Percy's POV

Annabeth,Grover,and me went to the park to hang out. We haven't seen each other in 6 months. I tried to act cool around Annabeth but inside I was so excited to see her. She had brought her 2 brothers to the park too. They were playing on the playground while we sat on the green grass.

" So,how you been doing?" I asked her.

" Good,my school go this new program for........" She went on and on about her projects and plans. I wasn't paying attention to her. I got lost in her gray eyes and her nice smile.

" And it was so cool ,Percy but the-" she was cut off by a scream. It was her little brother stuck at the top of the play set.

" I'll be right beck" she said and she left. I looked at her. I wondered if she ever felt the same way about me? I knew I had feel in love with her. But,did she think the same? She kissed me and we hung out but...i don't know. I was thinking about asking her if she did. but how? I didn't know.

" Just do it" Grover said to me. I looked at him. Did he just read my mind." You like her so ask her"

" I don't" I said.

" Percy,your emotions are so easy to read...yes you do". I paused then said" Is it obvious?"

" Duh!!!!! so ask her"


" Well just'll find something" He said.

" Maybe at camp" I said.

" Ok...but do it...or I will" He said. I laughed. Then Annbeth came back and sat down next to me. She smile" Did I miss anything?" she asked. Grover coughed. I gave him a hard look then said" No". She smiled then went on talking. I wasn't paying attention again. I was thinking about how I was going to tell her I...loved her.

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