The first date

Chapter 1

The secret is revealed, and everybody knows

"Laura I can not believe you would do this you've always had a good record" Said Mr. Iswid the school principal.

Laura and Maxine were sitting in the principal's office after putting a sign up in the school yard that said " Mr. Iswid is a loser." Maxine had forced Laura to do it. Maxine has been hanging out with the bad girls and Laura thought that pretty soon she would lose her best friend. She had no one else to hang out with. Besides Steve. That name made her melt.

"Mr. Iswid you have a meeting with the school super intendnent" the school secretary.

"Can't miss that, Girls stay there I will be back in a flash.

The girls sat there as told. When the principal left they broke out into argument.

"If you didn't confess we would've got away!" Maxine blamed Laura.

" This is my fault?!? If you didn't do this in the first place then we wouldn't even have the risk of being caught." Laura countered

"Well if you stopped me then this wouldn't have happened either!!!!!!"

Maxine started walking away.

"You Don't walk away from me. You don't have the privilege!!!!"

"Don't tell me what to do."

Now they were behind the desk.

" You know Laura you're a nerd." Maxine said.

That just broke Laura's heart, But she stayed strong and didn't let her emotions show.

"How am I nerd? What makes me a nerd?!!!"

" That you like Steve Urkel"

Maxine had never made fun of her love of Steve. Or into a fight between them.

" So what if I like Steve Urkel?"

Bad move. Laura found out that Maxine was holding the intercom button.

People all over the school could here it. She didn't care if she got expelled, but she left the school with hot tears and wet cheeks.