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Chapter 5: Departure

Several minutes later, the authorities have arrived as fire fighters pitched in and try to take out the remaining flames of the burning warehouse; while the police were able to apprehend Saki and brought her into custody as she's sentenced to a maximum security.

"This…can't be happening!" cried Manami, as she pounds her fists on the ground in disbelief.

"It can't…end like this" sobbed Chiho, with a look of sadness in her eyes.

"No, she can't be gone. My one true idol, why?" moaned Tamao, shedding tears of pain as it trickles down on her face.

"Yuka…Yuka…Yuka!" Satomi shouts out her beloved friend's name, in misery.

Fearing for the worst; things have taken a turn for the best, when they heard a strange voice calling out to them. "Hey, hey! Quit that! You're making me and my best friend here look uncomfortable."

Everybody stood up and overheard some loud footsteps veering towards them.

"That voice…" says Tamao.

"Can it possibly be?" inserted Kaori.

As they were wanting to know who that person was, it revealed itself as it carries a young woman; bridal style. He smiled to everyone as he lays out his question.

"Hey! Why the long face? You've never seen a guy, who looks this cool before?"



All of them were amazed that it was me and Yuka in the flesh as they ran and cheered me on. From some odd reason, both me and Yuka had a few scratches on ourselves despite the fact when I've developed a new technique and freed her from Miranda's grasp. I intentionally asked to hold on the celebration, while I explained about what had happened between me and Yuka.

"Now, let's not get too hasty. You all thought that me and Yuka-Chan were goners, right?"

"Maybe. Just how did you escape, Matthew?" asked Satomi.

"Yes, give us the buzz" says a pleading Tamao.

"We're waiting to hear from you" Terumi insisted.

"Okay. When I've created a new move and used it on Yuka-Chan, there was some flammable objects that were vulnerable to the attack itself. Basically, I immediately grabbed her and used the emergency exit before the whole place was blown up. After I've saved her, Miranda's spirit had exited out of her body and was about to possess me until I've made another new trick."

"What was it?" asked Kaori.

"It was when after the warehouse had exploded."

(Flash Back)

Me: "Blazing Phoenix!"

Miranda: "NO!"

"Right after I've acquired a new skill, I've noticed some objects that said the words 'Caution! Flammable!' and I knew that I've made a terrible decision of doing so. As I see some of the remaining flames of my new attack touching those objects, I picked up Yuka's body, ran out to the nearest emergency exit, kicked the door in and jumped as far away as I could before it went off with a big bang."

"When I got back up, I sensed that Miranda's spirit is still lying inside Yuka's body and so I moved out of the way before she exited out of her body. I wasn't going anywhere as I made an intimidating glare at her, when I realize that she was going to take over my body like it did to her until my hands were glowing in an icy blue form. That's when I gathered enough energy within me to develop this new move and vanish that old hag, once and for all!"

"Curse you! For that, I'll have your head!"

"The only thing that you're going to have is a cold shoulder!" When I crossed my arms, I clenched my fists tight as I yelled out my next move. "Arctic Breath!" As I stretched my arms out, an icy blue wind came from out of my mouth and froze Miranda's spirit like an icicle. But, I wasn't done as I reached my hand out and made the finishing touches on her. "Ice Breaker!" By slowly closing my icy fist, the icicle breaks and was shattered into millions of pieces as Miranda's spirit has finally been put to rest for good.

"After I was able to vanquish Miranda, I've almost forgotten about Yuka-Chan. The young waitress that I've saved. If I weren't for me, all hope would've been lost. I gradually picked her up into my arms and as I quietly whispered into her ear, I said these words to her about what it's like to have a best friend like her around."

"I love you, Yuka-Chan."

(End Flash Back)

"So, that's why you've been learning something new by yourself instead of being taught from someone. But, tell me. Is she alright?" Satomi asked.

"Well…" During my conversation with her, I heard a small moan and it was coming from Yuka herself. I right away noticed her beginning to awake as well as all of Yuka's friends praying to see, if she's safe and sound. Then sure enough, she slowly opened to reveal her normal cute brown eyes and looks at me with a little bit of concern on her beautiful face. "Matt…Matthew-Kun?" After she glanced at me, she sees all of her friends staring at her with a small smile on their faces and shedding tears of joy in their eyes. I gently placed her back on her feet, as she tries to explain to me when she notices the burned up warehouse and the bruises on my face. "What happened, here? Matthew-Kun! Are you okay? Was I…"

"Uh-huh. Miranda was controlling you and it was all because of Saki, who caused all of this. But luckily, thanks to me, I've saved your life and the city with it."

