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Go home, Natsuki

How it started...

They all look at her and wonder 'Why the hell does she get into trouble all the time?' It's simple. Shizuru Fujino is the answer.
No one would ever guess the School Council President, Shizuru Fujino was the person who unknowingly led Natsuki to turn into such a rebel.

'She just wanted a little attention...'

'What happened?'

Back then the young blue haired teenager, was an average student. She maintained average grades with an average attendance record.

She was unsociable, with only had a handful of friends. But that didn't mean she wasn't a good-natured individual.

She was an orphan. A lonely orphan. Living in a foster home, with other children like herself. However, she couldn't relate to a single one of them.
All the children at the foster home were abandoned by their parents, one way or another.
Sure, she had no parents like the other children. But what made her stand out was the fact that her parents didn't choose to leave her. They were ripped away from her.

They were murdered.

And she saw it all happen before her emerald eyes.

She was old enough to realise they were murdered.
But still too young to turn hateful.

Through the years, as she grew older she felt anger towards the ones who murdered her parents.
But it was never enough for her to want to seek revenge. She just wasn't that kind of person. Either that was the reason, or she still hadn't fully understood what was taken away from her.

Natsuki was 16 when she first set her eyes on Shizuru. She didn't realise she was holding in her breath until her head started to feel dizzy.

Shizuru stood up in front of the rest of the school. She wore a gentle smile. The school erupted into a loud cheer. Oh... so that's The Shizuru Fujino. Natsuki heard that name many times, she just wasn't aware who it belonged to.

"Ara, I don't know where to begin. Thank you all so much for choosing me to be the school council president, I am in debt to you all. I will repay you all by doing everything in my power to make to Fuuka High School more pleasant than it already is."

Her few words were enough to make the audience of students, start chanting her name.

Natsuki blinked. She felt tingles run down her body, right down to her finger tips.
She's so... pretty.


Day by day Shizuru Fujino turned more and more popular. She had already gained a small group of fan girls who followed her everywhere.

Everyone wanted Shizuru's attention.
But there was only one individual who hid her yearn for Shizuru's attention, that was Natsuki Kuga.

Natsuki would secretly admire Shizuru from a distance.

Natsuki was the kind of person who would notice small details.

She would notice the slight flicker of irritation that would pass Shizuru's crimson eyes whenever the group of fan girls would follow her to the ladies room.
She would notice the tiny hint shyness pass through Shizuru's features when a boy would openly flirt with her.
She would notice the sadness in Shizuru's voice when she would smile broadly at her friends and tell them all she was doing fine.

No one truly knew who Shizuru Fujino was.
Yes, they all had her personal details down... but did they know there was more to her than meets the eye?

Natsuki realised she was just like the rest of the school, what she knew and observed from Shizuru was only just the tip of the ice burg.

She wanted to learn more about her.

But it wasn't just that she wanted. She wanted more.

She wanted Shizuru Fujino to notice her.


"What are you doing Natsuki? Put that down! Stop that right now!" Mai shouted at the top of her lungs.

"No. Don't give me that shit, Mai. They've gone and turned this place into a jail! I won't take this anymore." Natsuki held up the brick in her hand and growled under her breath. What she had just told Mai, was not the real reason she was angry. In fact, the new rules the school council had just reinforced didn't bother her the slightest bit. Instead, something else had her pissed off.

Reito Kanzaki.

The handsome gentleman was actually innocent. He had not done anything deliberately to annoy Natsuki. Natsuki was just annoyed. Somehow she ha come to displace her anger on Reito Kanzaki, school council vice-president and Shizuru's best friend.

Earlier that day...

Natsuki had been walking down the school corridors with her hands fisted by her sides. She was angry for no apparent reason.
She wanted to blow off some steam.

At the far end of the corridor, two girls turned in and strode down the corridor - towards Natsuki.
Natsuki stopped breathing, it was the school council president and friend making their way past her.

Natsuki forced her eyes down to the floor. Footsteps drew closer to her. She couldn't help herself when she suddenly received the urge to look up at Shizuru.
She was mildly alarmed when suddenly Shizuru looked back at her with a warm smile. Natsuki didn't know how to respond. Should she smile back? Give a small nod? Say hi?

