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"Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Californiaaaaaaaaaaaa, here we comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Alice sang.

"Jasper," Emmett said through clenched teeth, "control your damn wife." I could definitely understand his anger. Alice's little song had been going for three hours. Jasper looked at Alice and then she stopped singing and lay back on the couch.

It was about midnight. I was dozing off on Edward's shoulder. "Bella," he said softly, "you need to go to sleep."

I rolled my eyes sleepily and shot him an annoyed glance. "I'm not tired." He sighed. "Edward, I swear. I'm not-" YAWN "tired."

"Okay, love, you've convinced me. You are wide awake." He laughed. "Now come on, go get ready for bed. I have a surprise for you tomorrow, and I don't want you falling asleep during it."

I froze. "You didn't get me something, did you?" I asked warily. Edward had a tendency to go overboard if I couldn't rein him in.

"No. But it's a good surprise." I shut the bathroom door and quickly got ready for bed.

"Goodnight, Carlisle, Esme." They smiled back at me.

"Goodnight to you too, Bella. There's a soundproof divider by that bed so you can go to sleep." Esme said kindly. "We had that installed for nights we drive through. Tomorrow we'll be in a hotel, don't worry." Oh, Esme. How I love you.

"Night guys," I called to Emmett, Rosalie, Jazz, and Alice.

"Goodnight, Bella," Emmett laughed. "Don't let the bed-vampire's bite." They all cracked up.

"Hilarious, Emmett." Edward said. He slid into bed next to me and pulled down the divider. The XBOX, laughter, and chatter on the other side disappeared.

I woke up around seven the next day. We were right outside San Diego. I quickly dressed and joined my family around the couch.

Rosalie was beaming. I'd never seen her so happy. "Carlisle said we'll be in Hollywood by the end of the day."

"Bloody hell!" Our heads snapped to the driver's seat. Carlisle, swearing? "Sodding, stupid car!" We rolled to a stop.

"Carlisle's accent gets way stronger when he's pissed," Emmett revealed. All the Cullen "kids" were laughing. "I'm glad you got to see that, it's really rare but completely hilarious."

"ROSALIE! GO LOOK AT THE BLOODY BUSES ENGINE!" Rosalie composed herself and darted outside. She returned within a minute, swearing like a sailor.

"I don't know what's up with this stupid thing!" Rosalie, our resident car expert, screamed. "I wanna go to Hollywood!"

"IT'S BROKEN?" Alice shrieked.

Emmett and Jasper were about to lose it. "SHUT UP!" Emmett roared. He glared at Jasper. "STOP CALMING ME DOWN!"

If you have never seen six vampires throwing temper tantrums, let me assure you that it is slightly scary, and totally hilarious.

Oh God. Esme looked about ready to blow. Rosalie was screaming at Edward. Alice was hysterical.

Esme looked at me. "Bella, PLEASE do something," she pleaded. I nodded. Time to play on their weaknesses.

I gathered up the Xbox, Alice's wallet, Jasper's Confederate bandana thing, Rosalie's earplugs, and Carlisle's stethoscope. I threw open the door. The sounds of the rushing highway filled the suddenly silent bus.

Edward, the overprotective, loving man I know he is, slammed the door shut and pulled me away before I could blink. "What were you thinking?" He was freaking out. I reluctantly pulled out of his strong arms.

"Everyone will calm down, or I am taking all of these items out to the highway," I threatened. Alice moved to retrieve her wallet, and Edward stepped in front of me.

"Don't touch her," Edward hissed. I saw Esme give me a thumbs up. It really was the perfect plan. They would all want their stuff back, but they couldn't get it from me because Edward wouldn't let them attack me for them. Edward would freak out if I went near the highway, so he would behave.

Ah, sweet success.

"Carlisle, there are a few things we can do in San Diego until the bus is fixed," I called sweetly.

"Like what, dear?" He asked cautiously.

Hmm. Luckily, it was cloudy, so we could go just about anywhere. There's Lego land. No, imagine what Emmett could start there. No malls, we'll never get Alice or Rose out. There's the San Diego Zoo. Could they handle that? It would be like a buffet, but it would also be really fun.

"The San Diego Zoo!" I announced.

Rosalie let out a squeal of excitement. "CAN WE SEE THE PANDA?"

"Uhh, yeah?"

"YAY!" She hopped around the bus before giving me a huge hug. "Panda, panda, panda!" she chanted.

"Now I know where Emmett picked it up," I giggled. Rosalie, a panda freak? That was unexpected, to say the least.

With a plan in action, the Cullens moved quickly. Carlisle called three cabs, Edward called a tow truck, and Esme packed me some snacks in a lunchbox. I would have done it myself, but she seemed fascinated by the human food.

Three yellow taxis came screeching to a halt outside of our bus, followed by a tow truck. "That was good timing," I observed.

"Carlisle is intimidating when he's angry," Edward said with a grin.


Twenty minutes later we pulled up to the San Diego Zoo. Edward had to practically carry me up to the entrance in order to keep up with the rest of the family.

Rosalie was bouncing on her feet in an eerie imitation of Alice. "Pandapandapandapandapandapanda," she chanted quietly.

Esme quickly paid for eight tickets and we took off into the zoo.

After twelve hours, three panda stuffed animals, a meal with seven vampires watching curiously, two attempts by Emmett to wrestle the bears, three separate occasions of prying Alice out of the gift shop and Jasper having a mental breakdown, our bus was delivered to the zoo.

I stumbled onto the bus and into the bed, exhausted. My stomach grumbled, and Alice threw me a Twinkie. I devoured it. "Ew, Alice, these things are gross," I said through a mouthful.

"I didn't think that would stop you from eating it," she called from Jasper's lap. He rolled his eyes behind her shoulder.

Edward practically shoved me into bed, and I woke up the next morning to excited chatter.

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