right."

Jeff turned and glared at his best friend, but Matt intervened before any argument could commence. "Take her upstairs Jeff."

The younger brother was immediately distracted by Matt's words and smirked, moving forward towards the girl. Shannon was in disbelief. "What?! Matt he's—" He cut himself off, not wanting to finish the sentence with Jeff standing right there. He might snap.

If he hadn't already.

Matt made his decision based purely on the safety of his close-knit group or friends here. Shannon would be a better companion for Summer, sure, but Jeff would not be easily swayed the way Shannon would. He was far too easily manipulated and charmed, especially by girls. Matt just couldn't take that chance.

The fearless leader leaned in close to Shannon as Jeff forced the girl to her feet rather easily, despite her thrashing. She started shrieking as Jeff dragged her from the room and up the stairs. "Just check in every once in a while. I'm sorry man, but Jeff's just..." More trustworthy? No he couldn't say that, or back it up at this point. Less gullible? That would be offensive.

"Heartless?" Shannon suggested, knowing exactly why Matt had chosen Jeff to take the McMahon girl instead of himself. Matt gave his young friend a sideways look before shaking his head and leaving the cold storage room.

"Sit!" Jeff snapped, shoving Summer by her shoulders down in to a wooden chair. Summer was terrified at this point, this guy being clearly unpredictable and quite possibly insane. She wasn't sure which one she would rather be with at this point; this rainbow nightmare or the tall one who'd seemed overly hostile.

God, maybe she should've just been nice to Shan, or whatever his name was. He seemed... the safest, if any of these lunatics could be considered so.

Summer inhaled shaky breaths, still all worked up, as she looked around the room she had been brought to by this maniac. It looked like something that belonged in a cracked out haunted house! There was dark purple lighting, making it nearly impossible to see, especially since her eyes weren't adjusted. But a lot of the objects in the room seemed to be glowing, including the make-up that this clown was wearing. It was spooky and Jeff sensed her fear and apprehension, a glorious urge to play with this young woman taking control.

"Wow, I feel like I'm in a real predictable horror movie," he commented casually, before circling to behind her chair and replacing his hands on her shoulders and bracing them there so she couldn't get up. He was quite strong. "You know, I feel like uh... uh, Jigsaw or somethin', right? You know what I mean princess?" He let out a dry laugh and moved his face close to hers. She could feel the stubble of his unusual facial hair scratch against her jaw and her jaw quivered as she strained to keep a distance between them. "What usually happens in horror movies?"

An uncontrollable sob choked from Summer's sore throat and passed through her chapped lips at his insinuation. Was he going to kill her? The thought, the actual idea was just too much to bear and she began crying, unable to stop.

"Tell me!" The girl's body jumped in shock of his loud demand in the otherwise silenced room.

The hot tears stung her wind-bitten cheeks as they poured down the sensitive skin. "P-people get killed." She'd only answered because she was too afraid of what this psychopath might do if she didn't. Otherwise, she would've spit right in his face.

"Tell me about it. Tell me how they die. Just... give me an example." That snapped something in the young heiress, and at that moment, she was sure she'd end up dead. So she began screaming once again, trying, begging for any help she could get. Of course, her screams weren't loud since her throat was already raw from the earlier shouting.

But someone answered her pleas just as she was about to give up and let this guy do whatever it was he was going to do. The door swung open and a normal light was flicked on, brightening what turned out to be a bedroom and making Summer close her eyes and wince back.

"Enough Jeff." The leader came forth, Summer recognizing him as Matt. "No one's gonna hurt you. So just relax. Jeff, stop fuckin' with her."

Jeff just laughed cruelly and released her shoulders, flopping on to the animal print covered bed in the corner casually, hands behind his multi-colored head. Summer wondered if there was actually something wrong with him. Was he a schizophrenic or something or was this all a show just to freak her out?

Summer slid from the chair, collapsing in to a convulsing heap on the floor, sobs echoing through the room. "He's a f-fucking psycho!" she cried, shooting a tearful and frigid glare at Matt through her matted hair.

Matt looked at Summer and sighed, realizing he might've made a mistake by allowing Jeff to be her caretaker for the time being. Licking his lips, he nodded his head towards the door. "You wanna eat or somethin'?"

"I want to go home," she stated firmly through her teeth.

Matt rolled his eyes and Jeff cackled. "Not an option. You can come out there, cooperate, eat, and clean up, or ya can stay in here with my brother." The decision had already been made up in her mind, but it took her a little while to actually move. But finally, she got to her feet, the throbbing in her ankle only being noticed now that she was slightly calmer. She had to use the chair she'd been forced into to get to her feet.

Wiping her nose and sniffling, Summer limped over to Matt, not wanting to stay with this crazed asshole, who apparently was his brother.

"I see how it is princess," Jeff chided, bouncing a fist-sized ball against the ceiling and catching it, then repeating the action. "Well, don't come crawlin' to me when you're lookin' for a nice, warm bed ta sleep in tonight."

Summer pulled a face at the suggestion, turning to make sure Jeff saw, only to be met with his psychotic grin. That little gleam in his shocking green eyes made her falter slightly. He was a strange one, that's for certain. And she didn't want anything to do with him at all.