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"Wouldn't it be awesome if we could go to the Bleach world!?" Stacy asks in a very hyper voice with a huge grin on her face.

"Totally!" I reply, my grin matching hers. "Dude, I don't even know what I would do first. I'd be so excited!" I yelp, becoming giddy at the thought of it.

~~~Me: Stacy likes Shuhei, Toushiro, and Ulquiorra!~~~

~~~Stacy: Britt likes Renji, Noba, and Grimmjow!~~~

Stacy and I started discussing our favorite characters and trying to figure out what we would do first if we ever got the chance to visit the Bleach world. Not like it would ever happen, but girls can dream, right? I thought to myself as I imagined seeing Renji in real life and my smile widened. Stacy talking snapped me out of my thoughts, she mentioned something about meeting Toushiro.

"You'd run up to Toushiro so fast, he couldn't escape." I tell Stacy and chuckle at the thought of her running to Toushiro with her hair blowing in the breeze, as they have a loving embrace.

"At least I wouldn't be chasing him." Stacy replies, matter-of-factly, wondering about the weird smile on my face. "I don't even wanna know what you're thinking about Britt" She mumbles to herself, so quietly I barely understand what she says.

"Hey, wait!" I barked at her, "I wouldn't chase Renji!" I say, denying her claim.

"Yes, yes you would Britt." She urges.

"No, I would glomp him!" I confirm, proud of myself for proving her wrong. Stacy thinks about it for a moment, then chuckles as she looks at me.

"Would that be your Bonkai?" She asks, looking at me expectedly.

"Hey, that sounds pretty cool actually." I say, grinning happily. "Bonkai! Flying Leap!" I yell, throwing my arms up and pretending to glomp something.

Stacy and I busted out laughing, having to hold our stomachs and wipe tears from our eyes because we were laughing so hard. After a little while we went outside to mess around. We did kart-wheels and flips, then we threw rocks at targets and climbed trees and just a bunch of random stuff. The best part of it though, was our sword fight. We got my samurai swords out and had an epic battle! After a while though, it was time to go back inside because it was dark.

"Bleach comes on in a little while!" I tell Stacy excitedly. It will come on in about 5 minutes. I say to myself as I get the remote and turn the TV to the correct station.

"I will never let you watch your beloved Bleach!" Stacy yells dramatically as she grabs the shorter samurai sword out of my hands and unsheathes it.

"That is what you think!" I yell defiantly as I unsheathe my sword.

We take our battle stances and glare at each other, as if we were mortal enemies. We both lunge forward, making our swords cross. We are bantering back and forth and playfully insulting each other as we hear the Bleach intro song come on.

"It's on!" I squeak from excitement as I start to put my sword back up on the wall where it goes.

"Wait!" Stacy demands happily. "Let's keep our swords out at stab the people we don't like!" She finishes her statement and I nod at her grand idea.

Stacy and I are watching the anime and every time someone we don't like pops up on the screen we stab them. Stacy and I both stab each of the bounts every time they appear on the screen. Out of excitement I accidently stab Chad.

"Why'd you stab Chad!?" Stacy gasps, looking at me wide-eyed.

"I don't know," I shrug at her question, "He's kinda creepy." I reply, her face still showing shock from my actions.

Out of nowhere, Stacy and I hear a strange noise that can only be described as something straight out of a sci-fi movie. We stare in amazement as a weird, black portal appears in the doorway of my room. Stacy and I look back and forth, our eyes moving from the portal to each other several times. I shake my head and look at Stacy as we stand up and slowly walk over to the portal. I try to see through the portal, but it's so thick and dark that I can't see anything.

"Britt." Stacy says, getting my attention. I turn around and look at her as she tries to calm herself down to not show any fear or shock. "You go first." She states watching me expectedly. I slowly take a couple steps closer to the portal and hesitantly bring my hand up towards the center of it. I hear Stacy huff behind me.

"Will you just hurry up?" She says impatiently, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Jeez, just trying to make things dramatic." I sigh at her lack of showmanship as I raise my sheathed samurai sword and shove it through the portal.

As I pull the sword back out, I notice that it is intact. The portal must be somewhat safe then, since nothing happened to the sword. I turn around to tell Stacy that the portal seems safe but I turn a little too quickly and slip into the portal. I fall for what seems like ages, my scream ringing throughout the emptiness. Next thing I know, I land on my butt on what seems to be solid ground.

"That's gonna leave a mark." I grumble to myself, rubbing my sore bottom. I look around and realize that Stacy hadn't fell down with me. I start yelling for her, hoping she can hear me and that she's not freaking out too much.

"Stacy! Hello!" I yell desperately through the darkness.

"Hello?" A voice says, somewhat questioningly.

