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Swords and Souls

Chapter 1: The Coming

Namikaze Naruto



Uchiha Itachi

Uchiha Sasuke

Suigetsu Houzuki


Akasuna no Sasori

Hoshigaki Kisame

Momoche Zabuza

Momoche Haku

Namikaze Hinata

Uchiha Sakura






These poor souls were reserved by Fate to do something spectacular. Out of all the Great Ones, Space and Time, twins born of the same seed, are the most powerful next to Kami-sama Himself. Out of millions of different dimensions, some of them don't quite follow Fate's plan, some go rouge. When this happens most of the time Fate himself intervenes and helps that dimension's inhabitants find their way back to the right path. Time and Space pride themselves on being able to monitor and create other dimensions. Every time a human dreams, thinks or spaces out, a new dimension is created for those thoughts, and Time and Space are constantly at work. This also keeps Fate busy, since he has to keep them all in line. On such dimension however, won't be brought into balance so quickly or easily.

They lived their lives as best they could. Naruto... he finaly found love, embodied in the form of Hyuuga Hinata, now Namikaze Hinata. Same for Sasuke and Sakura. But as they lived on, grew old and died, they began to learn that life realy isnt the only life.

We start out our tale in Soul Society…

Yamamoto so-taicho called yet another Captain's meeting. Mayuri had been getting strange readings from one particular dimension that had been relatively quiet aside for two interesting incidents. The Captains filed in one after the other, a few grumbling. Zaraki had been in the middle of kicking the tar out of his division in the name of "training." 'Nough said. Byakuya wouldn't admit it but he was a bit annoyed at being summoned in the middle of filing and signing papers and documents.

He found it calming to do so, everything getting done, put away and since he didn't consider anyone else in his division to be capable of doing the work right, he felt proud to get them done. Unohana was more worried than ticked, with the wounded from an expedition to the Human world laying in her division's care, she couldn't get her mind off of them, though she was sure that her lieutenant could take care of it, she would have felt better knowing that the healing process was being done properly. When they had all settled, So-taicho tapped his cane on the floor signaling the beginning of the meeting.

Zaraki Kenpachi didn't know the word restraint, even in the captain-commander's presence. "Why the hell were we called down here? I was busy with something important." Unohana regarded him with a warm smile.

"Like sending more members of your division to mine?" Zaraki's mood didn't change.

"Damn right. Those pathetic assholes couldn't even think of fighting Hollows at their current level. The 11th is the friggen' combat specialist division for crying out loud."

The 9th division captain, Kaname Tousen simply shook his head. "There is no point to your methods except mindless violence."

Zaraki really had never liked Tousen; they were like night and day. "Coming from a pacifist I don't really think your opinion counts."

The third division captain, Ichimaru Gin, decided to input his own two-cents worth in. "No kiddin', You may not like fightin' but it's our job Tousen-san."

The three captains jumped when they heard the captain-commanders cane again strike the floor. "Enough! This is not the time or place to discuss such trivial things as this. I summoned you so that you may hear what Kurotsuchi Mayuri has discovered."

Taking his cue the 12th division captain spoke up in his sing-song like voice. "We have discovered a number of souls in a world that has been relatively quiet aside for a few occasions other than this. The souls usually go straight to Heaven or Hell right away but lately, they have been remaining in their own world. Due to the lack of reiatsu emissions from that world, there have been virtually no encounters with Hollows, so we have never sent Shinigami to regulate the souls. We have discovered near two dozen souls that are wandering there, but the number seems to be increasing slowly. We need someone, preferably of vice-captain or higher to go to that world to investigate and if all goes well send those souls to Heaven or bring them back to Soul Society."

Zaraki wasn't really paying attention. "Thats it? You called me down here for that? Unless you're asking me to go alone, I don't see how this applies to me."

Mayuri didn't hate Zaraki, but he didn't like having to explain everything he said on the level of a mental retard just so he could understand. "The reason I asked for a captain's meeting is because this applies for all of us. Souls from this world are, as I said, exceedingly rare. I'm sure many of you would take interest in it. For me it is a chance to possibly capture or convince one of those souls to be experimented on. You could basically call them a rare breed."

Zaraki still didn't care. "Tch, so what? I don't care if they're rare or not, a soul is a soul. There is no difference." But Mayuri continued, raising a finger and slightly grinning.

"And what if I were to say that these souls are extremely powerful? Would that then change your view?" Zaraki took a second to process that, before grinning manically.

"So you're saying that some of those souls could put up a fight? Then yeah, it changes my view." Some of the captains shook their heads, especially Tousen.

Ukitake Jushiro simply sighed and inwardly stated, 'He's hopeless.'

Mayuri continued. "They are potentially powerful, which is why this meeting was called. We need to decide who to send to that world. Of course I want to go, but though it pains me to say it, I alone may not be enough. I'm asking anyone else to volunteer." Zaraki agreed to go, along with his vice-captain, mainly because she wouldn't let him out of her sight even if he left her in the Sahara desert. Byakuya informed them,

"I and my vice-captain are going to be searching for my sister who disappeared in the human world last month, as such, are unavailable." Most of the captains who weren't busy were simply not interested, the 10th, 5th, 9th, and 3rd being among them Aizen Sousuke claimed he would be busy here in Seireitei, as did Tousen. Gin and the 10th division's captain Hitsugaya Toshiro were simply uninterested. Soifon agreed to go as well, though without her vice-captain if only to keep an eye on the two other captains. The captain-commander then tapped the floor with his cane one last time to signal his final decision.

"Then it is decided, the 12th and 2nd division captains, along with the 11th division's captain and vice-captain are hereby ordered to investigate this sudden surge in souls in this different world." With that the meeting was adjourned.

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