The first date

Chapter 6

What ever happened to Myra?!?!?!?!

This is for all the Myra + Steve fans.


It was the next day and it was Laura's turn to do laundry, she was folding clothes when she heard that little energetic voice that buzzes in her head forever, and haunts her in her sleep, a nightmare.

" Well it seems that me and Steve are back together. Anything you want to add? Or do you want to make Steve break my heart again?" The irritating snort of Myra said.

" Will you stop bothering me in my own house?!?!" Begged Laura.

" Steve said I could come over!"

"Well Steve is not the boss of this house!"

" Well Steve is the boss of my heart!"

"Ladies, Ladies please." Steve said just coming in through the door. "I just came over to see big guy! Where is he?"

Carl just walked through the kitchen door. " Uh, Uh I just came to get my suit case to leave for a year long vacation in uh, uh," Carl stared at the fridge. "Hungry!"

"Oh come on big guy! It's me your favorite neighbor Steve Urkel!'

" I like the Dickinson's dog better, and he digs up our flower beds!"

"Oh you're just kidding! I wanted to read you my new science book, it's 3,000 pages long! Aren't you excited, like I am?!?!"

Then Carl suddenly fainted, out cold!

"Carl? Carl, buddy?" Steve looked at his friend on the floor. "He's probably tired."

Then Aunt Rachael, Harriet, Richie, Eddie, and Judy came in.

"How 'bout you guys? Want to read my science book with?" Steve asked everybody.

" Why can't Myra read it with you?" Harriet asked.

"Myra got her own yesterday, she already read it."

The whole family ran out before Steve could say anything else.

"GUYS!?!?!?" Steve yelled.

Laura just enjoyed the show.

"You're not going to steal my man away from me again!" Myra sneered at Laura.

"I swear." Laura said with a little truth in her voice "I swear." She held her hands up as if she was telling the police she was innocent.

The End