Edward's POV

The storm raged outside. Forks was known to have extreme high rainfall - I could see that.

I missed Bella already. Alice had conveniently left her wallet at home, and conveniently begged Bella to head for the mall to pass it to her. So Bella had conveniently driven down town and got held hostage by Rosalie in the process.

Large droplets of rain hit the windows like tiny spears.

My fingers were on the piano keys instantly, and the familiar tunes began. The house was empty. Carlisle and Esme had gone to the hospital to visit children who were battling with cancer. Emmett and Jasper had a narrow escape from heading to the mall with Rosalie and Alice. They had decided to hunt instead.

Which left Renesmee and I in the large house.

She slept soundly on the couch, wrapped in a large, warm blanket that was far too big for her small body. She looked like a tiny kitten in the sea of white. Her thoughts were contented and colourful, mostly made of seemingly fluffy cotton wools.

They entertained me, though. Her thoughts were always surprising, different everyday.

A flash of lightning brightened the whole house, followed by the deafening series of booming thunders.

Renesmee's thoughts stopped all of a sudden, and my head snapped to her direction instinctively. She had crawled up, eyes wide in fear, hair ruffled and wild. I stopped playing and hurried to her side, picking her up into my arms.

Her large brown eyes blinked rapidly as she clung onto my neck.

"Are you scared, baby girl?" I asked.

"Yes, Daddy," She answered in her high, ringing voice.

I rubbed her back gently. "It's alright, Nessie. Daddy's here."

She whimpered. "Where's Mommy?"

"She's gone out. Do you want to talk to her?"

She nodded silently. I fished my phone from my pocket and dialed Bella's number. As usual, she picked up on the first ring.


"Hi, Bella," I smiled. "Uh, Nessie wants to talk to you."

"Is she scared? The thunder was pretty loud just now. Wasn't she sleeping?"

"Yeah. She just awoke - "

Renesmee took the phone from my hands, little sobs escaping through her lips as she did. "Mommy?"

"Hey, sweetie," I heard Bella coo. "What's the matter?"

"The thunder," Renesmee mumbled through tears. I held her and sat on the couch, listening to the conversation of my two leading ladies. "It woke me up."

"Aww, honey...It's alright. Daddy's with you."

She looked at me, then buried her head under my neck. "Are you coming home yet, Mommy?"

"I'll come back as soon as possible, dear. Pinky promise."

"Pinky promise, Mommy."

Renesmee slipped the phone into my pocket. She held my shirt as if I were a life saver. I wrapped the over sized blanket around her, making sure that she was warm.


"Yes, Nessie?"

"Why aren't you scared?"

Her questions never failed to made me wonder why. Those simple, innocent inquests always seemed to set my brain racking for the answers. "I guess it's because I've heard the music of thunder for the past 109 years."

"Thunder has music?" She looked at me with Bella's eyes.

"Of course," I smiled. "Everything has music. Everything revolves around music. The cars on the road, the rustle of leaves, the turning on and off of switches...So many. It's just that people never seem to notice them."

Another crack of thunder sent her cowering closer to me.

"It's a conversation, Nessie," I told her. "When the lightning flashes, it asks the thunder a question. A few seconds later - the thunder has to think about the answer - it will respond back. They will keep asking and answering questions.

"And then after awhile, you will start to realise that this conversation is actually a song, with the rain being the background music."

She looked at me. "Can you play me a song?"

"Of course!" I grinned. She broke into the most angelic smile I had ever seen. Once again, I placed her on the couch, and she lay on her tummy, watching me as I touched the keys again.

It seemed as if my music was competing with the wild storm outside.

When another blast of lightning and thunder growled menacingly, I looked at Renesmee. "Nessie, are you - "

Her thoughts came back. The rainbow coloured cotton wools, and a new lightning bolt shape floated into place. She wasn't disturbed by the next clap of thunder, but slept soundly through the whole storm.

I stood up and gathered her into my arms, standing before the window.

Someone was bound to show her the beauty of nature.

And I wanted to be the first.