East Meets West

Disclaimer: I don't own Variable Geo (V.G.). Only the respective company does. That includes the video games, the characters and their techniques, as well. Personally, the only thing that I own is the "Striking Blaster" attack, the "Blazing Phoenix" attack, the "Arctic Breath" attack and the "Ice Breaker" attack that I've made up for myself. Also, this is my first attempt of writing a Variable Geo (V.G.) fanfic. Plus, this takes place after the events of Advanced V.G. 2. Read and Review and please, no flames! Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Visit

It was just another quiet and yet, ordinary day in my house. I came inside, when I bought an interesting video game for my console. I smiled to myself after I came through the front door and went into my bedroom. A complete mess, but it still feels like that it's clean. I removed my thick brown jacket, which was nearly worn out because of the ripped material.

Before I began to entertain myself with the video game that I've rented, I warmed up some non-butter popcorn into the microwave for approximately three minutes or so. After a short wait, I opened it and removed the seal of the bag itself and the popcorn went onto the bowl like a stack of bricks.

I went back into my bedroom, opened the cover case of the video game itself and placed it into the game console. I closed the lid of the game console and watched the intro, to which that I find very interesting. Then, the menu popped up and I pressed the button on the controller where the cursor on the screen was pointed on the 'Story Mode' logo and the program was officially underway.

I've seemed to enjoy the program for a while, even though that it was a bit mild and graphic; I personally enjoy the characters of the game, itself. Like the character Yuka, athletic, talented and above all, pretty. Every time that I've gazed at her beautiful figure, my heart was beating like crazy and my cheeks were gushing red.

Suddenly, the unexpected occurred. The picture froze and the game disc kept making some strange sounds. I said to myself; "Did it get scratched, all of a sudden?"I got out of my bed and try to eject the game disc to see, if there were any scratches on the disc itself. But for some odd reason, it won't open. I keep pressing 'Eject' several times and somehow, it won't open the game disc.

I scratched my head in confusion, as to why it went frozen so quickly. So, I tried to reset the game console to see if it would work again. Same thing. Nothing happened. I turned away from the TV and wiped the sweat off my forehead that was on me. I thought to myself as to how could this happen. "What gives? I just bought this video game and it comes out like this? Just great! What could possibly go wrong?"

Unfortunately, it just did. From out of nowhere, a medium sized black hole with blue swirls around it appeared and begins to suck me in. The wind of the hole was becoming so strong that I have to use part of my bed to hold on for dear life. I panicked, when I turned to see that the hole was beginning to take me in. "What the hell is going on?! It's too strong! I can't hold on much longer!"

Before I know it, I lost my grip of my bed and I got suck into the hole as I screamed in horror and got whisked away from my home. Inside the black hole itself, I kept on going around in circles for a few minutes until I was falling down straight. In spite of this, I still kept on screaming before a bright light came in and then, I fell into the middle of a lake and made a big splash. I quickly gasped for air and spat out some water as I swam to shore until I made it to the surface. I continue to spat some water from the lake that I fell into and that's when I realize what kind of water, it was. "Yuck! Salt water! I hate salt water!"

I was soaking wet and took off my pants and shirts by squeezing the water out. Even so, I was starting to feel cold on the inside as I begin to chatter my teeth and kept drying myself off. As I looked up, the sky was pretty clear until a few dark clouds covered it up and before I know it, it began to pour as lightning cracks the sky and heavy rain starts to pour down on the tree and on myself. "Aw, man! My day just went from bad to worse!"

I had a choice to make: Either to suffocate in the rain and get a cold or to find some shelter, so I can wash myself off from the storm that was already underway. I began to run into the heavy rain and into the heart of the city to which that I have no clue as to where I'm at.

For the past few hours, my whole body was completely soaked again and I was starting to get some shivers down my spine. There were some people that wanted to help me, but I just backed away from their offer and continued to walk into the rain. That is, until I realized when I walked past some shops and other buildings that I walked by from. There were some symbols or perhaps some signs that were marked on the streets, buildings and other places that I saw. After a while, my eyes were widened in shock and I found out that I'm in Tokyo, Japan! "Holy crap! How did I end up, here?!"

