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"Please, don't…."

I hate it when he begs. I don't want to hurt him.

"St-stop! Don't! Please!"

Doesn't he see how much I need him? He's the only thing in my life that matters, I love him so much. But he doesn't love me the same.

"Don't sensei! Stop, not again! Please don't! It hurts sensei!"

His tears fall freely from those blue eyes, staining his cheeks. I kiss them, beginning to cry myself. I hate hurting him. I hate myself for being so sick and needing him so badly. I can't go two days without him now.

He pushes up against my chest feebly as I push into him. He wails when my cock is halfway in his body. I stop for a moment, giving him time. His cries soften and he moves his hips, trying to accommodate me inside of him. I fully sheathe my erection inside of his warm, tight body.

He always gives up in the end, letting me take him. His small lithe body is shaking. His cock is hard, and pressed between our stomachs. I set a gentle pace, not wanting to hurt him. I always hit his prostrate every time, hoping it will give him pleasure. I want him to feel good to. His arms snake around my neck, holding onto me. I can feel warm tears on my neck.

I can feel my climax coming, my pace speeds up. He holds onto me tighter, quivering. When I release, I scream his name into the pillow. I try to be quiet, because if anyone found out, they'd take him away from me. I couldn't live without him, I don't know how I lived without him before.

He's still hard. His face is red and he's still crying. Ashamed. As I pull out of him, he whimpers. I leave kisses on his chest, and work my way down.

"No, sensei don't….Ah, no…." I take him into my mouth, trying to make him come. This always works.

After a short time, he lets out a twisted collage of a cry of pleasure and one of despair. Then he lays there, panting and looking away from me. I lay beside him, covering us both up. He just lays against my chest meekly. He's so quiet, not the usual loud and obnoxious boy. It's all my fault. I've done this to my beautiful angel. I've hurt him so much.

"I love you, Naruto."

He's silent for a moment. Then he turns around, and buries his face in my neck.

"I, I love, you to….Kakashi-sensei."