Before she could even blink Shizuru opened her mouth, and a name spilled out from her soft pink lips. "Reito!"

Natsuki frowned.

She felt disappointment. Her disappointment soon turned into fury. And before she knew it, she was outside school council meeting room with a brick in her hands.
It was after-school hours. And standing behind her was a very worried Mai.

"Look, we can send them a letter or something. There is no need to send a brick flying into their boardroom." Reasoned Mai. "What if Haruka-san is in there? Or Yukino? It'll be really dangerous. They can get hurt" Mai continued to persuade Natsuki out of doing it.

Natsuki swung her arm and let go of the brick. The brick went hurtling through the window. The crash was louder than a gunshot.

Mai screamed. Grabbing Natsuki's arm, she guided the two of them away from the scene of crime, running for their lives.

Natsuki laughed to herself. She never felt so alive.


2 weeks later.

Natsuki dropped her head down to her desk. Her pencil rolled off from her desk and onto the floor. She had lost the will to lean down and pick up her missing pencil. It had been two weeks and so far no one had caught her for the crime she committed. She thought she escaped punishment...

The teacher lecturing the class abruptly stopped talking and faced the door. Standing at the door was Yukino - The school council's treasurer.

"S-sensei. Sorry to disturb your lesson, I'm here to escort Natsuki Kuga to the school council boardroom."

Natsuki sat up straight immediately. Mai twisted round in her chair and gave Natsuki a worried look. "Natsuki Kuga?" The teacher called out.

"Yes, I'm here." Replied Natsuki, gathering up her belongings.

"Come with me. Bring your bag and coat with you please." Said Yukino, straightening out her glasses.

Natsuki hesitantly followed Yukino to the boardroom. "I'm guessing you know what this is about Kuga-san?"

Natsuki dropped her eyes down to the floor and nodded. Yukino tapped on the boardroom door, "Good luck Kuga-san."

Natsuki watched Yukino walk away, turning back to her task ahead, Natsuki took a bold step forward into the room.

Shockingly, the person only in the room was a single female sitting behind a desk pilled with small stacks of paper. Natsuki felt something huge swell up in her throat. She gulped and proceeded to walk into the room.

Shizuru was the one seated behind the desk.

"Uhh." Started Natsuki, unsure of what to say.

"Kuga, Natsuki is it?" Shizuru's rich accented voice filled the room.

"Y-eah" Natsuki fidgeted.

"Take a seat Kuga-san." Shizuru gestured towards the chair placed directly in front of her.


Natsuki's cheeks turned pink with embarrassment as Shizuru inspected her.

"You don't look like a rebel." Said Shizuru, mildly amused.

Natsuki scoffed. "And what's rebel meant to look like?" She raised an eyebrow as she crossed her arms across her chest in a defensive manner.

"Ara... well, firstly I wasn't expecting a girl." Shizuru placed her elbow on the desk and sunk her chin down on the palm of her chin.
She watched Natsuki with mild interest.

"Yeah - well - whatever." Replied Natsuki in annoyance. Natsuki felt a tinge of anger swirl around at the base of her stomach. She couldn't explain where this feeling was coming from.

"Kuga-san, I'm here with you today because the school will not tolerate bad behaviour like that. And it is my job to allocate a punishment for you."

"What have you got for me?"

"We've asked the cleaners to stop cleaning the boardroom for us. We've decided that everyday after school until the end of this month, you can clean this room."

Shizuru's voice was cold. Natsuki's heart sank down to the pit of her stomach. "Yeah, ok."

"Now, if you do anything like this again. I'm going to have to arrange another meeting like this and I'll make sure the punishment is more severe. Do you understand Kuga-san?"

Natsuki bowed her head in sad defeat. "Yeah." Her insides turned cold with rejection.

"That will be all. You can return back to class now."

Natsuki silently stood up and made her way out of the room. Before she shut the door behind her, Shizuru called out to her. "Oh, I've just remember now. Tell me, Kuga-san, why did you do it?"

Natsuki sighed. With one last look at Shizuru, she reached for the door handle and closed it, ignoring Shizuru's last question.

Because it's the only way you'll notice me…

To be continued...

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