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Forks was by far, my favourite town, when it came to scenery, hunting, isolation and activity level. We were close enough to Seattle and a few other large cities that my brothers and sisters were content, when it came to clubbing and shopping. Forks had a few old buildings that Esme loved renovating and a sturdy hospital that Carlisle enjoyed, if only because of its comfortable layout. Forks was packed with hidden waterfalls, hot springs, caves, clearings and meadows. Every time we lived there, I found yet another place to enjoy when the sun came out. Forks, was where we were moving this year.

We would start out in grade eleven, with Rosalie and Emmett pretending to be in grade twelve. It was the same story; Rosalie and Jasper were twins, Alice, Emmett and I were siblings also, all adopted by Esme and Carlisle when we were younger. Carlisle was pretending to be twenty nine, a little younger than usual, but we had realised that people rarely believed he was older than thirty.

We were transferring mid-year. This wasn't what we usually did, we usually pretended to start in grade nine, but Jasper had had enough of arguing with the history teachers about the civil war. I was glad that Forks only required two years of History classes, however four years of Gym class was tough. It wasn't easy learning the control to bounce a basketball without bursting it, or to play dodgeball without seriously injuring the receiver of the hit. We practiced being 'bad' at sports, missing shots at the net, or getting hit once in a while. Gym was perhaps my least favourite subject, simply because I had to pay attention.

I was driving, at my usual speed, not caring where I was going. I was going hunting, but where I ended up I really didn't mind. The engine wasn't quite protesting the speed, but it was close to it. There were rarely any other drivers out this late, or early. It was about one in the morning. I was watching the road through the heads of the drivers near me. This particular road went straight for miles. I half-closed my eyes, listening to the passing thoughts of distant people, driving or otherwise. I was completely relaxed, until the front of my car suddenly impounded around me, sending glass fragments all over me.

The Volvo's metal groaned and screeched as it folded in on itself. The engine I could hear compounding and my seat and body got pushed into the depths of the car. The impact was so fast that the airbag system broke before it got a chance to deploy. I felt the car begin to lunge upward, the back of the car continuing its momentum, flipping itself upside down. The entire, smashed up Volvo was, for a long moment, airborne until it finally crashed to the ground, upside down, with me inside.

I knew that I hadn't swayed from the road, so what had I hit? I would've heard a human, or even a vampire. I could hear a dog whining and briefly considered the possibility of hitting a wolf or something. That however would not have caused the damage to my car. The whining disappeared quickly and I was left in the pile of metal that used to be my favourite car.

I pushed my way out, calmly splitting the car into two pieces. I then proceeded to remove my intact CD's and then compact the car into small cubes, that in turn, became metal dust. The only evidence of a car accident was the glass and the deep gouges in the asphalt. I was examining my torn clothing when I caught the scent; vampire. The scent wasn't strong, and was being blown away quickly by the wind. I decided to hunt and return to the family as soon as possible. What business had a vampire had with my car? Or was it a personal vendetta against me? What was a vampire doing in this area? Was it alone? Why hadn't I picked up anything mentally? Questions plagued me during my hunt and on the way home.


I carried Mouse to the vet as fast as my legs would carry me, which was pretty fast. Almost the speed of sound when I was scared. I slowed as I got there. He lay, whimpering in my arms, as I entered the hospital, being careful not to nudge the broken leg. The doctors sedated him and took him away, to bind the leg as I filled out an accident report.

Cause of injury? A vampire's malicious driving. I put Car accident.

I sat in the waiting room, being told that it would probably be a while before he even woke up, and that I should come back the next day. If I wasn't pretending to be human I would've agreed, however, my 'parents' were expecting me home. I ran home, vampire pace, and grabbed my wig, sliding it onto my hair before I walked to the front door, human pace, telling both of my 'parents' that Mouse had been hit by a car and was in the dog hospital. They wondered what I was doing up so late. I told them that I couldn't sleep and that I had taken Mouse for a walk when he got off of the leash and hit by the car. Simple enough story. Actually, I had gone out hunting.

After my meal, three men and two teenage girls, I had returned home, storing the money I had taken under my bed and it was then I had realised that Mouse was missing. I had carefully followed his scent, finding him just in the nick of time. He was running across a road, not seeing the oncoming car, simply because it was moving far too fast. I ran out into the road, crouching low over Mouse's body. I was holding him too tightly and as my back absorbed the impact of the car, my hand broke his leg. I would feel so guilty about this, for the longest time.

I sat in my room, wig discarded, doing the homework assignment that was due in a few days. It was supposed to take at least five hours of research to complete, but I had the books already and had written most of it within the hour. I then sat, turning on my walkman, listening to a few of Chopin's nocturnes, trying to calm down after tonight's events.