The heavy rain continues to pour down and I was feeling weak and nauseated until I came upon a restaurant called "Hanna Miller's".Fortunately, there were a few drapes that were hanging high above the windows and the door entrance. I took a peek at the window as I see some pretty waitresses taking some appreciations from the customers and serving some appetizers. I feel like that I wanted something to chow down on, but the one thing that I need is to warm myself up.

Meanwhile, two girls that were doing their jobs, where busy talking to each other about something.

"Say, senpai? How come there hasn't been a V.G. tournament for the past few years? Was it because of the lack of competition or is it the new rule that they've put up?" says the young ponytail girl.

"Search me, Tamao-Chan. But one thing's certain, everything's become very quiet all of a sudden" said the long brown-haired waitress, as she went back to work and so did the other girl.

Back outside of the restaurant itself, I overheard their comments from the inside and I seemed to wonder as to why their so-called V.G. tournament was put on-hold for that long. But then, while I was continuing to gaze at their appearance, my body felt very tired as I start to lose conscious and then, I knocked on the window a few times loudly before I fell flat on my face.

The loud thuds had nearly echoed the place as Yuka had overheard it.


"What's the matter, senpai?" Tamao asked.

"I thought that I heard something. Whatever it is, it's coming from the outside. I'll go check it out."

"But, senpai! It's raining out there!"

"That's okay; I'll take a rain check."

Tamao sweat dropped as she smacks her forehead in shame. "Oh, brother!"

As she exited out of the restaurant, she looks around to see where that racket was coming from. When she looked to the left, she sees nothing but cars, traffic lights and buildings. But when she turned the other way, she gasped to see me lying unconscious, face down on the ground and completely soaked from the rain. "What's happened to him? I'd better take him in, quickly!"

She takes me inside by carrying me over her shoulder carefully and back inside the restaurant. When she went back inside with me, Tamao and the other workers all felt surprised as to why Yuka is dragging a man such as me with her.

"Senpai! Why did you bring him, here?"

"Because, he was out-cold and wet. C'mon, let's take him somewhere safe than here." Both she and Tamao took me to the Lounge area, where they place me on the sofa.

When they look at my sudden appearance, both Tamao and Yuka exchanged their words about me.

"Poor guy. He must've been walking through the rain, too long. Just, who is he? I've never seen a cute guy like him, in my life."

"I have no idea, Tamao-Chan. But-"

Before she could finish her sentence, I started chattering my teeth continuously while I was folding my arms due to the cold weather that I suffered from outside.

"Oh, no! He's shivering! We need to warm him up or he could catch a cold! Tamao-Chan, quick! Find some towels and bring them here, immediately!"

"But, senpai…"

"NOW!" she shouts.

Tamao took her word and ran to the change rooms to see, if there were any towels left. Fortunately, there were some fresh ones including a blanket that came from the dryer as she grabs them and went back to where Yuka was. She placed one towel over my head and placed the huge blanket over my entire body to provide some warmth in order to prevent me from getting a cold or even worse.

When I felt the blanket covering me, I stopped shaking my body and went back to sleep quietly. Both Tamao and Yuka became very relieved and surprised as to why I'm here from outside of the storm.

"That is odd. Where did he come from, senpai?"

"I'm not sure. But, he needs some rest and I need to look after him."

"Huh? What's the matter with you, senpai? You've only met him for the first time and you're concerned about him? I mean, he's nothing more than a big…"

"That's enough, Tamao-Chan!"

She felt very distant and hurt, when Yuka became aggressive about having a possible affection over me.

Yuka's look of anger quickly turned to despair as she responded to Tamao in a low tone. "I'm sorry. It's just that I've heard something from outside and when I went to see where it was, that's how I saw him. Just because I've met him for the first time, doesn't mean that I like him. Once he wakes up, he'll know where he is. Do you understand now, Tamao-Chan?"

