In the Bleach world?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello my name is Brittany but in this story i will be called Britt, Oh. My cousin Stacy will be in this story!
Disclaimer/: I don't own Bleach characters.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Me and Stacy were in my room talking about how it'd be awesome if we got pulled into the Bleach world.
Stacy: Wouldn't that be cool though?
Me: Totally! Dude i wouldn't know what to do first!
~~Me: Stacy loves Shuhei, Toushiro & Ulquiorra~~ ~~Stacy: Britt loves Renji, Nova, & Grimmjow~~ Me: You'd run up to Toushiro so fast he couldn't run from you!
Stacy: Well Britt, at least i wouldn't be chasing him.
Me: Hey! I wouldn't chase Renji!
Stacy: Yes you would Britt.
Me: No, i would glomp him!
Stacy: Would that be your Bankai?
Me: Hey, that sounds cool. "Bankai! Flying Leap!
*Me and Stacy bust out laughing*
~Then we went outside to play some. We did kart-wheels, threw rocks at targets, and did some fighting with my samurai swords. Then we went back in my room because it got so dark we couldn't see anything~ Me: *sigh* well, what do you want to do?
Stacy: *sigh* I don't know.
Me: Let's play with my samurai swords some more.
Stacy: I get the middle one!
Me: Okay, I get the longest one!
*We are fighting with them, then Bleach comes on*
Me: Bleach Time!
Stacy: Let's keep our swords & stab the people we hate Me: K.O.A.
*We stab the bounts, and i stab chad*
Stacy: Why'd you stab Chad?
Me: He's weird!
Stacy: *sigh* Okay, i guess that's alright.
We hear a strange noise then a black portal appears in the doorway of my room. Stacy looks at me, "Britt"
I look at her then she says "You First"
I walk slowly up to the portal then slowly reach for the middle.
"Britt hurry up"
"Sorry, sorry, just making things dramatic, Yesh"
I look at Stacy and squint my eyes and stick out my toungue.
Stacy: Man, do you look better than ever?
Me: Yeah, Yeah, whatever.
I stick out my sword (It's in the sheath) and touch the portal but then, i start to turn around to tell Stacy that it looks safe and i slip, then i'm just falling, & falling, kinda like i'm never gonna stop. Next thing i know i hit something hard.
"Oww, That's gonna leave a mark"
I look around and notice that Stacy isn't with me, i start to panic. I stand up and start to holler, "Stacy!!!!", "Hello"
"Hello." A voice says.
"Who's there?" i ask confused. Then turn around and see.
"Ichigo?" I ask bewilderd.
"H-how do you know my name?" He asked.
"Ouch, I always get hurt!" I said getting up.
"Britt!" Stacy yelled.
"Stacy?" i asked once again confused.
"Britt?" Ichigo asked.
"Ichigo?" Stacy asked, somewhat non-beileving.
"Me?" I asked my self, Now uberly confused.
"Okay, Ichigo meet Stacy. Stacy meet Ichigo." i said.
"Then your Britt?" Ichigo asked, showing frustration.
"Yes, well no." i start.
Ichigo looks at me like 0_0 "My name is Brittany, but everyone calls me Britt. i said annoyed.
"Is this real?" Stacy asks, looking dazed.
i pinch Stacy on the arm.
"Owwww!" Stacy yelled.
Me: Well, it's real. i say smirking at her.
Renji runs up to Ichigo, "Is everything okay?" he asked.
"R-renji!?" i asked him.
"Uh...Yeah, who are you?" he asked, pointing to me & Stacy.
"I'm Brittany but you can call me Britt. i say.
"Stacy." She replies.
Uryu walks up beside Ichigo. "Who"
"Brittany" Ichigo points to me.
"And Stacy" Renji points to Stacy.
"Hello Uryu." i say smiling how Gin does all the time.
"Britt, don't smile like that. It reminds me of Gin"
I stop making the face so fast everyone is just like o_o "Heh, Sorry, Gin creeps me out a little." i say fast.