Hopefully the vampire was only passing through. Hopefully he would leave the area before he exposed us. Hopefully I wouldn't have to fight him. Hopefully he wouldn't ever see me again.

Although I didn't know it... my hopes were in vain.

When it was time for me to wake up I had my shower, pinned my wig in place and got dressed, going downstairs to make breakfast. I poured the smallest amount of cereal into my bowl, adding a touch of milk. I then poured a bowl's worth of cereal and milk into the toilet. I returned to the table, placing the bowl and spoon on the wooden surface and went back to flush the toilet before my parents suspected that I didn't eat it. By wasting the food, I ensured the fact that they had to buy more, thus keeping up with the human appearance. I was taking my almost empty bowl to the sink when my 'mother' walked in. She saw the bowl, still with food remnants in it.

"Cereal again?"

"I like my food schedule. Easy to buy, easy to make, good to eat." I replied. She made her breakfast and I went upstairs to brush my teeth. I put the toothpaste on the brush, then, running the water, proceeded to wash the toothpaste off of the brush. Again with the small details. If occasionally I needed toothpaste, there was no suspicion. I grabbed my homework and got into my car, ready for another day at school.

Being a vampire made school easier. I was able to grasp concepts quicker, and do the required reading faster. I always finished tests on time, always wrote the best exams. I was in every way the perfect student, just like Sarah had been. The morning passed swiftly. I heard rumours about new students coming to the school. Five of them, all adopted siblings of a doctor that was moving into town. I could care less, as long as they stayed away from me. At lunch I sat with Sarah's friends, quiet as always, eating an apple, which I would have to throw up some time in the next hour.

"Sarah?" Angela asked. I looked up, smiling slightly.


"You coming to rehearsal tonight?"


The bell rang shortly after, and I hurried off to my next class; biology. After that I had gym. Sarah had always been very good at gym, especially dancing, hence the rehearsal.

After school the dance team, myself as captain, practiced. The song was 'Hide and Seek' by Imogen Heap. It was practically impossible to construct any dance pattern to the song, making it a good one, if you managed it. I being 'enhanced' managed to see the slight imperfections and difficulties people were having, enabling the team to get better and better. I was also working on the solo Sarah had been thinking up before her death. I was being watched by everyone as I flipped and turned, hitting every beat in the song 'Paralyzer'. I hadn't yet thought of an ending and I pretended to be having difficulty with some of the moves. I would get falsely frustrated and practice a few times per rehearsal.

When I got home that night I drove straight to the hospital. Mouse was okay to be taken home, but he would be in a lot of pain for a while. I felt intensely guilty again.

"Hey, you aren't the same girl who brought Mouse in. She had brown curly hair." The receptionist noted. I bristled, Damn. Another mistake, a slip up that could ruin things.

"No. That was a friend of the family, she was taking care of Mouse at the time." I told her. The receptionist shrugged it off as I carried the very drowsy dog to my car. I laid him on the front seat and drove home, making sure that my 'parents' saw me when I pulled into the driveway. They came out and helped me carry Mouse into the house. Mouse, being a largish chocolate lab was much too heavy for me to be carrying for a long amount of time, let alone up the stairs to my room, where he slept every night. Or so my 'parents' thought.

That night I watched Mouse sleep, seeing his nose twitch at whatever dreams he was having. I listened to his heartbeat, pumping the blood around his body, much faster than a human heart could. I listened to his steady breathing and watched as he occasionally twitched his paws, chasing something or another, or more likely, being chased. Mouse was named, not because he was mouse brown, which he was, not because he was as quiet as a mouse, which he was, but because of all things, mice scared him. He was afraid of mice. Rabbits he would shy away from. Cats he wouldn't go near. Mice, any mice, and he would be running in the other direction. Mouse was as timid as a mouse. He was my best friend, the only one who knew I wasn't who, or what I appeared to be. Animals had that unique sense. The sense that told them vampires were extremely dangerous. Mouse didn't mind me so much. He knew that I didn't want to hurt him. He also knew that I was not Sarah Fitzroy.


The family was just as shocked as I was and we immediately began searching for signs of a vampire in the area. There were no unexplained deaths, or missing people in the area. In fact, the only crime spree seemed to be muggings, but all of the victims were still alive. This indicated that no normal vampire was living anywhere near here. There were also no animal carcasses, indicating that no vampires, such as ourselves, were in the area. It was possibly a random occurrence. Possibly.

We were going to be in school on Monday. I had the weekend to relax, and I spent it in my room, listening to music. Alice, Rosalie and Esme had all gone shopping. Carlisle was at the hospital and Emmett and Jasper were battling each other on an MMORPG, (mass multiplayer online role playing game) Jasper was a warlock and Emmett was a troll. They were both currently trying to beat each other.

