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I just stared at her like she'd grown three heads. Was she actually pregnant? No, stupid Caitlyn. This is Mitchie we're talking about, not Tess. Now focus.

"What?" I said frowning. Maybe if she hurried up I could, oh, I don't know, SLEEP?

"Well, please don't get mad at me-"

She was rambling again. She always does this when she was nervous.

"Mitchie, come on." I said, frustrated.

"Well ... nateandIsetyouup." She said it in such a rush that it was a wonder that she thought I'd understand her. What did Shane see in her? I mean, seriously. Come on.

"Mitchie, if you think I can understand you when you speak like that you need help."

"Nate and I set you up."


No way.

She did not just say what I thought she said. I must still be sleeping. There is no way Mitchie and Nate would set me up.

"Caitlyn? I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me." Mitchie's voice made me realise she wasn't joking.

"You ... set me up." It was funny how I sounded like I was accusing her. Even when she'd already told me I liked to pretend I thought of the idea myself.

"Yes and it was wrong and-"

I cut her off when a new thought came into my mind. "Wait, set me up ... how?"

Because she hadn't actually made that clear yet. And the only think that came to mind was trying to get Peggy and Nate together and that didn't involve me. Unless I was being incredibly dumb and couldn't add two and two (which totally equals three – I'm joking).

"To get you with Nate."

The words didn't process at first. Mitchie's 'duh, it's so obvious' tone did, but the words didn't.

"Caitlyn, did you hear me?"

If Mitchie had asked me that she must have thought I was going to attack her – which meant what she said had to be pretty bad.

"What did you say?" I asked, to occupied with the fact that I was set up by my two best friends. Damn, I seriously need to rethink who I'm friends with.

"NATE AND I SET YOU UP TO GET YOU WITH HIM!" Mitchie yelled it so loud that I almost fell off the bed. Or maybe that was the shock I received at Mitchie's confession.

Nate liked me. Me.

And he had the nerve to yell that I liked HIM in front of all those people? Wait, no. I shouldn't be thinking about that. I should be thinking about the fact that my crush likes me b-

Wait. No. I didn't just think that. Nate isn't my crush.

Or maybe ... maybe he was. But right now he was so not in my good books.

"I'll deal with you later, Michelle." I said in my coldest voice possible, before getting up and storming out of the cabin, not bothering to listen to Mitchie's yells of 'COME BACK, CAITLYN! I DIDN'T MEAN IT! I'M SORRY!'.

Yeah, like I was going to listen to her right now.

I was on a mission. And it's not often I say that. I forgot (sort of) that I was running around campus in my pyjamas (it was okay for the most part, not many people say me – it being seven in the morning) with my hair unbrushed and wild. Nate was going down.

I reached his cabin quite fast, what with me being so angry I could run like a ... a ... fast thing. Yeah.

"NATHANIEL ALEXANDER!" I yelled, waking up all three boys with a start. Shane fell out of bed, Jason looked at me and winced before putting his head back to the pillow and Nate ... Nate looked at me and his face contorted into pain. He looked like he was having a panic attack, seriously. And you know what? That made me happy.

"Nate, get the crazy chick away from me!" Whined Shane.

I ignored him and just kept my gaze locked with Nate's.

"Oh shit, she told you, didn't she?" Nate said, getting up and backing away from me. Until he bumped into the wall, that is.

"HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU!"You know what was funny? I knew I was overreacting. But then again, yelling at Nate was fun. Especially in front of his band, even if they were half asleep.

"I didn't ... I ... sorry but ... Mitchie ... and I liked ... " He kept stuttering, but somehow he managed to make a sentence a few moments later. "Caitlyn, please put the guitar down."

Grumbling I set his guitar back down (I wasn't going to hit him with it ... promise).

"There is such thing as TELLING someone you like them! You SET ME UP!" I said, crossing my arms and doing a very scary impression of my mother.

"I'm sorry. But I knew you'd act all freaky if I told you!" Nate said.

And he was right. Damn it, why did he have to be right?

I glared at him before saying, trying to sound like a female version of the Terminator: "I'll be back."

Under normal circumstances I think Nate would have laughed, but in this case he looked even more frightened then he had when I picked up the guitar to throw at his head (haha, just kidding...).

I stormed outside, ignoring the glances of the people that had heard my yelling and flocked outside the cabin, and pushed past them all. I needed to cool down. And going back to the cabin (and Mitchie) was not a way to do that.

So I went to the place that I used to go back when I fought with Tess all the time (yeah, I used to fight with her more than I fight with her now ... scary, huh?).

I sat by the lake for a few minutes, thinking about Nate and how I felt about him. I didn't get very far before I heard someone sit down. I turned, praying it wouldn't be Nate because apologizing was never a natural thing to me. It wasn't Nate though – it was Jason.

"Uh, hey." He said awkwardly.

I winced. "Hey, Jase."

Sure, we were close friends, but that didn't stop him from suddenly being very awkward around me. He took a deep breath before opening his mouth. "Look, Cuddles." I nodded, urging him to continue. He had called me Cuddles since we met three years ago. Once, Shane called me it as a joke and as a result his arm couldn't function for a week.

"Nate really, really likes you. I don't know if you like him back, but sometimes I see you look at him ... like you're inspired. Sometimes when we all hang out as a group, Mitchie, Nate, Shane, me and you, he comes back to the cabin after and sits there for hours writing song lyrics. Once, after he'd fallen asleep, I looked at them. And they were all about you. I'm serious – don't give me that look – he really likes you. So please, just think about this, okay? I know you're angry, but just try and see it from his point of view." He finished, taking another deep breath.

"Jason, I do like him. I really, really do. But I don't want to go out with him and find it doesn't work." I sighed, feeling a little strange talking to one of my best friends about this. Especially when he was a guy.

"Caitlyn, I think you know as well as I do that even if it doesn't work out you'll end up stronger because of it. You'll still be close friends, even if it turns out wrong. Which it won't."

Sometimes Jason can surprise everyone when he talks like this. Sure, he tends to be a little spacey, but the awesome advice he gives sometimes catches me off guard.

"Thank you, Jason." I said. And, you know what? I meant it.

He smiled. "Anytime, Cuddles. Now come here." And he opened his arms and I hugged him. I missed this – our Caitlyn and Jason time.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have something to do." I said, pulling away from the embrace and giving him one last smile before I, pyjamas and all, headed back the way I'd came.

I entered the familiar cabin, wincing as I heard Shane shout "THE CRAZY CHICK RETURNS, HIDE ME!"

Stupid, stupid boy.

Nate, who sensed something different this time (or just saw that I didn't head straight to his guitar and try to beat him to a pulp) turned to the older band member. "Shane, can you go for a second? I need to talk to Caitlyn."

Shane, after much grumbling, finally left. Mumbling something about "shower" and "hair products".

"Look, Caitlyn. I'm really, really sorry about all of this and I promise that-"

He stopped apologizing then. But it was more my fault then his. I had taken a step forward when he started speaking and, remembering Jason's advice I kissed him. It certainly shut him up, let me tell you. He kissed me back before pulling away, his face one of surprise.

"Wha ... why ... how?" He spluttered, blinking rapidly.

"I thought you liked me?" I said, tilting my head to the side. Nate shook his head before nodded, pulling me back into a kiss.

We pulled away at the sound again when Shane came in, took one look at us and squealed "EW, GET A ROOM!" like the child he was.

"I'm sorry." I said softly, ignoring Shane. Nate smiled.

"It's okay." He whispered back, before pulling me into another kiss.

"EW!" Shane yelped once more before running out.

I think he hit his head on the door in the process but I was kinda preoccupied to notice.

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