"Yes I do, senpai. Please forgive me."

"There's no need to apologize. Now, come. We must get back to work, before the manager sees this." Afterwards, they close the door behind me and left me all by myself in the lounge area. They locked the door completely shut and went back to their regular duties, just before he came in and sees them still working. Unknown to him however, there was a visitor inside and they took him somewhere safe.

"Oh, Yuka, Tamao. I see that you're keeping your customers well intact, correct?"

"Of course! But tell me, any word from Reimi about the next V.G. Tournament?"

He responded, as he shakes his head. "My apologizes. When I spoke to her about the recent changes of the new rules, the V.G. Tournament is still on hold."

Tamao whined. "No fair! How much longer?"

"I'd say about approximately another couple of days or so."

Both of the girl's expression became very bewildered as they stood there in total shock.

Yuka sighed. "Just great! This is about as worse than finding a guy in the middle of the street." She quickly covered her mouth, but much to her stupidity, the manager caught her attentions.

"What did you say?!" His eyeglasses flashed with suspicion.

Tamao tried to answer his question, but came up short. "It's…It's nothing, really. We were just doing our job and then, we…"

"Enough! Show me where you hid him or else I'll fire you both!"

Yuka and Tamao didn't know what to do. All they can think about is the man that they've found lying on the street of this very restaurant and their jobs at stake. So, they showed the manager to the lounge area in hopes of seeing the person they've found and looked after. As they opened the door and went inside, they see that I was still asleep with my head turned the other way. For some odd reason, he made a sigh of relief and noticed that I didn't leave the facilities.

"So, is this the person that you were talking about?"

They both nodded their heads in agreement.

Yuka responded to him. "We were doing our duties, when we heard some noises coming from the window. When I got outside, he was lying unconscious and was soaking wet. Thanks to Tamao-Chan and myself, we were able to aid him and possibly saved his life."

"Well, even though what you did was wrong was also right. Anyways, do you know where he came from?"

They looked at each other's faces and shook their heads, in a responding 'no.'

"Technically speaking, he's new to us. We don't even know his name, yet" Tamao replied.

"Yeah. Seeing the way that he is, he looks kind of…"

But then, they heard me doing some moaning and groaning as I got up from the sofa, removed the blanket from my body and used one of the towels that were on my head to dry myself off. I shook my head a few times from the water that I got from, as I slowly opened my deep blue eyes to see that I was in a different area. When I got off of the sofa and stretched my arms out and made a big yawn, I answered. "Where…Where am I?"

Yuka's cheeks were very red, when she looked at me with her brown eyes sparkling. I was wearing a white jersey shirt with black stripes on my arms, with a black t-shirt underneath, tight-fit blue jeans and white sneakers with black socks inside. I also have clean cut brown hair, to match my look. As I looked around the place in confusion, I felt Yuka's hands clasping mine.

"You're in Hanna Miller's Restaurant. This is where me and my best friend, Tamao-Chan work at. My name is Yuka Takeuchi. What's yours?"

I was pretty shy, when I was staring at Yuka's beautiful figure until I replied to her in a nice tone. "I'm…Matthew. I'm from Canada."

"Canada? How did you end up, here?" she asked.

"I was playing a video game on my television screen and then the next thing I know, I was laying out here in the middle of Japan. This is Japan, right?"

"Actually, it is. You're in Osaka to be précised" Tamao replied to me.

"By any chance, you don't work for a restaurant, do you?" the manager questioned.

I responded. "Unfortunately, I'm not. I'm living with my family as of now since I've learned that living by myself was too much of a challenge for me."

"You…you have a family?"

"Well, yeah. And out of curiosity, why do you ask?" I asked to Yuka.

"My parents passed on, when I was very young. All I have left is my grandfather, but I barely see him these days since I've first did my training" she said, sadly.