"A little?" Stacy asks. "Britt, every time you see a picture of him you run and hide"
Gin walks up behind me but i don't know about him standing there.
"Hello." Gin says happily.
i turn around a little bit and just stand there, then all of a sudden i'm gone.
"Britt!" Stacy yells.
Gin asks innocently, "What did i do?" still smiling weirdly.
"Nothing." Stacy replies, "She's just afraid of you"
I come out from behind a bush and start to slowly sneak away.
Gin looks disappointed and says, "I guess that means that Brittany doesn't like me"
I freeze. (How did he know my real name) i thought.
Stacy must have been reading my thoughts because she broke the silence by asking him, "How did you know her real name"
He smiles his constant smile and replies, "A magician can never tell his secret." he smiles at me and says, "nice meeting you"
I cringe, and whisper to Stacy, "Is it me or is he even creepier in person"
Stacy shrugs her shoulders and says, "Who knows"
I hear Ichigo and Renji saying, "Looks like Gin has a girlfriend"
I walk up to Ichigo and smack him in the back of the head.
"Ouch, Hey what was that for?" Ichigo asked frustrated.
"Why didn't you hit Renji?" Stacy asks.
"Because he's cooler than Ichigo." I say calmly.
"I wonder how Gin knew your real name was Brittany." Renji asked.
"I dunno." Ichigo replied rubbing his head.
I just look at them and say, "He probably just heard me say it"
"I hope that's the reason." Stacy said. "Britt, why do you hate him so much?" She asked looking at me for an answer.
"I don't hate him it's just...he smiles all the time and it's creepy." i replied.
Gin is sneaking up behind me and he hears me say that i don't hate him and he wraps his arms around me in a hug.
"Wha-?" 0_0 "Who's hugging me?" i asked kinda not wanting to know.
"So you don't hate me Brittany!" Gin exclaims.
"G-G-GIN!?" I yell.
He stops hugging me, then i turn around to try and run but he grabs my rist and pulls me in and kisses me.
"GIN!" Stacy yells.
He stops and i'm staring at everyone and i just fall over all of a sudden and my face is like XD Ichigo yells at Gin and Gin leaves then, after i know he's gone i get up and dust my self off.
Stacy smiles at me, "Aww, Britt has a future husband." She says.
Renji starts laughing with her.
"It's not funny!" I snap.
Ichigo replies, "Man, Gin is an unpredictable person"
"Wait!" Stacy exclaims. "Where's Chad"
Renji points in a direction and says, "He all of a sudden got hurt so he wanted to stay in the house"
I look at Stacy and then back at Renji & Ichigo then say, "I might know what happend to him"
Me and Stacy follow them to the house where Chad was, We went in the room where Chad was then i looked at his hurt shoulder, It looked like someone had stabbed it. Stacy looked from Chad's hurt arm to me and then back at Chad. "Britt!" Stacy yelled.
"I didn't know it would really work!" i defended.
Renji and ichigo are just looking at us confused.
I look at Chad "Sorry dude." i say softly.
Chad looks at me and Stacy "Who are they"
"My names Stacy." Stacy says fast.
"My names Brittany." i say.
"Why did you say you were sorry?" Chad asked.
"Because she-" Stacy started.
"Lets' just say i had something to do with it." I interupt.
Chad looks at us confused. "huh?" he mutters.
Nova walks in, (he's in the stuffed thing form)
I run up to him and hug him so hard he can't breath then he escapes and Stacy hugs the breath out of him also.
"Can you please stop doing that?" Nova asks.
Me and Stacy look at him and in unison we say,
"Were sorry!" Me and Stacy smile at him.
"What was that?" Stacy asked.
Then Urahara ran in yelling "INTRUDERS"
"Trouble?" Renji asked.
"Sounds like it." Ichigo replied.
"Teehe. Sounds like FUN!" I yell putting two fists in the air.