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The wind was blowing. The snow was falling. One day a few years after I came back from Orochimaru, I was walking along, I'm bored out of my mind. I don't know what I want. What do I want? I've been lonely ever since my family died. I've kept this loneliness inside for so long that it hurts so bad. What I really want is someone to love, someone who loves me!

The wind blew harder. The snow fell faster. My heart pounded. I kept

quiet and stared at the cold snow. Cold, cold like me. My personality. Ever since my family died I've kept my feelings, my words, my emotions to myself. I could see why Naruto doesn't like me, well besides that he likes Sakura and she likes me! Hey wait a minute! She likes me. Now that I think about it I think I may like her too. I couldn't stop thinking about her while I was away. My feelings didn't show themselves even to me before now.

Something hit my back! I froze. There it was again! I turned.

"Sakura" I gasped "what are you doing out in this weather…oh it stopped snowing and the wind stopped blowing and the ground has a magnificent blanket of snow." She threw another snowball at me, so I threw one back. And so it continued. I laughed for the first time since "they" died. It felt so good. Like nothing bad could happen. She stopped and gaped at me

"Did you just laugh?"

"Yup and it's a great feeling… stop staring at me. I know I've changed but… I"

"You what?" she sounded worried, "are you okay?"

"I wasn't, but then I realized life isn't complete with out love. Your love. You have proven your love to me but I was so stupid not to realize that… I love you too, Sakura-chan." She leaned forward. I did too. When our lips met I felt pure happiness, true love, and that's just how I want life.