I sat, letting my mind relax while I listened to Metallica. I didn't tend to like heavy metal, but when I was grumpy, it made perfect sense. That Volvo was, by far the most likeable car I had owned. It had personality and it was the only car we owned that didn't stand out too badly in Forks. I was considering taking the Vanquish to school, but I realised I would have to find another car, when I remembered all of the wandering hands that would love to steal such a prize.

When Carlisle came home that night he looked, for lack of a better word, sad.

Edward, I already have a special patient and it's only been two days of work.

"Who's the patient?"

Someone named Sarah Fitzroy. Her parents think she may be bulimic; they've caught her throwing up after dinners and not eating much in the first place. She either actually has an illness, or she is just bulimic, they want me to check her over. She's apparently a very bright girl, intelligent student, talented dancer, active social life. Her parents have noted some changes though, since a recent death in the family. It could be her way of coping with losing the family member.

"Have you spoken to her yet?"

No. They've scheduled an appointment on Monday night though. Could you perhaps, observe her at school? Often, a parent's images of their children differ to the actual child's behaviour. If she seems bulimic, it could save me a lot of unnecessary tests.

"Of course." I would also read her mind; gather what she thought about her life and the people in it.

Carlisle thanked me with a handshake. It was the most contact I was comfortable with. The only other contact I allowed was the occasional hug from Esme if she was unnecessarily worried or scared, but being my mother she got special privileges. I returned to my room, with at least the prospect of something to look forward to.

Come Monday morning we all climbed into Rosalie's convertible. I drove. I always drove. I was never the passenger. We pulled into the familiar parking lot, noting the small changes and we were swept up by a few students, determined to show us around the school. One, Eric he told us his name was, wasn't reading the hints correctly and didn't seem to realise that we didn't want him there.

"And in building three you have...." he continued, though his thoughts were elsewhere. They are all really good looking. Like Sarah, only I liked her better without her contacts, they are way too freaky a colour. These guys all have a kind of gold colour. I bet that would look great with her red hair.

I wondered idly if the 'Sarah' he spoke of was the one I was supposed to be observing. Perusing through the minds of the students I found no depressing thoughts, only the annoying ramblings of teenagers, and a few sexual thoughts about 'Sarah' again. According to all of the mental images I got, she was average height, slender yet soft, pale and had golden-red, short, straight hair.

I sat through my morning classes, barely listening to anyone, picking up occasionally on Emmett or Jasper complaining, or Rosalie gloating over the looks she was getting, from teachers and students. Alice was oddly blank, which immediately signalled a warning. This would either be a bad surprise or a good surprise. Come lunch time, we all bought food and found an empty table, away from the rest of the students. Alice was trying not to stare at the lunchroom door.






We stared at each other determinedly, until a stray thought crossed my mind.

Wow, what's up with Sarah? She saw the new kids and bolted. What's wrong? Does she know them? I turned around, to see a girl looking confusedly at an empty hallway. She shook her head and found a spot at a table, explaining to her friends that Sarah had to go somewhere. I tried to restart the staring match, but Alice began talking animatedly to Jasper.

She's hiding something. She never talks this much at lunch. Jasper thought. I nodded. What was Alice hiding?


"The doctor said he can see her on Monday night." My 'mother' whispered. I was two floors above them, with my music on, supposedly not able to hear them.

"It's for the best. I want to help her. If she is bulimic..." My 'father' trailed off. Bulimic. Honestly. If only they knew. Hopefully the doctor wouldn't try to take my temperature, or pulse for that matter. Monday morning I spent gloomily, trying to argue with my pretend doctor in my head.

Are you bulimic? No. Are you sure? Yes. Do you throw up your food? Yes.

I wasn't doing too well. The only promise of slight excitement was the possibility that one of the five new students might be in my class. None were in the mornings anyway. The other students who had had classes with them said that they were really good looking. After seeing not one, but two vampires, myself excluded, I honestly doubted anything could look that beautiful.

At lunch I was walking with Angela to the lunchroom. The hallway opened onto the cafeteria and I saw them immediately. Five. Vampires. In my territory, in my school. They were clearly powerful and looked dangerous, even to me. Would they chase me away from my home? I couldn't fight five. Who were they? Adopted children, my brain supplied. There could be more.

I decided to skip lunch, not that I needed it, and went straight to the gym to practice my dance routine. My teacher was there, as were a few boys, using one end of the gym for a small game of hacky-sack. I turned on the music and began the moves, twisting and turning to the beat. My eyes closed, my breathing steady and my moves routine. It helped to calm my nerves. When I finished I was nearly completely relaxed. I would have to try and talk to them. Somewhere public.

