I've been meaning to write a chapter fic for ages – and here we go! I've planned all the chapters (a first for me, I never normally plan anything!), and I've wrote out the first three chapters, to make sure I can update regularly (I know, I was astounded myself). So here we go, my first CR chapter fic!

This is dedicated to Sophie and Kelly – they know who they are (:

In the past five minutes I have worked out three things:

1). Mitchie never gives up when setting people up on dates that they probably don't want to go on anyway.

2). Very soon Nate Black is going to be forced on said date (probably with someone he hasn't even spoken two words to), by Mitchie.

3). Mitchie doesn't like it when people (namely me) throw leftover pretzel at her.

Yes, I'm a genius. Please hold your applause.

I've been sitting in Mitchie's cabin for about two hours now – and she's still trying to think of someone to set Nate up with. I haven't 'contributed', according to her, but I think my suggestions were brilliant compared to hers.

Caitlyn Geller's list of people that Nate Black should be set up with:

The cat that walks into my cabin sometimes, pee's on the carpet and then walks out. (Nate could accomplish great things with her … or is it a him? Ew).

The girl who delivers the papers down my street on Sunday mornings. (I scared her off by yelling "nobody cares about the news when they can sleep, you know!")

Mitchie's second cousin Jade. (Granted, she's about five years older then us, smokes like a chimney, sleeps around and has a unibrow… but still).

Mitchie disagreed with all of the above, so I decided my help was not needed and started to eat pretzels (then throw the remains at her – she didn't approve).

"Caitlyn, will you stop throwing those things at me? I'm trying to think!"

Oops, I think Mitchie's annoyed.

I was about to reply by saying something along the lines of "it wasn't me" when Peggy walked in.

"Hey, have you guys got a pen I can borrow?"

Why doesn't she have her own pen? Maybe Tess went on a rampage and ate them all. That wouldn't be good for her health.

"Uh, sure. Here." Mitchie handed her a nearby pen, smiling.

I pretended I wasn't interested in Peggy and her stealing pen ways by eating one more pretzel.

Peggy left with the pen (I bet she'll never give it back!) and Mitchie turned to me, a grin on her face that made her look like some psychopathic murderer. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but still.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"You're thinking that McDonalds will some day take over the world and reign supreme with evil fries of doom too?" I asked, glad someone was finally realising how powerful Big Macs were yet to become.

"Caitlyn, you have got to stop drinking coffee."

"Never going to happen. Anyway, if you weren't thinking about the evil plans McDonalds has in store what were you thinking of?" I asked suspiciously, checking that she wasn't hiding a chainsaw behind her back.

"Peggy can be the girl I set Nate up with!"

No! What if Peggy steals Nate's stationary?!? What will we do then? I knew I should have suggested that girl from the Jonas Brother's new video – she looked Nate's age. Then again, she looked like she wanted to jump Shane. Might be a problem there…

I've just thought of someone else for Nate to go out with (thought apparently Peggy is a better choice): My grandmother. She did say Nate was a gentleman when he came to our house to celebrate Christmas with Shane and Jason! Then again, wouldn't that make Nate my grandfather?

Okay, that's just wrong.

So, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Sorry for its shortness – I'll post the next chapter in a few days! As of right now I have no idea how long it's going to be – but I'm planning for over twelve chapters! Please review. (: