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Annabeth's POV

I'd like to say that a month later I was back to my usual self, participating in all the camp activities, and developing a plan to beat Kronos once and of all. The truth was....I wasn't. I spent most of the day in my cabin crying or cursing at someone to leave me and my stuff alone. Being at camp was like a living hell and I made sure it was for everyone who crossed my path. My boyfriend turned evil and almost killed me and my other friend was dead for being the evil guy that my boyfriend just turned into! This was too cliche! It was like being in a Star Wars movie where the good guy grows up good but in the end turns bad and helps kill his wife. The only thing missing was that I didn't have a baby who fought with his true father. I have to laughed a little at this point. I mean the thought of Percy going " Luke, I am your father" was pretty funny.

Ugh, Percy. The reason I wept at night. I couldn't get that look out of my mind when he yell " There is so Percy Jackson" and let me fall. He was right. That wasn't Percy. Percy wouldn't have let me fall to my death or kill Luke (well maybe the kill Luke part but who's to judge). In my sorrow I soon came to realize that if Luke died because he turned back to his normal would Percy survive? Will he have to die just to save us all or will he wont be able to brake free from Kronos spell? I couldn't let that happen. I had to do something! But what? Maybe I could talk to Percy and he would remember me? But I tried that and he wouldn't listen to me! This time he had to. Now all I had to do was get permission to go talk to Percy. I'm sure Chiron would approve.

" No!" He yelled.

" But Chiron, this could save Percy! And the the world!" I said. I was in the Big House with Chiron and Mr. D, who were playing a game of cards.

" Ha! I win again!" Mr. D screamed and slapped his cards down.

" I don't think so my friend" Chiron said " I believe you must have an ace to win and I see now aces in your deck". The old horse man laid down four straight aces.

" Shoot...fine, you win" Mr. D grumbled " Now, back to the business were the girl wants to talk to Peter the Lord of Time".

" Ah, yes. Annabeth dear, I don't want you to do this! What if Percy doesn't realize who you are and well...kills you"

" I thought of that and...I'm willing to try even if it comes down to that" I said with my chin up high, even though I would prefer it wouldn't happen.

" Annabeth I'm sorry but I wont let you go" Chiron said and stood up in his horse form. Walking outside with me quickly after he add " and who would even go with you? You can't go alone"

" Grover will...I know he will"

" Are you sure about that?"

" Yes" I nodded. And if that goat boy says 'no', I thought, I'll drag him along.

" Annabeth...I...." He sighed and looked at me.

" Please....let me try. I know Percy better than anyone here and I'm the only one who stop this" I said.

" Fine...but Grover has to go with you"

" Oh, thank you sooooo much!" I screamed and hugged Chiron.

" you better get a move on" Chiron said pushing me away. I smiled and ran off to find Grover.

Grover was in the strawberry fields playing his reed to help the strawberry's grow.

" Grover get pack your going on a quest with me" I ordered.

" What? Where?" He asked.

" Were going to save and talk to Percy" I said.

" Annabeth that's crazy! Percy's....not Percy anymore"

" That's why we have to talk to him, now come on" I said pulling him away from his work.

" Annabeth even if we do this, where are we going to find Percy"

I stopped in my track. " Good question"

If I were the Lord of Time where would I go? The Underworld in Tartarus? A secret hideout?

" I don't know" I said.

" See Annabeth we don't know where to go sooooo....lets not go" He smiled and tried to run away. I was faster then his goat hooves and tackled him to the ground. Once I had Grover pined I said " No we have to go! We have to save Percy! So that's why were going to look and find some clues!"

" Clues?"

" Yes, were going to the field where the scene happened at find some clues"

" Annabeth....I'm telling you this because I care....Your Insane! Nuts! Off your rocker! Whats wrong with you woman!" He screamed shacking my shoulders.

" Grover stop! If what happen to Percy happen to you. What would Percy do!"

" Help save me"

" Yes...and would he have a second thought about doing it?"

" ...No" Grover hung his head.

" So you should do the same! Come on! Do it for Percy! Do it for me!"

" Fine Lets go look" Grover said. I smiled and hugged him.

The field had a huge circle in the middle of it. A hole the size of a crater and deep as the ocean!

" Come on we have to go in"

We slowly made our way down the hole and in the ground. After looking around Grover said " There's nothing here but dirt"

" Keep looking! " I ordered.

" Annabeth its no use! It's getting dark and we have to make in back for the campfire! Lets ditch this place"

" One more minute" I persisted.

" Thats what you said an hour ago!"

" Oh quiet whining!" I yelled.

" Annabeth....It smells. Not like gross smelling smelling"

" There's no monster over here" I said. Just as those words came out of my month I regretted them. The ground stared to shake. Grover ran over to me.

" Annabeth!" Then a small piece of dirt calapsed revealing a ladder. The smaller hole lead deeper in the earth's crust.

" Lets go" I said.

" Annabeth I don't do well in underground places" Grover said.

" Oh come on" I said and started to climb down the ladder.

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