Witchblade: Resurrection

By Shannon Hearn

All characters or likenesses thereof are owned by Top Cow Comics and Gonzo

Think of this story as being an epilogue to the Witchblade Anime. I am borrowing from the vast Witchblade lore. So for you who are fans of the series or the comics you will find the little tidbits that I have put into this story. And a Special Thanks to RPG for finding all the little grammar errors in this story, a Big thinks goes out to him. Hearns.

Part 1: Adrift

Masane drifted through the light. She knew that she had given her life to stop the I-Weapons and the Clone blades from destroying Tokyo and her daughter Rihoko was safe her dad, Reiji Takayama. Masane would have loved to have spent more time with him, but fate as usual had other plans... Now drifting through this... was she in heaven? She didn't know.

"Witchblade..." A female voice called out.

"Witchblade... Daughter why are you here?" The voice called again...

Witchblade... The voice was calling for the... Masane looked down at her wrist... She was still armored... That was when she saw the Angel...

"Witchblade..." The golden haired angel called out as she touched Masane's face. That was when all of Masane's memories started to flow forward. Images of Masane waking up and pulling herself out of the rubble from the destruction of Tokyo during the great quake five plus years ago flooded her mind. The scar on her arm where the Witchblade would place itself on her body years later was prevalent in those memories. Rico as a baby... Rico growing up... Her first feelings of being a bearer of the Witchblade as she killed that first I weapon... then the others... Her first fight with the Clone blades, then... That last Clone blade that had killed her comrades before attacking her near the ruins of the old Tokyo Tower.

"Daughter..." The angel pulled her hand away... "Man... made bearers..." the angel looked worried... "You were copied..." The angel looked like she was about to be sick...

"Rihoko..." Masane felt fall from her lips... The angel returned her hand to Masane's face and images of Masane's daughter started to flow from her mind. Then the angel showed images of the Witchblade... or two creatures made up of Witchblade stuff, mating, and birthing...

"Masane..." The angel rubbed her face. "Do you want to live?"

This was a strange concept... Live... as in being brought back to life... To see Rihoko grow up, to fall in love... Yes... she would want that. That was when she felt the Clone blades...

"Angelus..." A male voice called out, "Our Daughter has..." Masane turned her head to see a male Witchblade figure standing over two very unconscious Clone blades. The blue one with the white hair that had questioned their Clone blades' leader and the pink and blue one... That...

"Yes, I know Darkness." The angel said moving away from Masane... "Our child has been copied..."

"Yes... and this is not like the time when Witchblade split herself into two to protect two hosts."

"Darkness, the bearers of that time, Danielle and Sara knew the risks."

"Angelus... this is our child... There must be balance!" Darkness bent down over the unconscious form of one of the Clone blades and pulled her up by the neck...

"Yes... we must judge the path of these two." The younger of the Clone blades moaned as Darkness's arm reached to the limp body of the young Clone blade and grabbed hold to her wrist then Masane lurched forward as she collapsed to the ground. All Masane could do was see the young Cloneblade girl turn into a very naked human girl. That was when Masane watched as Angelus reached over and picked up the older Clone blade and repeat the same neck pickup and wrist grab Darkness had done.

Masane wanted to throw up from the agony she had seen on these two girl's faces. Though these two had been created to be living weapons. The level of pain she saw on those two faces made every ounce of fear, anger, and sadness tear into her soul.

Gritting her teeth she forced herself to her feet and took a shaky step forward. Forcing herself to take each step Masane could feel the Witchblade almost want to help her. Then Masane realized that for the first time in her life the Witchblade wasn't whispering, it was screaming that it was scared.

"Please... I don't want to make my parent's angry."

Masane understood. But she couldn't let... Witchblade's parents kill these two for just being turned into monsters...

