My classmates watched the clock with rapt attention.

I fidgeted in my seat. Edward looked over at me. "Relax, Bella, we're almost out of here for the summer."

The clock continued to tick.

Five. Four.

Edward still refused to tell me where his family was going for the summer. All I knew was that I was going, and Charlie approved.

Three. Two.

I bet we're going to Denali, I mused. They're tight with the Cullens.


A whole summer with Edward. Wow.

The bell rang. Cheers erupted in the hallways. The loudest by far was a familiar boom.

"SUMMER! SUMMER! SUMMER!" Emmett chanted. I could hear him all the way down the hallway. As Edward and I joined the stampede out of the school, I saw him sprinting through the hallways. I laughed. Emmett was one of a kind.

We continued out the door, Edward protectively making sure I didn't fall and get crushed. With my luck, that would probably happen. Alice and Jasper joined us outside of the Vovlo. Jasper looked as if he was about to explode. The emotions radiating off these kids must have been driving him insane. The four of us hopped in the car in time to see Emmett and Rosalie screech out of the lot in Emmett's Jeep. I could still hear him yelling.

We were about halfway to the Cullen house when I realized that Edward hadn't dropped me off. "Uh, Edward? Are you planning on taking me home?"

He grinned. "Nope. We're leaving as soon as we get the cars ready!"

"Don't worry Bella, I already packed your things!" Alice yelled.

"Are you planning on telling me where we're going?" I turned and looked into each of their faces. Even Jasper was excited.

"ROAD TRIP!!!!!" They screamed.

Oh sweet Lord.