I turn around and begin straining to see, then as my eyes adjust I notice-

"Ichigo!" I nearly scream his name in shock.

"How do you know my name?" Ichigo asks, tilting his head slightly to one side as he cautiously reaches his hand for his zanpakuto.

"I-uh-I…" I stammer nervously, not able to make a coherent sentence. When all of a sudden…


"Ouch!" I grunt, felling something land on me. "Why am I always the one that gets hurt?" I ask myself with a pouty face as I stand of, rubbing my sore head.

"Britt!" I hear Stacy shout happily.

"Stacy?" I asked in confusion.

"Britt?" Ichigo asks questioningly.

"Ichigo!?" Stacy asked, non-believing.

"Me?" I asked, pointing towards myself as I was now uberly confused. "Okay," I say, getting Ichigo's and Stacy's attention. I gesture between the two saying, "Stacy, meet Ichigo. Ichigo, meet Stacy."

"Then you're Britt?" Ichigo asks, frustration showing in his voice.

"Well, yes and no." I start, "My real name is Brittany, but everyone calls me Britt." I finish, a little annoyed that Ichigo couldn't keep up.

I look over at Stacy and noticed that she was kind of spacing out. She mumbles something about this can't be real so I slyly reach over and pinch her arm.

"Ouch!" She yelps, rubbing the spot I pinched. "What was that for!?" She asks, obviously upset about me helping her out.

"Well, I guess it's real." I tell her, smirking as she glares at me.

As Stacy, Ichigo and I are standing there trying to figure out what exactly happened and how that portal brought Stacy and I to the Bleach world, a man with red hair ran up to Ichigo.

"Ichigo! Is everything okay? I heard some yelling and thought-" The red haired man let his sentence trail off as he looked at Stacy and I with a confused look on his face.

"R-Renji!?" Stacy asked, shocked to see another guy from Bleach standing in front of her. She snapped out of her shock and started nudging me with her elbow and winking.

"Uh...yeah. Who are you two?" He asked pointing at us accusingly.

"Well, I'm Brittany, but you can call me Britt." I say with a smile on my face.

"And I'm Stacy!" She says, nudging me with her elbow again. I glare at her out of the corner of my eye, my smile not changing and she stops nudging me kind of afraid. She gives an apologetic smile and I nod in forgiveness.

Uryu walks up beside Renji and Ichigo, just hearing the last part of the conversation he looks at us quizzically. "Who?" He asks, causing everyone to roll their eyes at him.

"Stacy." Renji says, gesturing to her.

"And Brittany." Ichigo finishes the introduction as he gestures to me the same way Renji had gestured to Stacy.

"Hello Uryu!" I say happily, giving him a closed eye grin.

"Britt. Stop smiling like that," Stacy says, poking me to get me to stop. "You look like Gin when you do." She pokes me a few more times as what she said sinks in. I stop making the face so fast that everyone just looks at me wide-eyed with blank expressions (O_O).

"Sorry," I say chuckling as I rub the back of my head nervously, "Gin creeps me out a little." I say, chuckling again.

"A little?" Stacy asks, calling my bluff. "Every time you see a picture of him you run and hide." Stacy adds, my face turning red from embarrassment.

As all of us are talking, a man walks up behind me silently. I don't notice him but everyone else does so they begin watching him. After Stacy stops embarrassing me about my deep-seeded fear of Gin, I notice everyone looking behind me so I slowly turn around when—

"Hello." Gin says happily as he waves a hand at everyone. The others greet him casually then Stacy starts looking around and notices that I'm nowhere in sight.

"Britt!" Stacy yells, trying to find me.

"What did I do?" Gin asks innocently, his creepy smile still plastered on his face.

Stacy turns to him and smiles apologetically, "You didn't do anything she is just kind of afraid of you, that's all." She says, waving the whole incident away with her hand. As Stacy distract Gin with conversation, I slowly come out from my hiding place (a large bush next to a tree) and try to slowly sneak away from everyone.

"Oh, I see." Gin says, his smile widening (if that's even possible). "I guess that means that Brittany doesn't like me." He finishes, looking slightly disappointed.

After hearing this I stop in my tracks, how did he know my name? I think to myself, Stacy must have read my mind because she asks him the same question. I inch over to Stacy, trying my best to stay as far away from Gin as possible.

"A magician never reveals his secrets." He says as he points his smile in my direction. "It was nice meeting you." He tells me as he waves his hand towards me. I cringe as the creepy man leaves.

"Is it just me or is he even creepier in person?" Stacy asks, whispering in my ear so only her and I can hear.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you!" I say loudly, causing her to jump back and rub her ear.