After hearing her sad tale about the loss of her family, I felt very sorry about her loneliness and so I tell her about something. "It's alright. It happens to everybody. Unlike you, I never met my grandfather because he passed on two years before my birth."

"Oh, really? That's too bad. Were you…"

I interrupted Tamao with my answer, before I turned back to Yuka. "Hurt? Heck, no. I just stood up for myself and for what I believed in. After all, true strength relies on one thing and one thing only; and that would be to stay positive. If it were someone like you, then you would surely become a true virgin goddess."

When Yuka had listened to what I've just said, she gasped in total surprise and threw her arms around my neck while I threw mine around her lower back. "Oh, thank you, Matthew-Kun!"

My cheeks were slightly red, when I felt her warmth. "You're welcome, Yuka-Chan."

The manager of Hanna Miller's seemed to be pleased, by seeing me having an affair with Yuka. Except for Tamao as she becomes disgruntled that Yuka is happy to have a friend like me.

As I released the hug from Yuka, I asked her a question. "So tell me, Yuka-Chan. Why is it that the V.G. tournament has been put on hiatus?"

"Well, it's all because of two things. One, the new ruling of the individual that would lose the match and two, the company that has supported the tournament had nearly gone into bankruptcy."

I responded. "Is that right? No wonder that there's no V.G. tournament. Besides, the question is why and what was the new ruling for the loser?"

Yuka looked at Tamao for one moment and then, they shrugged their shoulders in confusion. Indicating that they have no clue as to why the tournament has been halted and the new stipulation for the individual that lost.

"We're sorry. We don't even know, why they've stopped it."

"I agree. I also don't know a thing or two about the new ruling."

Hanna Miller's manager, adjusted his glasses and answered. "For once, we'll just have to wait and see when they'll post up their next V.G. tournament."

Not knowing when the head master of the company will sanction it, I sighed to myself. "It's hard to find good entertainment these days. Speaking of which, you don't know when the exact starting date is. Do you?"

Unfortunately, he shook his head in disbelief. "Nope, only Reimi can tell us when she'll make the deadline. In the meantime, Yuka, Tamao, I'm giving the both of you the day-off."

"Wow! Thank you!"

"Finally, a much-needed break!"

I stood there in silence, as I watched the girls jump for joy about their week-off. My expression was filled with concern as I folded my arms. "I have a hunch that their enemy might be lurking around this place. Not in here, but somewhere in the heart of Osaka."

As Yuka and Tamao continued to excite themselves, they've seemed to have notice my unhappy pose.

"What's wrong, Matthew-Kun? Is there, something on your mind?"

"Yeah, like what gives? First, you were feeling great of having Yuka as a friend and now, you're acting all upset? Can you please tell us?"

"I'm sorry, you two. It's just that I'm getting a bad feeling about this. It looks as though the enemy that you've fought with last time might return. No offense, I can just sense it, not feel it."

"Whatever the case, I must ask you to leave this place as well. I'm almost closing up this cuisine shack."

I answered to him. "No problem, sir. I was just on my way out with them." I gleefully followed the girls and exited out of the restaurant, as we see the manager dim the lights off, close the doors from the inside and head for the emergency exit before he turned on the security alarm.

After me, Yuka and Tamao see their work place closed, I walked together with them as I detected that the rain has subsided just a few hours ago. I smiled to myself as the bright sun shined brightly over me and the girls.

"I'm so glad that the rain has stopped and I also want to thank the both of you for looking out for me. My compliments goes out to both of you."

Yuka blushed, when I was looking at her. "Aw, thanks. It's the least that we can do."

Not only was Yuka blushing, so did Tamao. "Yeah, same here. Gee, why am I being so shy all of a sudden?"

I laughed. "Man, you two are really something else. So, where should we go?"

"At my home, over there." Yuka pinpointed the location of the place, where she's residing at the far west.

During the walk, I begin to contemplate about the event that was originally supposed to take place here and of how I ended up in a place such as Osaka, Japan. "Is it just me or was it fate that brought me here?"