By gazing at my warm smile, she also made a smile while making herself cry and became impressed about my heroic act. Then all of a sudden, she laid out her confession to me. "Matthew-Kun, I…I…I love you!" With huge tears of happiness in her eyes, she deliberately threw her arms around my lower back and squeezed me gently. As I feel her deep warmth from her, I can still hear her crying. Over the fact that her long suffering of shame, fear and defeat had been relinquished with a lot of help from me. After she was nestling against my chest, she gazed at me with a small sparkle in her eyes. "Matthew-Kun. Thanks to you, my heavy burden has finally been lifted. You're my best friend. How can I ever repay you."

I didn't know what to say as I was left speechless, while I started to blush. "Aw, thanks. I had to make sure that you didn't want to be feeling left out any longer. Oh, right. I almost forgot." I pulled out something from my pocket and it was her signature long red hair band. "I think, this belongs to you." After that, I tied it around her long brown hair until I've made it into a knot; while her long hair has now become a ponytail. I glanced at her nice figure as I dove myself off with a nice smile. "It looks wonderful on you, Yuka-Chan. Even with or without it, you'll always be a true virgin goddess to me in my view."

"Thank you, Matthew-Kun. That means a lot to me" A small tear of joy was on her beautiful brown eye, as she once again smiled at me.

"Say, Jun. Is that guy, Matthew? He sure looks handsome" says Elirin.

"He sure does. Hate to break this to you, but he has already chosen Yuka over you."

Elirin frowned in shame, while all of Yuka's friends watched by and are relieved that Yuka's troubled past has been let go and therefore, moving on with her future. Just as if things had gotten any better, Reimi stepped in and tells me about something important.

"Hey, Matthew."

"What is it, Reimi?"

"I want to tell you about the portal, we've made. It's done. But just to let you know, you only have until tomorrow before you can go back to your home. Remember that." With that, she and Kaori got inside the red corvette and drove off; leaving me, Yuka and her friends behind. When we heard about how long I would last in this place before my departure, their expressions had dropped.

"Until…Tomorrow?" gasped Satomi.

"If he takes too long, he'll be stuck here for good" Chiho insisted.

"Seems logical to me and all of us that his home is more sufficient than living out here" Jun explained.

"Wait a second, shouldn't we be heading back to your place about my restaurant, Yuka?" Tamao frequently asked.

Yuka was able enough to break up the hug from me and answered to her. "That's right. We've been so busy dealing with Saki that our manager is probably waiting for us, back there. The problem is, how do we get there?"

"I'll help you. C'mon, you don't want to be late, do you?" offered Terumi, as she gets inside her blue Ferrari and starts up the engine.

"Not a chance. Let's hurry, before he blows his lid" cried Tamao, as she, Yuka and myself hopped inside the back seat while Satomi sat at the passenger side where Terumi is. As for the rest of them, Jun got into her motorcycle with Manami and Elirin as her passengers.

In no time at all, Terumi dropped off Yuka, Tamao and myself right at Hanna Miller's; Yuka's working restaurant. When that was settled, she and Satomi waved to us before they sped off into the highway. Fortunately as we see the sun rising, we got inside and Yuka and Tamao went into their change room and quickly washed themselves down until they've put on their spare uniforms. While I was waiting for them to finish, a man with eyeglasses came in and it was the manager.


"Relax. They've just got here and they're already changing, so to speak. After all, we've been kind of busy with ourselves lately."

"Oh, really? With what?"

I sighed, as I shook my head. "Trust me. What we did is not a pretty sight. I mean, what else could happen?"

Just then, Tamao and Yuka walked in with their fresh new uniforms and greeted their manager with respect.

"Good day."

"Hi. So, how well did Tamao-Chan do, sir?"

He looked over his clipboard, when his adjusted his eyeglasses and read it carefully involving Tamao's work over the past few weeks. "Well, despite some mistakes that she did when she first worked with us, her results were pretty good and I've received a call from her restaurant. They say that it's safe for you to go back to your current location. On behalf of Hanna Miller's and myself, I thank you for your support."

Tamao bowed her head, smiling. "You're welcome, sir. I really enjoyed working with you and senpai."

"It was nothing."

"Take care of yourself, Tamao-San." As I give her the thumbs-up, I winked at her. This had made Tamao giggle.

"Thanks, same to you." During her leave, she gave me a nice hug and walked out the door as she waves to me and Yuka before she made her exit.

As I was about to leave also, Yuka clutched my arm and prevented me from leaving. "Matthew-Kun. Where are you going?"

"I was going to head down to Jyahana Group, why?" When I looked at Yuka's face, my expression became very bewildered.

Yuka begins to cry about my sudden departure, while holding onto my arm. "Please, don't go. We've been through so much and yet, you want to leave me? That's not what I want! Even when you're gone, I still feel lonely." Then, she buried her face with her hands and cries very softly regarding my leave.

I easily pouted to myself, as I placed my hands on her shoulders. "Now look here, Yuka-Chan. Didn't we go over this procedure, already? You've still got your friends with you and you've got me. Besides, we're more than just friends…we're family. And no matter happens, you're never alone."