I was late for biology. When I got to the door I smelt it. A vampire, one of the five. There was no way I could sit in a class near a vampire. We would most likely fight and I didn't want any casualties. I decided to skip for the afternoon, driving home and telling my parents that I was feeling sick. When I was up in my room I began talking to Mouse.

"Mouse?" he opened one eye, sleepily. "I don't want to start a territory war. But I don't want to move either. I've put so much into this charade, I cannot just quit now. I want them to go away. They moved into my territory right? I can ask them to leave. No I can't there was a really big one, he looked like he could rip me to pieces. There was another with countless scars, just on his face, neck and hands. I cannot imagine how many of our kind he has killed. I can't fight, I don't want to. But I can't move. We cannot share territory either, vampires kill humans. That is why they usually travel a lot, so that they don't get discovered. I only remain undiscovered because I don't feed like the others. Not after Sarah." If I could cry I would've been.

Mouse sensed this and put his head on my jeans. I appreciated the action, even if it did get slobber all over my leg. I would have to try and talk to them after the damn doctor's appointment.

I sat glumly in the back seat. We pulled into the hospital and I noted a very shiny, very expensive, black Mercedes in the parking lot. Great. A rich doctor, just what I wanted. How much were my parents paying to have him talk to me. Was he a shrink or a GP? I climbed out of the car and my 'mother' pulled me along.

"Excuse me, we're here to see Dr. Cullen." She told the receptionist. Cullen... why was that name familiar? I was then dragged down a hall, to an empty ward. Dr. Cullen's office was to the left. My 'parents' knocked and I heard a velvety voice call "Come in." I froze, sniffing the air. There it was; vampire. The door was opened, before I had a chance to move. The blonde haired man looked up from a notepad and I heard his intake of breath as he saw me. His eyes were a strange gold colour that I hadn't seen before. I stood, frozen to the spot, until my 'mother' got angry.

"Sarah Louise Fitzroy..." she began. I walked in slowly, sitting down in the chair across from him. He seemed to get over his shock.

"Hello Sarah. My name is Doctor Carlisle Cullen. You can call me Carlisle." He nodded to me. I sat, unmoving and he turned to the humans. "Perhaps it would be better if you two weren't here." He smiled apologetically. Within ten seconds my parents were gone. Carlisle turned to me.

"Hello. This is a surprise. I was expecting a bulimic teenager, not a vampire trying to be human."

"Expect the unexpected." I quoted. He laughed. "I don't want to leave, but I don't want to fight, so I don't know how this is going to-"

"Leave? Fight? What are you on about?"

"You intend to live here. With a coven several strong, I have no choice but to leave. I don't want to get in your way, but I don't want to leave them." I nodded my head towards the door. Carlisle seemed intensely confused by the comment. After composing his thoughts he answered confidently.

"We will not make you go anywhere. As the head of the coven I can promise you that. If you don't want us in your territory, we can relocate, however there is something different about us that you should probably learn. If you will join us later on tonight?" he asked. I nodded. He sat down across from me, smiling again. "I am curious though. We looked around for evidence of an inhuman presence and found no killings or missing persons within a hundred mile radius. Where do you hunt?"

"I have never gone further than Seattle. That is a long explanation that is perhaps better shown than spoken of, and it would take much longer than we have." I smiled in response. Perhaps this wouldn't go too badly.

"Another thing... how do you explain your eyes?"

"Sarah used to wear glasses. I claimed I got coloured contacts. I never let my eyes get too black, so it's convincing enough." Carlisle frowned at the referral to myself in the third person, but he seemed to realise that it would be too long a conversation.

"Now for my other problem. I'm bulimic with no hope of return, what can we do about it?" I asked casually throwing my legs over the side of the chair. He frowned in thought, although he was still smiling.

"How about this; You have a stomach problem, eating too much food per day upsets it. I suggest a breakfast and lunch, and a vitamin pill for dinner."

"I'll have my fruit at lunch and fake my breakfast as usual. Sounds good. Can we eat vitamin pills?" I asked. He laughed again.

"Yes. They don't do anything, they dissolve into the blood that we drink, so it ends up going through our system anyway."

My 'parents' were called back in and they were told my sad story. Carlisle was very convincing. His eyes never left me as he spoke, probably trying to guess my age, my story, my feeding habits. My eyes never left the humans. They were worried, but grateful. After my appointment I had my pill and did my homework, calling Angela, to tell her what was apparently wrong with me. She was concerned at first, but I told her I was fine.

I was anxious actually. I was about to go and meet a house full of vampires who claimed they didn't want to fight. My wig was itching, but I kept it on, waiting impatiently for the darkness to engulf the town.