"Please..." Masane croaked out as she felt the Witchblade retract from being around her body and sliver to being around her wrist, thus leaving her as Masane realized naked, but literally and figuratively. That was when the two beings turned to look at her. "Please don't hurt them." Masane was able to force out of her mouth.

"The bearer speaks." Masane knew that she would probably be stuck down where she stood.

"Yes… I know…" Masane covered her chest with her arms as she turned sideways to conceal her crotch. "That… that I bear the Witchblade… I know that I want to be separated from it…" That was when the Witchblade flowed into her skin and behind her eyes.

"The bearer… does not wish to be destroyed, I have done much to handle the flow of power around her… she was not chosen by me… She was necessary." Masane felt what this creature that was stuck to her was feeling… Memories… It knew about the quake… It needed to move… it was scared… mortally... Long lived, but mortal… It felt weird having something use your mouth to talk with its… Parents… Crap… These people/beings were its parents… And given that you were attached to this thing, Masane didn't want to get spanked or worse… The worse part wasn't something she wanted to think about.

"Necessary…" Angelus spoke… "Necessary..." Now she was yelling, "Child… these creatures…" Angelus swung the limp unconscious body of the Neogene female like a doll a mother had found on the floor of a her daughter's messy room. "Were created off of you. Now, if you were not my child, I would destroy you where you stand..." Masane forced through the consciousness of the Witchblade to speak.

"I am Amaha Masane, if you have created this thing..." Masane raised her wrist to show the Witchblade to its "mother" "then; you should know that it has given me nothing but hell. I died to save the world from the monsters it kept summoning to me..." That was when the mother lashed out at her.

"HOW dare you speak, bearer..." Masane took a step backwards. "My Child is supposed to keep the balance between the forces of light and of darkness." Angelus threw the naked Clone blade girl past her with such force that the limp girl made a thud to the ground as she rolled and came to a stop. The moan from the girl told Masane that the Neogene was still alive.

"Balance?" Masane shuddered out, she was getting some answers, but they were partial. "Wait... Then... There is bad, and Worse..." Masane rubbed her head as she looked down at the unconscious form that was by her. "Wait... you are telling me that the Witchblade is like some kind of police officer for the forces of Good and Evil?" Angelus looked at Masane as she studied the young girl. The Neogene looked to be no more than eighteen. The other one in well Darkness's hands looked to be almost pre-pubescent. Masane turned to see an imp like creature moving over to fondle the Neogene's breast. As the creature moved in to grab on and start humping one of the girl's large breasts, Masane hauled off and kicked the creature off of the girl. Turning to see that the younger was had been dropped too, Masane rushed to see that several of the imps had started to bite and tear at the younger Neogene's hear.

By the time Masane got to the girl, both of the girl's long braids had been gnawed off by one of imps that looked like Tatsuoki "Father" Furumizu and another imp version of the blue and red Neogene Clone blade Masane had killed in that final battle dragging away the girl's other lock of braided hair. Batting away several of the other imps Masane bent over and started to drag the young girl away and towards the older Neogene girl.

"You are defending those you wished you harm." Darkness watched the scene unfold.

"If the Witchblade is some sort of police officer, then why wasn't I deputized? Given any training? Hell, even some backup to help me out in facing down these creatures." Masane cursed as she shielded the two girls from another unwanted attack from a horny imp.

"As the bearer of the Witchblade, you were to use the skills you have as well as the skills the Witchblade would have given you." Angelus said to Masane.

"Well, it would have worked, if the weapon kept up its side of the deal... Hell, all I got was some killer instincts that I could barely could control." Angelus reached over and grabbed Masane by the neck.

"We shall see." With that all of Masane's memories were an open book to Angelus... Memories that Masane never knew about started to surface. She screamed. It was like she was being forced to watch moments of her life that she would rather forget... Then she remembered the battles, all of them... Even the first one she had during that night she spent in jail... Then she was let go... That was when darkness overwhelmed her. The only thought going through her mind was that of her daughter: "Rihoko ".

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