When I explained to Yuka about being with someone including with everybody, she removed her hands from her face and stared at me. "Matthew-Kun, is it true?"

By making a small laugh to myself, I clasped her hands with mine. "Absolutely. Straight from the heart."

When me and Yuka were about to make out, someone came in and interrupted our small conversation by knocking on the door. It was Reimi, the current head of Jyahana Group. "Matthew. It's time."

"Okay. Yuka-Chan, come with me."

"Yes, Matthew-Kun."

At Jyahana Group, me, Yuka, Reimi and all of Yuka's friends are here at the laboratory in Jyahana Group where the machine for the portal to be opened is about to commence with Kaori as the operator. Among the people that are about to see me go through the portal are Terumi, Jun, Satomi, Chiho, Tamao and Manami. As I walk down to them in a straight line, they all shared their comments upon my departure.

"Always, keep your guard up."

"Take it easy out there."

"Good luck to you."

"Make sure that you be true to yourself."

"Stay safe."

When I've reached to Manami, she pouted about my relationship with Yuka. "Humph! Talk all you want. I've got nothing to say to you."

"You don't. But, I do. Here's a little word of advice for you. If you liked the way that I did with Yuka-Chan, then maybe you can hook up with a boy that's either younger or a little older than you. Like for example, Satomi's brother, Daisuke. He's definitely the type of guy to go out with."

Manami's expression quickly fell, along with Satomi's as she's left clueless and surprised involving her brother. "Me? Going out with Satomi's brother? That…sounds…neat!"

When Satomi learned about Manami possibly having a date with Daisuke, she fainted until Jun caught her before she dropped to the floor.

"What did you do that for?"

"It was just for fun. Anyways, nice meeting with you, cutie." I ended my sentence, by rubbing her hot-pink hair in a friendly manner as she starts laughing at me being playful to her.

"Hey, quit that! You're funny."

Afterwards, I've finally made my way to where the portal is. As Reimi tells Kaori to start operating, the machine begins to function and a huge white hole with dark blue swirls had appeared. It was a bit different than the other portal that I went through, when I first came here. Later, Reimi explains to me about how long my powers would last.

"Once you go through, your powers will be diminished and you'll be back to your old self."

"I read you loud and clear, Reimi. Hey, Yuka-Chan." I called out to her.


"I know that this will be very painful for you to see me go, but Canada is my true home. And another thing, just promise me that you won't be negative."

"I swear." She once again threw her arms around my waist and leaned against me, as she looks into my deep blue eyes. "Matthew-Kun, if there's anything that I want from you, please do so."

Like what she did to me, I too threw my arms around her lower back while I smiled right back at her. "Anything? Then, how about this?" As I moved in closer, Yuka closed her eyes and then, I pressed my lips against hers in a very blissful way. We both moaned from the inside of our mouths as our tongues were dancing together inside. All of Yuka's friends were very touched, by seeing Yuka making love for the first time with a man like me. After we broke up the kiss, we made our confession to each other before I head out.

"I love you, Matthew-Kun."

"I love you too, Yuka-Chan." As I kissed her on the cheek, I walked further down until I was an inch close of entering the portal as I waved to everybody goodbye and went into the portal. When I went in, the portal disappeared and everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Yuka stood there with her brown eyes sparkling like an angel as she remembers the man's name and handsomely figure. "Thank you, Matthew-Kun. You're a true friend and I'll never forget you."

Back to where I was, as the white portal appeared from above the ceiling of the bedroom. As I went through it, I fell right on my bed before I fell off and crashed onto the floor, back first. I groaned from the impact that bestow upon me, as I begin to get back up. When I did, I looked around to see that I'm back into my old house. I cheered to myself as I jumped for joy and when I walked to see the window, I see a couple of houses and cars rolling down the street of my hometown. I think back about the beautiful waitress that I've met and developed some new moves. Surprisingly, I wished to go back and meet her once more as I made a small grin.

A year later in Osaka, Yuka had nearly grown up into a beautiful young woman as she still works at the same restaurant. After she was done working in the evening, she went to the park and looked up at the full moon while staring at her reflection in the blue watery lake. Now wearing in her normal clothing, she thought to herself about the man she fell in love with as a single tear strolled down on her face while she hung her head down. "Matthew-Kun…"

She was so busy contemplating about her new lover, she failed to hear some quiet footsteps coming from behind her. When that person stopped, it reached out and placed its hand on her shoulder until it said her name out. "Yuka-Chan…"

As she felt someone's hand touching her shoulder, she lifted her head up, turned around and gasped with greatness upon her face of seeing a familiar person. "You've finally came back…Matthew-Kun!"

"Of course, I did. Now, let's get going with our date. Shall we?"