My first published work. A short poem on Newkirk's point of view on the war and his part in it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hogan's Heroes or any of the characters.

On the streets of London,

'neath th' bell of good ol' Ben,

I earned my living day by day

liftin' goods off passing gentlemen.

Then in Nazi Germany,

a chap called Hitler came to power.

He wouldn't rest until he 'ad

all the world before him cower.

His army attacked and annexed Poland,

making it the first to fall.

Then he turned his gaze to France;

They hadn't a chance at all.

So the bloody RAF,

tryin' to protect our city fair,

had me go and risk my life

high above, in the air.

I was mighty piqued with them,

for I wanted t'keep meself intact.

And when those Jerries shot me down,

you can imagine how I did react!

I was made a prisoner;

the Krauts were mighty pleased.

But when they tried to question me,

I would not appease.

So now they've gone and stuck me here,

in Luft Stalag 13.

Things seemed pretty bad at first,

but now I see a gleam.

That gleam comes from th' mates I've found

right 'ere in this camp

and in us all, a hope was grown

that the guards can never stamp.

We 'elp others like ourselves,

unfortunate prisoners of war,

to escape and go back home,

to their families, their lives, and more.

Reconnaissance and sabotage,

this we also do.

Our tunnels extend throughout the camp,

'neath Klink's quarters, too!

We may never get back home,

but stay and do our part

to undermine the enemy

who would take our lives apart.

You might call it a sacrifice,

to be kept away from those we love.

Yet it is for them we do this,

so they can be free under skies above.

I myself wish to go

and leave all this behind.

But then I see my friends 'round me

and quickly change my mind.

It's well and good to sit at home

not carin' 'bout what's beyond the door.

But what 'appens when the door's bust down

and the world intrudes to give the score?

Don't concern yourself with

just only your welfare.

Not when so many other men

and women die out there.

For you are the reason that we stay

and others give their lives.

It is our concern for you that

we make this sacrifice.

How long I'll stay in Germany,

that I cannot say.

But we fight, my friends and I,

bringin' victory closer everyday.

And I know we'll be okay.