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I was sitting, beside Edward, on his piano. We were both playing some light music together. I leaned my head on his shoulder as I played left handed. I wrapped my right arm around him. He played with his right hand only and wrapped his left arm around me too. The music was so soft, making me daze.

I sighed in my sleep. I just loved this dream. It made me feel so warm yet so empty. It used to hurt me at first but now it's just about the only thing that makes me smile. A new tune started to play in the background. So soft and so sweet. I guessed I was just sinking deeper in my dream. I didn't bother to try to wake up, it was better to live in my fantasy, where I could be with him.

The music got louder but still amazingly soft.

"I really miss you" I heard his sweet velvet voice whisper. I stiffened in my sleep. I never got so close to his voice before. It was the same. As if he was right there beside me.

"There's something I got to say" The velvet voice whispered again as the music drifted for a bit to be replaced by something far more softer than music.

His voice.

"The things we did, the things we said
Keep coming back to me and make me smile again
You showed me how to face the truth
Everything that's good in me I owe to you"

The voice was so soft, so close, so……….. so real. It couldn't be….. No, he couldn't be here. It's just my dream getting louder that's all. Don't you dare hope Bella! Don't you dare!

"Though the distance that's between us
Now may seem to be too far
It will never separate us
Deep inside I know you are

But how couldn't I hope. The voice was so real. As soft as his velvet voice always have been. I had to wake myself up or it would hurt. I might hope. I unwillingly opened my eyes, sad to leave the beautiful dream. I froze once I opened my eyes. He right there! Sitting on his piano where he always used to sit. Playing an unbelievable note. Singing with his breathtaking velvet voice to…………………me? Edward was singing to me? His golden eyes met mine and locked my gaze.

"Never gone, never far
In my heart is where you are
Always close, everyday
Every step along the way
Even though for now we've gotta say goodbye
I know you will be forever in my life (yeah)
Never gone

I covered my mouth with my hands and I felt my tears on my cheek. My breath stopped and my heart started to react. It felt odd because it's been months since I last felt it in my chest. But that wasn't what stunned me. What stunned me were the words. Could he actually…….? No, why would he love me? But the words………

He continued to sing and play, never lifting his eyes from mine,

"No no no
I walk alone these empty streets
There is not a second you're not here with me
The love you gave, the grace you've shown
Will always give me strength and be my cornerstone

More tears gushed down my face. It was just simple music now, he slowly lifted one hand of the keys, while the other was playing flawlessly. He reached for me and took my hand off my mouth. His cold touch didn't make me shiver, in fact it made me feel warm again. He pulled me to sit beside him. I sat without a word, like who was under a trance. He change the page of the music notes that was in front of us.

"Play with me" He whispered. I stared at him my eyes wide. Was my dream coming true? Can I actually play with Edward? Was I still asleep. He just smiled and nodded in encouragement. I gulped and looked at the notes. They were easy enough. I started playing and he smiled to himself.

"Somehow you found a way
To see the best I have in me
As long as time goes on
I swear to you that you will be"

He wrapped his arm around me and Leaned my head on his shoulder. I couldn't stop my shaking as I realized what was going on. He was making my dream come true. He was telling me he's really here. That he loved me.

"Never gone, never far
In my heart is where you are
Always close
Every step along the way
Even though for now we've gotta say goodbye
I know you will be forever in my life"

I wrapped my right arm around him as I felt his cheek press in my hair. Using the arm that was wrapped around me, he reached for my face. His hand touched my cheek but met my wet tears. So very gently he wiped them.

"Never gone from me
If there's one thing I believe
I will see you somewhere down the road again

I was staring at the notes ever since I sat beside him, so I lifted my head up, his cheek left my hair and he stared into my eyes. I could see a hint of fear in them. But I couldn't help it,

I sang with him.

"Never gone" I whispered. His eyes looked stunned but he answered me.

"Never far"

"In my heart is where you are" My voice started to sing a bit as a smile started to draw itself on my lips. I saw his smile spreading too, in response of mine.

"Always close" he sang more strongly. He cupped his hand on my cheek.


"Every step along the way" Somehow he managed to keep playing but I wasn't that practiced.

"Even though for now we gotta say goodbye,

I know you will be forever in my life" A new tear ran down my face as we sang this part together. He wiped it with his thumb.

We kept singing together. Ending the song together.

"Never gone, never far
In my heart is where you are
Always close
Every step along the way"

The music softened, if that was possible, more than it already was. Then he leaned down to whisper in my ear.

"You will be forever in my life Bella" his other hand was still ending the music. Once it was over he wrapped his other arm around me. Hugging me tight. I wrapped my arms around him too. Holding him with all my might. He tucked my head under his chin. I started stopping hard in his chest. I didn't understand why was I sobbing but I couldn't help it.

Maybe it was just the shock of him being here, or the dream coming true and feeling more amazing than I imagined, or how he looked at me like he ……still loved me, or just that I could see him again, have him hold me tight again. I didn't care about that now. I just cared about one thing. I had to tell him something. Before he leaves again and it would be too late.

"Edward" I whispered between my sobs.

"Yes, love?" He whispered back, stroking my hair.

"You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You made my life worth living. You are the reason I'm still alive. You are the reason behind my every heart beat. Life is so bad without you. I missed you so much but I never left you. You were always here with me. I know it sounds crazy but that's just how much I……I love you. And…."

"honey?" he cut me off softly.


"Don't say goodbye" he whispered.

"Why?" I whispered not sure that my voice wouldn't break if it was clear.

"I'm not going anywhere" He said tightening his arms around me.

"You aren't?" I asked in a small word. And my voice did break this time.

"No sweetheart, I can't leave you again. I left to try and keep you safe, but I didn't keep you safe. I just hurt you and I'm so sorry…"

"Don't" I stopped him before he started to hate himself. He pressed his face in my hair and sighed.

"I love you Bella"

"I love you too Edward"

We sat for hours that way, till he pulled away and stood up and took my hand. I stood up with him. We walked to the glass wall that's in the living room. I stood in front of it and stared at the sky. It was full of sparkling stars. He shifted behind me and wrapped his arms around me again, resting his chin on my shoulder and his cheek against mine. I leaned my head back on his shoulder and sighed.

He chuckled beside me, "There are more stars here, good" he said mostly to himself.

"What do you mean?"

He sighed, "Last night, I looked up at the stars and matched each star to a reason I loved you" he murmured and then chuckled, "I was doing just fine till I ran out of stars"

I couldn't speak. What should I say in response to that? He was too perfect. I loved him so much. But then Something I wrote long ago came to my mind as a response, it would probably be horrible but I wanted to say it.

I took a deep breath,

"Love is the power

Love is the light

And I love you with all my might

Forever and ever

Till we be together

That's why I live

That's why I didn't die

Because there's hope

For us to be

Because there's hope

For your eyes to see

That I'll always be right here

playing our love's melody"

"Bella" Edward whispered, turning me to face him. His eyes would have cried if it were possible, but they were full of enough emotion to my eyes tear, "that is beautiful"

"That is the truth" I whispered. He leaned in slowly and touched his cool, lips on my forehead. He pulled away and hugged me tightly again. I sighed.

"Forever and ever" he quoted from my poem but then he corrected one word, "We will be together"

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