"Looks like Gin has a girlfriend." Ichigo whispers, rather loudly, to Renji. They both chuckle and I walk up to them and turn towards Ichigo. WHAP! I hit Ichigo on the back of the head and he whines and grumbles something unintelligible. I turn back around and take my place next to Stacy.

"Why didn't you hit Renji? He was in on it to." Stacy points out, as she looks at Ichigo rubbing the back of his head, and silently chuckles.

"Because," I start, looking at the two men. "Renji is a lot cooler than Ichigo." I finish my statement. Ichigo looks at me surprised at the attack on his pride and Renji just looks at him and laughs.

"Hah. She thinks I'm cooler than you!" Renji laughs at Ichigo's distraught look. Then, becoming more serious, he questions, "I really do wonder how he knew your name Britt." He wonders, glancing at me.

"Hm. I don't know." Ichigo answers, shrugging his shoulders.

"He probably just heard me say it." I reply, trying to convince myself more than them. Seeming satisfied with that answer Ichigo and Renji just look at each other and nod.

"So, why do you hate Gin so much?" Ichigo and Renji ask at the same time.

"It's not really that I hate him…It's just that he's really creepy and mean." I say, trying to justify my dislike for the man.

As I'm answering the question, Gin (who had never really left) hears me say that I don't hate him and runs up behind me, throwing his arms around my waist. Who's hugging me!? I think to myself, panicking and not really wanting to know.

"So you don't hate me Brittany!" I hear Gin say happily as he turns me around to face him. He then quickly pecks his lips against my cheek.

"GIN!" Stacy yells in disapproval as she runs over to make him let go of me. After he lets go I fall over on the ground and twitch a couple times.

"Too far Gin." Ichigo states, then urges Gin to leave before I snap out of my shock and kill him.

After Gin is gone I hear Stacy, Ichigo, and Renji snickering about what happened, saying Gin's my future husband and stuff then they all bust out laughing.

"It's not funny!" I snap at them, standing up and dusting myself off. I start wiping my cheek off violently.

"Ha-ha, you know he just did that to bug you, right?" Ichigo asks me between his laughter. "He is an unpredictable guy though."

"Hey wait, where's Chad?" Stacy asks, looking around the area we are in. "He is usually with you guys isn't he?" He asks before they can answer her first question.

"He got hurt all of a sudden, so he decided to stay behind." Renji looks at her, then points in the direction he and Ichigo had walked from. Stacy and I look at each other and she makes a face trying to get me to tell them we should check on him.

"Um…I might know what happened to him." I confess, looking at the two men as they stare at Stacy and me questioningly.

We follow Ichigo and Renji as they headed back to the building they had been in before they found us. The further we walked, the more our surroundings became visible. There were lots of buildings and houses. Eventually we got to the one that Chad was in and Stacy ran up to him to see if he was okay. As she and I looked at Chad's injury, we realized at the same time that it looked like someone had stabbed him.

"Britt!" Stacy yelled, focusing everyone's attention on me.

"I didn't know it would really work!" I yelped, waving my hands in front of my face frantically, trying to defend myself. I sigh in defeat and walk over to Chad, I placed my hand on his non-injured shoulder.

"Sorry dude." I said sincerely. Everyone is looking between Stacy and I, confusion clear on their faces.

"Who are they?" Chad says, looking past me towards Ichigo.

"I'm Stacy! She says before Ichigo can introduce her. "This is Brittany, but you can just call her Britt." She introduces. Chad nods at Stacy then looks at me.

"Why did you apologize?" Chad asks wondering why someone he just met would apologize about his injury.

"Because she-" Stacy started.

"Let's just say I might've had something to do with it." I said sheepishly as I cut off whatever version of the story Stacy was about to tell.

Chad doesn't seem pleased with this answer because he furrows his brows and starts grumbling to himself, but after a few moments he shrugs it off. It definitely isn't the strangest thing we has had happen. At that moment, Noba walks in. N-Noba! I squeal inwardly, and he's in his cute little stuffed animal form! I run up to him and hug him so tightly I almost squeeze the stuffing out of him. He struggles loose from me, only to have Stacy run up and grab him, she squeezes the breath out of him then sets him back down.

"Would you please stop doing that?" Noba requests from us.

"We're sorry!" Stacy and I say in unison as we give Noba a giant apologetic smile.


"What was that?" Stacy asks, turning quickly to face Ichigo and the others. At that time, Urahara comes walking in, almost nonchalantly.

"Guys, there's trouble." He says with a slight wave of his hand.

"Intruders?" Renji asks, looking to Ichigo for an answer.

"Sounds like it." He replies, looking around the room, his eyes eventually landing on me and Stacy. Everyone looks at us, either deciding what to do with us or waiting for our reaction.

"Teehee, sounds like FUN!" I yell, throwing my fists up in the air.